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Yowza. Earlier this week the FCC confirmed that it'd allow AT&T to withdraw its application for approval of the T-Mobile acquisition, but the agency added that it still has several concerns about the merger, like its belief that AT&T will likely upgrade its entire HSPA+ network to LTE regardless of whether or not the buyout is approved. The FCC also decided to make its 100-plus page report on the deal available to the public, and today AT&T has taken the time to give a rather strongly-worded response to the entire thing. The rebuttal is a long one and we don't want to spoil the entire thing for you, but we will mention some of the highlights in bullet-point form:

  • AT&T describes the FCC's claim that the carrier will build out an LTE network to 97 percent of the country whether or not the T-Mobile deal goes through as "based purely on speculation." The FCC believes that competition will force AT&T to do so. AT&T's argument: "the report apparently assumes a high enough level of competition exists in rural areas to compel billions of dollars in investment."  "Yet the report elsewhere argues that the level of wireless competition in more populated areas of America is so fragile that the merger must be disallowed," AT&T adds. "At the very least, these conclusions show a logical inconsistency."
  • AT&T says that the report discounts the capital needed to build out an LTE network that covers 97 percent of the country and speculates that T-Mobile will invest in LTE heavily in the future, despite claims from Deutsche Telekom alleging that T-Mobile must become a "self-funding platform" because of high capital demands in Europe. AT&T also claims that T-Mobile has no clear path to LTE, saying that making the move to LTE is becoming increasingly difficult due to the increasing demand for data from customers and the fact that the competing carriers are rapidly building out LTE networks of their own. 
  • AT&T says that the FCC report "barely mentions any spectrum issue, much less the spectrum crises previously identified by the FCC." The carrier adds that it believes the FCC is ignoring reports from both AT&T and T-Mobile showing their need for spectrum, despite the fact that both entities have submitted evidence of their capacity constraints.
  • Lastly, AT&T touches on competition. AT&T explains that since the FCC has decided not to consider the impact of the T-Mobile deal on local markets, it's ignoring carriers like MetroPCS and U.S. Cellular, "all of which have a higher market share than T-Mobile in numerous major markets across the U.S." AT&T adds that it doesn't believe the FCC's claims that T-Mobile is a "disruptive force" in the market because Magenta has been losing customers for the past two years and has no clear path to LTE.

AT&T ends its response by claiming that there's an "utter absence of balance" in the FCC report and that it "lacks all credibility," wrapping up one of the more interesting company statements that we've ever seen. Judging by the length of this response as well as the way it's worded, it's obvious that AT&T is still very interested in fighting for its acquisition of T-Mobile. We've also heard that AT&T may be willing to go through with a T-Mobile asset sale in order to try and get a federal stamp of approval on the merger, which goes to show how committed AT&T is to getting the deal done. We're still kind of far off from actually learning whether or not that'll happen, but it definitely looks like things are starting to heat up. The full response from AT&T can be found at the source link below.

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"Are you for or against AT&T's plan to buy T-Mobile?"

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Anonymous Against, will raise prices and put reps out of jobs
Anonymous Let it go through
Ebony Gohamshawty Pinkney im against i had att and their service is shot 2 hell. That's why i switched to tmobile better signal and customer service.
Anonymous AT&T service is piss-poor,and they've been like that for many years and they rather not have competition...used to work for them. Well-known for their marketing-not their performance. I've been a satisfied customer with T-Mobile for over 8 years
Ben Conover i want them to either win or back out. that $4 billion will affect my bills. :/
Bridget Williams Against, but... I really don't think it matters anymore.....
Luis Lopez AT&T rules!
Anonymous Against. The bigger the monopoly the more consumers get skrewed. We need more competition, not less!
Steve Moore T-Mobile has nice handsets, but their network sucks. AT&T, has an ok network but lame handsets. I think they need each other.
Anonymous Before Sirius bought XM I got $400, now they want $744 for the same thing. Corporations are interested in only one thing, profits. They cooperate on prices anyway but at least they have to pretend to compete if there are a few options.
Anthony Keys we need more choices not less
Buyan Li How does AT&T going to solve the band issue? AT&T using 850/1900 UMTS but T-mobile using 1700/2100 UMTS
Jamil Cooper Against
Josh Sussman Who is for it other than ATT and DT?
