It’s been a few months since Google launched Google+, the search giant’s huge leap into the social networking scene. They’ve tried it before, but we all know how those endeavors worked out: they didn’t. And when Google+ hit the scene, there were obviously some doubters out there, and for good reason. The social networking scene isn’t necessarily like the mobile phone scene. We don’t always need, or want, a brand new thing to take our minds off of our current situation. For many, Facebook does everything they need in a social network, and making room for something like Google+ isn’t necessary.

But obviously Google doesn’t just launch something and forget about it. No, the search giant wants you to know it’s there, and they want you to use it. Actually, perhaps more than anything else, they just want you to try it. This is more than obvious in the way that Google has incorporated Google+ into pretty much every aspect of their platform. It isn’t just a social networking tool, but that’s where it starts and ends. You see Google+ in a lot of different ways every time you surf the Internet, especially with that +1 button. Something as simple as a “thumbs-up,” but remarkably integrated into Google itself.

If you don’t use Google for a lot of different things, like your email, documents, or video watching (YouTube) then you probably don’t notice it all that much. You more than likely use Google search (right?), which means you at least see that little +1 symbol in the search results. That’s the way that Google mas made sure that Google+ stays in your consciousness, even if you don’t use it. It’s a way that Google makes sure that you’re always able to get your fingers involved with Google+, and the easier the better.

But with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there are folks out there pointing their finger at Google, saying they aren’t just suggesting Google+ to purchasers, but literally forcing it down their throat. They’re doing this because they’re now including Google+ in the sign-in screen with Android 4.0: you sign into your Gmail account, and you’re suddenly prompted to sign in, or sign up for Google+. You can skip this step if you want, but it’s still there enough to the point where people are saying it’s too-in-your-face.

While I think that it isn’t necessarily a priority for Google to throw a Google+ splash page in there out of nowhere, especially after you sign into your Gmail account, but I can understand where they’re coming from. And you don’t have to sign up. You can skip it if you want which I think means, by default, that Google isn’t forcing Google+ down your throat. They aren’t saying, “If you want to use this phone, you’ve got to sign up for our awesomely spectacular social network.” They aren’t saying that at all.

Google has every right to put a Google+ account sign-in link in the settings, of course. Just like you’d find a Twitter, or other email account. Of course Google+ makes sense to be on a Google phone. Especially considering Google is obviously putting plenty of effort into their Plus endeavor. But, when I use Google+ I can’t help but notice that it isn’t being used as I’ve seen people use Facebook. I think, from my personal perspective, that people use Google+ as their more social of the social networking platforms, while Facebook is the more personal. Facebook is for family and personal friends, while Google+ is for the rest.

And while some people may think that that misses the mark in some respects, I think that’s just the point in and of itself. Google+ doesn’t need to fill every niche, not by any means. In fact, if the majority is using Google+ in the more social aspect I pointed at above, then wouldn’t that mean Google+ has indeed made something worthwhile? It would certainly seem to me that Google+ does have a place within the social networking hierarchy, where Facebook and Twitter have ruled supreme for quite some time now.

Do you use Google+? If you do, is it more for the social people in your life, while you use something else like Facebook to keep in touch with family and personal friends? Or have you not found a place for Google+ in your life? Let me know.

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"Will Google+ ever be successful?"

