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It was way back in the middle of August that HP announced its plans to discontinue operations on webOS hardware, and at the time HP said that it would be exploring its options on just what it would be doing with the webOS software. Fast forward a few months and we're still no closer to knowing the fate of webOS, though the timeframe in which HP has said it expects to make a decision has been shrinking. Today that trend continues, as HP CEO Meg Whitman has told French newspaper Le Figaro that a decision should come in the next two weeks. Whitman added that the decision is a tough one because HP has a team of 600 employees that's in limbo. Interestingly, she also said that "We need to have another operating system," but didn't go into any further details.

Although we're not really any more knowledgeable about HP's plans for webOS now than we were back in August, it's good to hear that we're getting closer to a resolution. The decision has been a long time coming, but it's likely been even longer for all of the webOS team members (at least the ones that haven't left yet) waiting and wondering what their future might hold. When HP does finally make up its mind about the fate of webOS, whether it's in two weeks or not, you can bet that we'll pass along the details.

Via All Things D, Le Figaro

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"At this point, should HP just give up on webOS?"

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Dina Locklear Ball Windows 8 on my TP so I can upgrade my PP+ to Windows 8 phone spring 2012...dont leave all the faithfull Palm/WebOs useres to hang but if u do, send us to Android or Windows, not Apple
Asher Enciso Loving my touchpad (aside from the terrible GPU) so no, I think that it should be continued. Just don't make a half-assed effort next time
Michael Santangelo It has potential but no one is really supporting it!
Jon Recinos You know, companies doing these "announcements for announcements" are really obnoxious.
Matt Jackson Hell no, it's still a baby!
Chad Richter As much as I hate to say it, I do think web os is dead. I loved my pre from day one until it fell apart on me. But the apps are just not nearly where they need to be to be competitive and the hardware was the biggest flaw. It could make a great comeback but I'd say it's too much of a risk. Too many variables in place to say for sure. However if hp did release a new web OS device I would definitely want to switch back. But I do use a lot of apps and the hardware needs to be on par with the rest of the big boys. Make a truly innovative phone and It can make a comeback.
Christian Marquez HP should improve WebOS. Give it more apps and people will enjoy it a lot more.
Josh Pieters WebOS on HTC! Keep it alive. Its a bad ass OS. Just crap hardware
Salomon Murillo WebOS should still be on HP because it is cool and all it needs is to be updated to new and cooler hardware.
Mark Belkowski Webos should be kept and futher developed.
Geoff Meza No. Its too awesome.
Brent Legendre We need choice and web OS is a great alternative to the other 2
Jim Mccoy No put some real advertising and a midsized(iphone sized) and a huge slabphone(evo sized)out get some dev support even if hp has to pay them.
Anonymous No and they need to contract app makers to get broader appeal for an otherwise excellent os.
Anthony Benjamin Stidd They need to keep WebOS its an amazing operating system, They just need to come out with phones that arent extreamly small
Juan Carlos Munoz Fuck meg n hp. Webos is by far the best mobile os! The gesture area is the future. Oh and you actially close programs. No need for a task manager like stupid android. If only webos was licensed? I guarantee android wouldn't b a threat.
Jason Ramos Let it go. Stop beating a dead horse
Jaren Books So they choose to keep pushing a failure? I guess HP wants to sink themselves
Steven Basso peter clearly you dunt know what you are talking about cause webOS will wreck whatever you have and NO webOS should keep going I think its awesome
Bryan David Rude WebOS is a great idea! I think it could improve alot will some little tweeks
Peter Magdy Rizk WebOS Sucks...
Peter Magdy Rizk i think HP Touchpad with Android with the same Price is Much better...
Jon Christian Dagata WebOS is the only OS for me. I hate HP for what they did. They had a really good thing going and finally someone with deeper pockets than palm was in control. Then they fucked up. I'm sorry, but you can't judge how well a platform sells after a month and a half of a tablet being on the market overpriced. I own a touchpad and a Pre3 and i'll use them until either a new webOS device launches or they physically stop working.
Noriel Gonzales Maghirang Another line in the water for HP. Just make sure you support it properly and not retrench yet again. You may win back some supporters as well as win some new ones. Android and I-OS are not the end all solution. Let's bring some fresh ideas back on the table. Android devices have become just that....robotic, lifeless and boring....
Asim Qazi for sure...
Adrian Salazar Perhaps into android jellybean or whatever the next version will be called
Carolee Lopez If WebOS would just get an overhaul, and have some better advertising, then maybe it could survive. O.o
Adrian Salazar I agree with brian, just leave it open source or have google buy it and incorporated some of webos ideas into android
Ben Moore Web-O-what?
David Imm What's WebOS?
Colin Williams No. WebOS is HPs only shot in the mobile phone platform community. Its applications extend very far. They simply need to do a better job of advertising, and creating apps, and they could potentially replace BlackBerry in the top 3 smart phone platforms. Make more tablets, and make more phones, and they'll be set. Worst case scenario, they should try to license it if possible.
Agim Alion I was loyal to WebOS, but they failed me. Hurt me once, and shame on me :)....
Cory Wood Yes put it to rest already!
Brian Edwards Open source baby!
Manish Kumawat Only os which can stand strongly against android and iOS is in my opinion is web os
Hubert John Abiera webOS has been around for years, yet its app store is comparable in size to that of Windows Phone. I am not really into apps, but they do need to have more developer support if they want to continue with webOS.
Zainal Abidin i like Android too, but would be interesting to see brand new OS player in the market.
Wayne Clark It's unique and I like it it just cannot compete with my iOS or android.
CeeGii Borels Windows 8 on those HP Touchpads and HP Touchphones with WP7.5
Chris Call Yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes yes, no no no, yes, no, maybe. We're not sure. We're selling it! Nevermind, no, yes, no, maybe, we'll let you know.
Ralphie Delgado They shouldn't webOS is a beautiful design and it has a lot of potential if it gets worked on more
Mayank Nayak webOS sounds gud...bt still tough to compete with android....
Ross Silva HP killed webOS FUCK YOU HP
Ricardo Lopez yeah htc should put web os on there phones
Donald Dew Sega phones FTW!!! wait... what?
Antonio Vazquez They should give up, Android is the future
Steve Williams i thought they already did when they were letting there tablets go for 99 bucks
Steve Hartsock It's Android time..

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