Peter Andrew Rardin Its supposed to be ONE-SIDED for the consumer not thier check book! AGAINST!
Anonymous for will beb best for both networks
Victor Brownwell Against, T-mobile may b small, but it serves a good purpose.
Quentin Barton At&t should not buy tmobile tmobile has horrible service and plus all of att phones are going to be get hspda plus soon so we really don't need tmobile to. Mess that up
Jonathan Xue totally against, as a T-Mobile customer, and knowing at&t's terrible service, who knows what they can do to T-Mobile?
John Villanueva At this point, I could really care less about what AT&T and T-Mobile do with eachother or themselves.
Justin Cartier Against !!!!!!
Hector Portalatin I hav tmo no complaints evrythg good and I dnt need at&t to mess things up wit ther 4gb of data fck dat sht weak!
Eric Quach isn't sprint going against this too? I'm definitely against, no one deserves to use evil att
David Hansen Merge no, partnership maybe.
LizandJason Box AGAINST! I despise AT&T.
Hated Newsome Against......i love my tmobile and ive used all. Tmobile is the best all the way around I have 5 phone line and a tablet.
Allison Reynolds against. There is no such thing as a merge with att we saw this b4.
Judith Kahn-Levine AT&T does not MERGE with other companies. It swallows them whole, and then sends them reeling into oblivion, never to be heard of again. The News coming out of the DOJ and FCC has been encouraging of late and, hopefully, very soon these Agencies will permanently put a kibosh on this Takeover, which would only cause losses in so many ways to Consumers, if allowed to take place. If this nightmare of a Takeover is finally ended, all Mobile phone customers will benefit. I have been with T-Mobile for ten years, and have been very satisfied. My Land-line has been provided by AT&T with very low satisfaction.
Carlos Ruiz Against more competition cheaper plans!!!
Pierce G Hohenstein For, because I don't care for T-Mobile.
Klaus Pabst I hope that never happens!
Larry Waters For it. T-Mobile had high subscriber loss and bad financials which is why DT offered it to att via merger. If the merger is blocked, T-Mobile will eventually fail and be sold off piecemeal....or merge with another company. ATT is being roadblocked by politics, not business. The last thing Verizon wants is for att to increase/improve it's coverage to include 97% data coverage for all Americans. Once again, the Obama administration ideologues are putting their anti-business agenda ahead of what is best for the Country.
Ganesh Raj AGAINST!
Jesse Cruz against!
Garth R. Shaner Against!!!
Ernie Navarro Either way at&t will still suck.
Felix Weber I'm all for it. I really hope it happens.
Tony Salazar I am AGAINST IT....Nothing good will come of it. It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure that one Out.....
Steven William Oestreich For and against. Can't make up my mind.
Henry Murillo Going to Verizon if it does. Rezound? Yes please!
Marti Ruiz Idont care . Just want real unlimited data
Darius Brigmon rather have them with at&t than leap (cricket) . >.<
Micah Madru Uh. The only logical answer is to be against it.
Daniel Weiss *AGAINST
Daniel Weiss AGAINTS
Lona Bremer Against!
Josh Nthecity Against!!!!!
Mark Pucka Against!
Marc Stephanie Ayala I'm Glad I'm With Simple Mobile...
Jose Be Julme Against.
Gavin Feist For. AT&T needs the extra spectrum.
Chris Montana Against. We need more competition!
