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Now that AT&T's 4G LTE is available in a few markets, the carrier is doing their due diligence to release a few compatible smartphones.  The LG Nitro HD is their third LTE-enabled device, and comes in at $249.99 with a new two-year agreement.  It's got the usual high-end goods - 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, and Android 2.3.5 - but it joins the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound with a 4.5-inch IPS true HD 720p display.  It's a stunning display, but LG's young user interface and the build quality may push prospective buyers to one of the more established Android manufacturers.

We'll let you be the judge on that, though.  Take a look at the curves, angles, and bright display of the LG Nitro HD in the gallery below, and hit the comments section with your thoughts!


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LG Nitro HD Gallery - Image Gallery

LG Nitro HD Gallery
LG Nitro HD Gallery
LG Nitro HD Gallery
LG Nitro HD Gallery

LG Nitro HD Gallery
LG Nitro HD Gallery
LG Nitro HD Gallery
LG Nitro HD Gallery

LG Nitro HD Gallery
LG Nitro HD Gallery
LG Nitro HD Gallery
LG Nitro HD Gallery

LG Nitro HD Gallery
LG Nitro HD Gallery

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"Which AT&T LTE phone is your favorite?"

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Anonymous HTC Vivid. Best build, best UI.
Brian Villaloz Skyrocket.
Krushi Vemula Skyrocket
Hector E Craig Yo Matthew I don't have to pinch to zoom on everything with my 4.52" screen lmao!!! And please Don't tell me you have the latest iPhone 4Stupid that just came out???
Jose Manuel Herrera Hi I'm about to get the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket , On 2gbs of Data Should I watch my YouTube Browsing On this limit, I Surf Heavily.
Ivan Aleman I think the sky rocket is better
Jason Wyche If you like carrying around a cast iron skillet, go with the Vivid.
Sharlim Perdomo Skyrocket!!
Jonathan Ng skyrocket
Brian K Andrews NONE of them!!!! Verizon is the ONLY REAL CARRIER!
Austin Wirl NONE GO VERIZON!!!!
Binaya Khatri i like the sidekick 3 but my screen is broken here in the uk does anybody know how to get it fixed here in the uk?
Javier Segura Doesn't matter how many cores manufactures stick to android or whether it runs on a a 5G network, pinch to zoom always lags, its apps crash, and rooting it is much more of a hassle the jailbreaking. Please put WP7 on LTE cause, even rooted android under performance…here's hoping ICS will be different
Jeremy Gross skyrocket even thought i dont have at&t i would if they had unlimted
Alixandro Sanchez Skyrocket!!
Reese Woodson I just brought the iPhone 4S, and I was thinking about taking it back to get the Nitro. What do y'all think?
Austin Proaps I like the vivid, but skyrocket is great too, but no way will I ever get a LG phone
Mitchell Cochran Fanboys like Matthew would buy the next iPhone even it was two cans tied together with string and then praise apple for freeing them from data plans
Walt Alan Wilcutts The Vivid does beat the Skyrocket at not having over saturated cartoon colors.
Michael Miller An unlocked one, running on another network.
David Delgado Skyrocket.... iPhones always fall behind...vivd can't beat the skyrocket in anything
Mark Mann Skyrocket
Perro Rosello The one that doesnt use a Snapdragon... oh wait
Shaunta Lovejoy Weems Vivid hands down
Adam Schulte Vivid or Skyrocket =D
Devin Lam Skyrocket
Jeff Hollins Skyrocket is the best.. Hands down..
Wyatt Slate HTC Vivid for sure.
Bill Gillespie Matthew.. there always has to be a iphone troll eh?
Rani Hinnawi A phone that's milliseconds faster won't do me much good if it lacks good features. With that said, I would probably go with the Vivid. And with all that said, I'd rather go with Verizon.
Alberto Enrique Gutiérrez Moreno Anything that doesn't come from LG.
Justin White skyrocket
Andrew Johnson Pffff oh it is bro?
Benjamin Sufc Foster Ar u guys english or american
Eric Garrison CURRENT phones...
Eric Garrison We are talking about AT&T LTE phones...
Matthew Gonzales Landry The future iPhone.
Eric Garrison Hoe do you figure its trash?
Mr-Nesquik J Nestle on my opinion the best one whcich is comin out is gonna be the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE
CeeGii Borels skyrocket
Mr-Nesquik J Nestle pfff Skyrocket is trash bro
Eric Garrison Skyrocket
Daniel Gomez Skyrocket

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