Verizon tipped to launch Motorola DROID Xyboard tablets later this month

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 1, 2011

Motorola DROID Xyboards

We've heard rumblings that Verizon plans to brand Motorola's new pair of Xoom 2s as "DROID Xyboards" when it launches the pair of slates, but so far neither company has had anything to say on the matter, despite a number of leaks. Today the Xyboard leak train continues courtesy of a report out of CNET, which corroborates the rumors that Verizon plans to give the new tablets the DROID Xyboard branding. Both devices will share the same specs with their international brethren, meaning you can expect them Xyboards to feature 1.2GHz dual-core processors, 5-megapixel cameras, 1.3-megapixel front-facing shooters, 1GB RAM, Gorilla Glass, and Honeycomb. The larger 10.1-inch Xyboard will reportedly be marketed to business customers and will include a stylus, while the smaller 8.2-inch model will be marketed as more of a media consumption device and will include 2.1 virtual surround sound. Both will come to Verizon with 4G LTE connectivity. There was no mention of how much either Xyboard will cost when they're released (we've heard pricing will start at $429.99), but CNET claims that they'll both be launching this month. More photos of both Xyboards are available at the source link.

The folks at CNET also spent some quality time with the Motorola DROID 4, a device that's been the star of a string of recent leaks. The report didn't have any details to offer on the 4G LTE slider (not that we needed any thanks to all of the leaked details that have come out), but CNET did take a couple of quick photos of the DROID 4 both with its keyboard exposed and with it hidden away. Check them out below.

For those that may have missed it, the rumor mill has claimed that the DROID 4 could be launching as soon as December 8th, which just so happens to be the same date that a leaked Verizon minimum advertised price list showed that the Xyboards might be coming. If that date holds true, expect to hear official word from the folks at Motorola and Verizon soon. It's worth noting that December 8th is also the most current rumored release date for Verizon's Galaxy Nexus, meaning that next Thursday could end up being a pretty big day in Big Red Land. Any of you planning on picking up one of the devices in the rumored December 8th quartet?

Motorola DROID 4 closed

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