JCharles Diaz METROPCS FTWWWwwww!!!!!!! >=)
Cat MacKinnon @Isaac: first off, if you've been with AT&T since 1998, you most likely don't have experience with T-Mo's 4G network, and therefore don't really have any qualifications for your "it sucks" comment (other than repeating what you may have heard from other people or read in articles). for those of us that have been with T-Mobile for a long time (i'm going on 8 years), many of us have no problems with the network. it WOULD be a huge monopoly, harkening back to the Ma Bell days (which AT&T is all too familiar with). not only that, but it's already been established that AT&T won't have any problems expanding their coverage and network without T-Mobile. as far as "finding another phone provider", well, that's kind of a ridiculous suggestion. i've already done that, 8 years ago, and it's called T-Mobile. otherwise my only real (read: reliable) other choice would be Verizon, since Sprint is a distant fourth when it comes to desirability. and had the merger gone through, what if AT&T found a way to keep T-Mobile customers locked into contracts? don't forget ETF's, which are generally $200+: i don't know anyone who could afford to literally throw money away on an early termination fee, so we'd be screwed either way. i have no interest in minimum-coverage companies like Cricket (and my region doesn't have US Cellular or any of the more-desirable no-contract providers), and pay-as-you-go services like Virgin and Boost actually just run off of one of the big carriers' networks anyway. as for the merger itself, i've been against it from the beginning, basically for the exact reasons that the FCC has outlined (and i'm glad, as well as a bit surprised, quite frankly, that they actually looked at something intelligently for once). anyone who's ever worked in the tech industry can attest to the fact that mergers like this almost universally end up in massive layoffs due to redundant jobs (i know from personal experience). it also many times ends up diluting the "good qualities" of one of the former companies, and i for one have no desire to be stuck with AT&T's notoriously terrible customer service. i watched several friends and family members put up with it for years before they finally had enough, and i'm only aware of one or two close friends/family members that still use AT&T (mostly because they were locked into iPhone contracts before Verizon got the iPhone). i do have on concern though...Deutsch Telekom seemed all too willing to get rid of their US T-Mobile branch, and i just hope that a failed merger won't mean a serious decline in their customer service or anything else that we've come to love. obviously they'll have a huge incentive with the $4 billion they're getting from AT&T in the event of a failed merger (assuming they use that money towards T-Mobile USA and not something else in their portfolio). but still, i hope DT doesn't relegate T-Mobile USA to the "afterthought" category.
Aldin Aladin Mujezinovic Matthew it is not the government's job to decide what companies should do they have done enough, increasing cooperate taxes, creating an environment that makes it impossible to compete with the laws and restrictions, the government has done enough, until people don't realize this fact the economy is going down buddy.
Matthew Hessler There wouldn't be a duopoly after the merger (it will somehow go through in some form) if US wireless carriers hadn't been idiots and only invested in CDMA leaving AT&T standing alone as the only GSM player worth a crap
Ayo Q Sipho I'm with the don't care crowd
Hubby N Sunshine After reading the reports on what the FCC thinks I have mixed thoughts about it. The FCC thinks that AT&T may be trying to corner the mobile market by purchasing T-Mobile. What would happen if this was allowed to go through? Would mobile bills go sky high or super low? hmmmmm......
Reid Harris Against. Go Sprint!
Elliott Anderson Against it. I'm a former att customer and they are horrible. Constant dropped calls and crap customer service.
Matthew Duke @ Aldin, because a violation of anti-trust laws is irrelevant, I am sure.. creating such a disparity in market share would increase costs across the board for all wireless carriers. More than likely a Verizon and Sprint merger would be force, creating even less free market share. Economics 101 chump, "they should merge that's how the free market works" is a blanket statement, because free market still has laws and restrictions to protect the interests of the people.
Nick Catrenich I've never had a problem with T mobile
Rani Hinnawi In the end, though, I think that should be their decision, and it's not the corporatist government's job to intervene. At least leave us with a slightly free market, for God's sake. We don't even have one, but the freer it is, the happier I am.
Jamille Browne @Mahin because that is actually opposite of whats going to happen if the deal goes through prices will rise up and everyone gets shafted.
Chris Brigolin Against!
Rani Hinnawi I've looked at it from different ways. If they buy it, we have no other big GSM carrier. If we're against, nothing really happens, though T-Mobile and AT&T customers might ultimately get better service in the long run, having a much larger network. Whether T-Mobile customers will have to start paying more, AT&T customers have to start paying less, or the service pricing goes for a medium-cost deal between where T-Mobile and AT&T have their services at currently, is what I am unsure of. You can argue both ways for this. I'm leaning toward "Against" for now, though I don't have much of a problem with the deal in the long run. I prefer Verizon, anyway.
Mahin Islam WDF, why is everyone against? i was looking forward to this. u get both the benefites of at&t and T-mobile in one company O.O
Anonymous Against. Though a joint venture does not sound as bad.
Aldin Aladin Mujezinovic they should merge that's how the free market works. Both parties agreed on the deal the government should not get involved in this. Because of the government involvement in the free market favoring one party over the other jobs have gone over seas.
Antoni Johansson Against it. AT&T wants to become the number 1 ruler in the wireless market, and this is real bad on competition. What if this company decides to later buy Verizon and Sprint, what next?
