Verizon Galaxy Nexus leaks continue with 4G LTE speed tests, Android 4.1 update screenshot

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 2, 2011

Verizon Galaxy Nexus

It's been a couple of days since we've reported on any Verizon Galaxy Nexus news, and since Big Red still hasn't decided to give up the official launch details on the device, it's time to check out a few more leaks to get another hit of leaked GalNex goodness. First up, we've got a video showing the Galaxy Nexus testing out the speed of Verizon's 4G LTE network. While only showing two bars of signal, the GalNex managed speeds of 8Mbps down and nearly 3Mbps up in the first test and then 8Mbps down and 5Mbps up in the second.

Next up is another video of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus in the wild. This clip offers a peek inside the device's battery cover, showing us its Verizon 4G LTE micro-SIM, and also provides us with a timed boot-up sequence. I'm not going to spoil the time for you, but you can find both this clip and the one with aforementioned speed test below.

The third item on the docket comes courtesy of a Reddit user that allegedly works for an indirect Verizon retailer. The employee reports that the Galaxy Nexus has recently entered his store's Cellbrite system as the "SGH-i515 Galaxy Nexus," which is actually the second time we've seen Verizon's Nexus in a Cellbrite system (the last time was in a corporate Verizon store). However, this latest report is interesting because the worker claims that devices don't enter into the Cellbrites at indirect retailers until they've gotten the A-OK from corporate, something that generally occurs shortly before a phone is actually released.

Next, we've heard that the some Verizon Galaxy Nexuses that are currently in the hands of early owners over at MyDroidWorld have been bumped up to Android 4.1. There's not a lot of details on the update, but the software is said to include a new radio. It's good to hear that the phone is still being tweaked and receiving updates, no?

Our final bit of news comes from U.K. retailer MobileFun, who has posted several videos on its official YouTube account showing off a handful of different docks for the Galaxy Nexus, including a desktop dock, HDMI dock, and vehicle dock. There's nothing terribly shocking about how the docks look or what they do, but hey, it's nice to finally get a look at the products that could be cradling your new phone while in the car or at your desk. Check out a video of the desktop dock below, along with a couple of other dock videos over at DroidDog.

And there's your latest cavalcade of news surrounding the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (and just the GalNex in general). As I mentioned before, we're still waiting on the edge of our seats for Verizon to give up the goods on its Galaxy Nexus launch. We haven't heard anything new on the release rumor front since December 8th came up last month, so that's the date that's still circled in pencil on our calendars. So folks, after all of these leaks and all of this time spent waiting, how many of you are still looking forward to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and plan on picking one up?

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1 update

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