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As I'm sure many of the Windows Phone fans out there have noticed, Verizon hasn't exactly been the go-to carrier for device's running Microsoft's new mobile operating system ever since it launched. To date, Big Red's only launched one Windows Phone device in the HTC Trophy, and we haven't heard a peep about any new products in the pipeline. Why the lack of support, you ask? According to Marni Walden, chief marketing officer of Verizon Wireless, it has to do with three little letters: LTE. Speaking with CNET, Walden explained that Verizon has let Microsoft know that LTE is a big deal to it. "We need to see a timeline that makes sense if we want to continue to represent them," Walden said. The exec added that Verizon is working with Microsoft on the issue but didn't provide any further details.

The lack of Windows Phone love on Verizon is disappointing for all of the folks that would like to give the platform a shot, especially as high-end devices like the HTC Titan and Samsung Focus S continue to make their way onto AT&T's shelves. The good news is that Microsoft has said that LTE-enabled Windows Phones are coming. We've also heard reports that Nokia and AT&T are teaming up on an LTE-enabled handset, and considering how important the U.S. is to Nokia, it wouldn't be a surprise to see an LTE Nokia handset hit Verizon at some point. And with CES a month away, who knows? We may end up seeing them sooner rather than later.

Via The Verge, CNET

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"Do you want a Verizon 4G LTE Windows Phone?"

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Jason Chandler No windows phone for me I love my iPhone
Dina Locklear Ball I waiting to see price & avail but oh so ready, come on VZ!
David Tambascio For free?? Sure I will give it a try. It is always fun to try to install Android on other devices :)
Humberto Cortes Heck no...
Carol Dudley-Bowen Yes but I want more free apps on them.
Dan Hansen Zach, besides, if you have an iPhone, why are you commenting on Windows phone anyway?
Dan Hansen Zach, I happen to develop for all three platforms. So don't tell me I don't know about OS's. Dropping android as we speak. So cluttered an full of malware! Have fun when someone hacks your phone!
Leo Baxter It would make me switch!
Robert Centennial Verizon should die
Sean McCollum I wish Sprint would invest more in wp7, I'm considering dropping Android once the cameras are better.
Brian Jones How can someone win it?
Zach Cline And have the iphone, It sucks bro. I'm going back to android.
Zach Cline Dan- Apparently you don't know a good one either.
Mark Navarro My butt is itchy
Dan Hansen Heck yeah! The phandroids on here wouldn't know a good OS if it fell out of the sky, landed on their face and started to wiggle! Android is full of malware! It's unfortunate because it was a good idea until all the hackers got ahold of it! Bring on the Windows and LTE!
Cristian Tomasito how come iphone doesnt have to have that requirement?
smith2355 Fuck you asshole
Danny Sedano Wack!!!!
Benjamin Handel Either that or the iPhone.
Carlton Littlejohn Nope still don't have 4g in the area that i live in. 4g right now is useless to me.
DaltonKock Id rather have the galaxy nexus.
Joe Gates Yes, I do. Would like to have the HTC Titan with that 4.7" screen.
TJ Hahn i would like more wp7 on verizon lte would be a plus
John Zanatta I don't blame MS for not having LTE yet. Do any of the existing LTE phones get better than a few hours of battery life in every day use? I'm not talking about standby or a boring Sunday...
Zach Cline Errrr no. And android smokes windows fail seven.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I'd take one over a buggy android..
Louis Andrea no bluddy way!
Tim Smith I know a bunch of people that want a Windows Phone but don't want the Trophy. They want a bigger 4"+ device. Hopefully Windows Phone gets LTE soon and has a Windows Phone catalog a little closer to what AT&T has.
Mark Mann I agree because Verizon 3G IS SO SLOW
Sean Martin Yes, LTE is a critical feature.
Benjamin Lee Yes. I totally would!!
Larry Waters If satisfying Verizon is what it takes to get them to push WP, then give them LTE support.
Prince Foto Young Yeas awesome!
Tony Allen I didn't know people were actually adopting WP7 lol, the remarkably few people I know with one, don't know anything about it, how to use it, or what it really is.
Herman Guerra LTE yes, Windows Phone no.
Arvydas Gr Yea, Verizon should be all WP7
Chris Luna Its like 50 degrees in my house and my feet are freezing.
Punit Sedani yh! sure! =P
Jason King No way !!!
Brian Barrera What's Windows phone?

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