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Chris Taylor Of course, just give it time. Google+ has built up a bigger head of steam than any other social network in history.
Anonymous No, not good enough marketing and a push. Android is what Google does best, along with search engines
Anonymous I prefer google plus big time over facebook... however getting my friends to leave facebook has been nigh on impossible... so oddly enough I now have a whole new set of friends on google plus. so my geekier friends are on G+ and my less computer literate friends are still on facebook... it works for the most part though i check facebook less and less as time goes on
Paul Carter Had to unistall g+ on my computer n my droid. To difficult
Ernest Marvin Esteban Meeting new people that have the same interest with you=Google+
Ernest Marvin Esteban Celebrities, Current news=twitter
Ernest Marvin Esteban Close friends, Family Members= Facebook
Ernest Marvin Esteban It doesn't need to get as big as facebook. All it needs is a solid and active userbase. I am using google plus a lot and I can see that it is an entirely different platform that facebook. I find it more social and more mature. I hope it does pick up.
Albert Morton Yes they are.
Blass Reiter Nope...
Sterling Jack Nope google needs some really good PR
Christina Elena Amaya i was very interested at first but the making us wait and invitation bullshit took to long i lost interest and just dont give a damn
Jose Pablo Islas If they made an integration tool...not enough people care about the features to totally switch to it
Kyle Collins People who try it like it, it will be good as more people join
Zach Cline If they have to push it on people that tells you everything you need to know.
Lemuel Aquino Well the timing is not good people loves twitter and fb so much.
Ryan DeClue It's plenty successful now... it's just never going to be Facebook. Google waited far too long to release it, and the hype died.
Sulaiman Naveed John never if fb is around i dont think so
L.c. Tooflyforafullname Carter You are gonna have to use it in the future I imagine . With android running the cell phone game its inevitable .
Mike Miller Will never be like Facebook or as popular
Kiisha Arnold No everyone is already with Facebook. How do u convert everybody? Its like changing the national language
Hansel Starley I hope not. God I hate watching the G+ logo on my new youtube account.
Shrinivas Mittal The hopes are just as like of RIM not going down.
Ethan Shrago Twitter will die and then it will be google+ and facebook only. but no i don't. They just need to make google+ more user friendly and easier to use
Carmel Casey Its a epic fail
French Twist Those of you who think FB has to disappear for G+ to be "successful" are completely missing the point.
French Twist "Will Google+ ever be successful?" It already is!!
Zakari Ghachi Why u even bother asking this question since u know the answer already, it's a big YES
Louie Villeda Successful = Yes, Pushing to Hard = No, Mobile application does need more improvements
Janson Murphy If u could use it as a 3rd party Facebook. And they lowered the stupid age limit
Taylor Lodridge i think when facebook dies out like myspace did it will finaly becom popular then it will die out like all the others
Steve Wyatt I hope so
Joe Gates The short answer?
Arvydas Gr Google+ is just Facebook copy, with other design. Also, it was made by GOOGLE. This means, that it sucks
Chris Montana Hmm.. I doubt that
Chris Payne You'd have to be retarded to think it won't be. It already is. It's a hell of a lot better than anything Facebook could ever be.
Jersey Joe Da-Know NO. I doubt it will EVER be successful. ;o(
AJ Goren Yes, but they need to lower the age limit to 13. Idk why it let me use it, probably because I got a beta invite, but now none of my friends can use it. Plus, they're shoving it down everyone's throats the way the entire internet shoves Facebook down everyone's throats
Dennis Tirado Doubtful.
Alan Pitt I love it but its hard trying to get my family and friends to use it their afraid of something different, I thing Google plus is much better none if the bull you get on Facebook
Livenson Cameus Nope no time for Google people are to busy with Facebook and Twitter Google as to do something revolutionary not just join the club
Zino Vikman It's dead in the water without a chance for a tow.
Colby Minniti I really don't know what people fine so difficult about Google+..? Nothing about it is hard...at all
Jamil Oquendo They should change the name, it seems so corporate. I just never hear people saying google+ out loud to friends.
Baron Crandall Like em both for different reasons. G+ is more mature, the posts just have less drama about them. Facebook is for my friends and family.
Joy Balanay I like google + just about my closest friends use it and my youtubers but facebook is still my primary social network! It needs more time I think!
Henry Murillo I like G+ way better then FB. Clean cut but the problem is people don't go on it as often as FB. G+ is better in my opinion
Trevor Trey Basikolo Its amazing I love it post on it daily
Hated Newsome Love google+ and love the 18 and up add some more games it would probably pull in a few more people. But all in all I use both mostly my facebook has alot of family on it and it is how we stay in touch but I have been working on bringing them over to +. Facebook needs the mobile interface to flow much better and they keep changing the version aroumd and honestly for the worse in my opinion but google plus with a little help and better add campaign will be as big as facebook if not wipe it out the way facebook did myspace
Tito Cruz I think, if Google marketed G+ on TV... the success rate would eventually rise, yes. I mean.. those who have stayed long enough on FB are equally in comparison to Apple fanboys. it's a little ridiculous. I personally like it. it may not have the demographic it should. but when it does, sure, I'll be glad to support G+ in the demise of FB's death.
