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When we first heard that T-Mobile and Nokia were teaming up for an event next Wednesday, the first thing that jumped to mind was a report from back in November that claimed that the Lumia 710 may be Magenta-bound. Later in the day some evidence to support the possibility of a T-Mo Lumia 710 debut on the 14th came in the form of a FCC filing, which contained a device manual with several images of a T-Mobile-branded Lumia 710, and now The Verge has shared an image that further validates that rumor. As you can see above, T-Mobile has given sales representatives some documentation that shows off several Lumia 710 accessories and offers ways to convince customers to pick them up alongside a shiny new Windows Phone.

Obviously we'll have to wait until the evening of December 14th to learn once and for all what Nokia and T-Mobile are unveiling at their event, but it's looking increasingly likely that the Lumia 710 will be a part of the show. Of course, whether or not there'll be other devices there or if the 710 will be all by it's lonesome is still a mystery. Some folks may be a bit bummed if the 710 is indeed the star of Wednesday's show, but considering that it'll likely be the first Nokia Windows Phone officially on U.S. carrier, I wouldn't be surprised if Nokia and T-Mobile felt the need to hold an event just for it. What do you folks think of this news? Excited at the idea of a Lumia 710 on T-Mobile? Still hopeful for an appearance from the Lumia 800 next week? Shout it out below!

Via The Verge

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"Do you want to see a Nokia Windows Phone in the US?"

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John Zanatta I just looked at some videos of the 710, and while I'm disappointed they're not bringing the 800 or 900 the phone looks way better in the videos than it did in pictures. Could be a nice addition to the TMO lineup. I'm still waiting for a valid replacement to my HD7, but hopefully this will get TMO some interest.
Leo Baxter LTE Lumia 800 is my next phone...just gotta wait for it a bit.
Hansel Starley Man you guys are haters. Dayum.
Chad Allen Of course and i hope that Windows and Nokia in the next year start making more of an impact im bored with this 2 way race between IOS and Android
??? Damn this is a bit of a disappointment, if Nokia wants too do it big, they have to sell their flagship lumia 800, otherwise people will associate the new windows Nokia as the same old "wanna be cool" Nokia
James Matthews Epic fail T-Mobile if this is all you show at that event next week.
Zack Kjelland Only if it was the lumia 800
Ken Rowe Yes of course.
Luis Carlos Diaz Sananes Windows 7.5 is a great OS and Nokia will benefit from the partnership. However, they are last on a very well develop market. Both Windows and Nokia have the financial power but this may not be enough. I just got an HTC radar and I am quite please with it.
Eduardo Ordaz No dont want one in the US. The big guys r Android and IOS. Plus tried wp7 and its boring and no customization plus the apps r better in IOS and Android and rooting and jailbreaking ur phones is awsome. So no dont want one. I am happy with the ipod touch and my Android phone.
Zach Cline No they suck. And most people that hate on windows fail seven have used it .
Nokphone Photsavang Hope so, Available in Vientiane
Kris Sabo No,it is a Windows phone
Adam Cuong Tran Meego or die
Daniel Cuadrado Seems like these nice phones take forever to get to the US, and when they do it's too late.
Jason Ramos So sad Nokia went with WP7. They should have bought Palm. They would have given life to an OS that deserved a chance. WP7 is so fucking boring, useless and ugliest OS I've ever seen. Shit I'd pick an iPhone over WP7 and I hate Apple! smh
James Hatfield Nah, more phones won't save WP7.
Ivan Pineiro I would, but I could never replace my Galaxy S II for a Windows Phone!
Mark Walker If it works than yes! But they don't make very good phones to begin with
Tyler Tresenrider I want Nokia lumia 800
Remon Rasho Yes! The more the merrier
Marco Raymond Windows phone is amazing! I love my Samsung focus :-)
Rani Hinnawi Hell yeah! Sure there are Apple Fanboys, but we don't need Android ones, too. I love Android the most, but I want WP7 to have a good chance to succeed. It's a great OS.
Gavin Baier All shall bow down to the windows phone.
Memo Mrtr Absolutely not , Im very happy with my EVO 3D
Joel Rivera Have Had A BlackBerry Curve, Galaxy S 4G, And An IPhone 4, I'm pretty sure a windows phone would be nice being that I get bored with phones quickly.
Simon Yu Yep, but not necessarily this one.
Robert Centennial I see it right now in my own hands
Brandon Nsfw Jackson Hell yea :-D
Trevor Sawyer Negative Ghostrider. Would be interested in a Nokia with Android though.
Ryan Newman Anyone who hates on WP7 has obviously never used it. Great OS. I have an iPhone, FYI ( and a HD7 :-).
Brandon Johnson I wanted to back when the N9 was announced and I figured they'd make a wp7 phone like that one... But now, not so much.
Sergio Alvarado Nope. The only competitors I wanna see in the U.S. market are Android, iOS, and RIM.
Josh Avondoglio I want to see a Nokia Android phone in the U.S.!
Jonathan Steele Windows Phone 7 is an okay OS.
Daniel Quintero How do I get me this phone
Daniel Quintero I think I'd like one
Zach Cline Absolutely not
Farru DMetri Mendezz windows phone are so fcking boring....nokia should work more with android OS
William Hall Im glad they are making a comeback with WP7, but im really waiting for the LTE Nokia Lumia
Mark Impossible Prince Clarke Why ? Nokia lost ehmmm gave up their relevance in the US market years ago
Miguel Gonzalez Yes. A Nokia windows phone will be my next phone.
Noak Anderson WP7 is a horrible tile OS
Noak Anderson Galaxy SII is the best phone on the market, so no.
Chris Isono yes, i do.

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