Ken Humphlett Against.
Moses Molone I'm with Verizon. The best there was, is and ever will be
Jt Thomas Phonedog asks some stupidass questions
Raxit Patel I am looking forward to the merger
Micah Watkins Well I heard from the Wall Street Journal that AT&T and T-Mobile may do a joint venture and combine the networks together create a strong 4G LTE network if the merger dosen't go through. I think that be good for T-Mobile USA customers knowing that under this possible joint venture AT&T & T-Mobile would continue to operate under their own brands and it wouldn't reduce competition or stife innovation as the DOJ & FCC says.
José J. Landrau AGAINST!!!!!!!
Ariel Orellana For it!!
Kim Wiggins Against!
Juan C Florentino For....because if they don't merge... T-Mobile still going down.... T-Mobile is a European company and they don't want nothing To do with the USA anymore
Johnny Tooter Shackelford All I can say is: AGAINST!
Luis Duarte T-Mobile is the next Cricket
Juan C Florentino For... ATT number #1
John Sanchez Atleast t-mobile will get the concession and the spectrum or roaming agreements cause the deal won't close
Steven Quintal Who cares, they both suck. Verizon and true 4G LTE ftw!
Isaac Sandoval Dvk Carter @ Frank, that is the assumption. But consider this, regardless of the expense of buying the company they are going to gain larger revenues. i don't think a company is really stupid enough to over charge customers in doing so loosing them
Marie Williams i am for it because, T-Mobile is trerrible. they sale phones with bad reception. they need at&t to take them over.
Brian Jones all for it
Isaac Sandoval Dvk Carter For it, lets face it T-Mobile has "the nations largest 4G network", well it sucks. i have been apart of at&t since they bought out Cingular in 1998 or so. The merging would be better for customers, more towers available with the accumalation overall. people feel threatened when people make claims of monopolies? well all you have to do is find another phone provider if you don't like at&t (not tmobile obviously)
Chrissy Small Totally against it. T-Mobile is good as is. AT&T would just destroy it.
Lisette N Pete Carpenter i hate tmobile their service sucks and their prices are crazy high for family plans
Frank Mendoza Against and i have at&t. We need carriers to keep prices competative plus i think if this would happen sprint will end up closing shop and Verizon and at&t would be able to over charge us since their would be no compatition for them
Connor Marty For if prices dont change
Jose Aguliar That would be the stupidest move yet
Anonymous For. I want to use the T-Mobile Hotspot where I work then I won't ever have to worry about data overages.
Tim Moore Against. AT&T doesn't need T-Mobile to better themselves they only want them to eliminate competition and that's not a good reason. The more options for consumers the better. If I wanted AT&T I'd go to AT&T. I don't need them to take over the company I'm currently with.
Matthew Gonzales Landry I'm fine with it. Cheap plan options are good but T-Mobile is kind of weak, even for the price.
Mario Arias for :]
Gary Bowling Against
Greg M. Grzebisz-Grenet Against. T-Mobile is a great company, and ATT is not. Leave them alone ATT and fix your own problems.
Rick Harris Less competition is NEVER good for the consumer,look at how were treated now,slamming etc..we need more choices not less!
Lee Phillips Against! It's a monopoly on the GSM market here in the US, can't be allowed period
Tim Merrifield They just need to merge
Bill Thomas Against
John Cesarone Against! I love T-Mobile. Don't want to have to deal with the Death Star.
Chris Gomez Im with it if Only if it improves the QoS and broadands and exceeds exceptionally with much improved coverage areas.
Kenny Nero against!
Benjamin Sufc Foster Ive seen ur vids and how much is bb torch 9810 on pay as u go
Kenneth Cheung If AT&T buy T-mobile.. All my friends in T-mobile can use I-phone and we can talk unlimited.
Noel Lv They need to stop worrying about buying other companies, and work on there own problems
Christine Sylvester-Jordan att sucks as it is.
Luis Chavez Fuck AT&T
Manny Diaz If this happens I will more then likely make a jump to Sprint
Kenneth Cheung Not against !!!!
Iriana Sán Against.
Tony Burgess Against.
Bryan Marriott AGAINST! Phonedog was this a trick question ??? lol
Elatia Grimshaw I thought the merger was dead.
James Sabo AGAINST!!
Jose Gonzales Against!
James Young Against

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