Trevor White Yes! People always compare G+ to FB though it's more like a combo of Twitter and a blog. All the recent FB changes are followed by G+ in poor design. Given that FB has poor privacy, ugly UI and continues to change for the worst its a matter of time. This is the MySpace story all over again. G+ is growing and will continue to.
Jennifer DeAlmeida I tried Google+, didn't get it. Doesn't help when you only know like 6 people that have it, besides Dane Cook. ;)
Neil Sizemore i doubt it
Justin Duino If we could get ppl to move to it, it would grow faster then fb did
Adrian Salazar I have fb and g+ and think it will get there
Daniel Djønne Lund People wont bother changing. Google+ is much better, because it is coded by sober developers.
Dave Bell Too many old people use FB and will not want to learn another social networking sight...but once they're gone who knows??
Dayan Inclán Not a chance
Ivan Pineiro It has the potential. The only problem is that people are so hooked on Facebook that its hard to find friends on Google+ even if you decide to make one. I have about 300 Facebook friends and only about 14 Google+ friends.
Rani Hinnawi I would use it if you can be under 18. What a dumb age limit. I'm 16, and I'm sure I can handle the oh-so-mature content of Google+.
Sam Cass Not until people under 18 can use it!
Mason Sell If they had a way at which you could sort of link your + account to fb that way you can use + rather than fb
Austin Craig Taylor I love G+ but I hate that none of my close friends are on it.
Dalton Stark Lower age limit to 16, and yes. 13 is too low, 18 is too high. I want to use it but I can't use it for 4 more months cause of the age limit.
Mauka Side No. I rarely use it
Sachin Swami no. google doesn't always have to make something for everything.
Shaun M Anderson Not as long you still have tweeter and facebook and it is hard to figure out
Arvydas Gr Push, Push that baby. Oh no, it is dead
Nick Kathrein It's been hard to get my friends who are not tech savy to want to make a new profile and everything else you would need to do. I like G+ also
Mark Fisher Jr. I heard its noting but a fake ass facebook.
Felipe Bautista It has potential.
Vincentte Ze I like it
William Martin Google + is awesome, but its success won't be measured by how good it is. Right now i have a grand total of 0 friends who use g+, but i find it a great alternative/companion to twitter as a news feed that allows discussion. Too often Facebook tries to decide for me what i do and don't want to see. Plus i really like how you can follow any individual on g+ and that individual has complete control over what everyone can and can't see
Timothy Powell Google+ is more secure than facebook.
Aviv Fadlon Google have to find way the convice pepole go there....
Nathan Wright I hope so. I love it, but theres no one on it yet so i still use Facebook almost exclusively. I'd love for more people to go to Google+
Jaime Ponce de Leon google plus? whats that?
Agim Alion Google is pushing hard in all the devices, slowly but surely
Nick Petrizzio at some point
Susan-Marc Perez I like + much better but can't seem to get family & friends to switch!
Justin Fitzgerald Remember MySpace .....which still uses that, I don't. Supprised FB has lasted this long. If they start charging I'm out.
Louis Sean google+ is getting there, maybe if they do games like facebook because the games seem popular they will beat facebook more faster.
Collin Hoylman It's a toss up. I remember when MySpace was huge, and barely anyone used Facebook. It was like that for quite some time, and people slowly made the migration to Facebook. If the word gets out, google plus will definitely kill FB. Hell, FB is already trying to copy everything plus does, just like MySpace tried to copy what FB did (i.e. status', etc)
Noneya Biz What? Y'all just don't have friends or anyone interesting to follow then. I've been using it and loving it. I don't need my real friends on it. I've followed tons of people and have tons of people in my circles as well.
Justin Fitzgerald Its better then Facebook I think. Facebook with their lame updates, I don't even use FB mobile. I use friend caster for FB....way better.
Nick Truskowski We all thought Myspace would never die, then we thought Facebook would never be as big. Facebook will die and google + will take over. I have heard or seen enough online admit it
Guillermo De León I love google+
Ken Scott Kletzin Facebook dying, that seems at least questionable. Google+ succeeding, well it could be possible but Google still has competition and at least for the foreseeable future I doubt it.
Sam Anderson They need privacy real bad
Thomas Schwartz they need to make the age limit lower first to 13...but if it stays at 18+ it wont be successful
Lamar Battle Why shouldn't they?
Calvin Hilltop It should've waited to come out, facebook got everything in a headlock
Peter Magdy Rizk i didn't thinks so....
Tony Allen People have built their online lives on Facebook. They're not going to just up and stop using it. Google+ is better in just about every way but if we can't get regular people to migrate, it won't be a success. Which would be a shame.
Mohamed Osman El-Shabrawy If it stayed the same, it will not!
Michael Curtiss I used it during trial, just found myself checking two social networking sites instead of just facebook, got rid of it...
Aviv Fadlon Google Plus is much better the Facebook but all my friends don't know what is :O
Didius Gerard Tampusari Google+ will eventually be popular once facebook dies
James Ortiz I love it
Marti Ruiz i like it . near opction
Mr-Nesquik J Nestle Obse$$ed.....?
Timothy Powell Google+ will become nearly as successful as facebook....one of these days.
Vicente Trevino Yes it is!
Syed Majid Bukhari I dont think so
Kamil Galimski not looking too good right now. but some users are using it a lot and actually like it a lot more.

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