Google's latest update to Android, version 4.0 (better known as Ice Cream Sandwich), has been around for nearly a month now. Seeing as only one device officially supports it and few devices – none of which I own – have Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs ready for prime time, I had yet to get my hands on the software for an extensive amount of time prior to this weekend. On Friday, however, I acquired an unlocked International Galaxy Nexus (I may or may not have mugged someone at knife point).

As many of you know, I've been ranting and raving about this phone since we first caught word of it. Sure, the specs are topnotch and the design is certainly drool-worthy. But you purists and Nexus lovers should be able to understand the true beauty of the Galaxy Nexus. It's not about the hardware or specs, but the vertical integration with the software, something that makes it a bit more iconic than your typical Android device. And this go around, unlike with the Nexus S, the software upgrade was a major improvement over previous versions.

I've been digging through Ice Cream Sandwich (almost nonstop) since Friday. The verdict? It's fantastic. I love everything from the new typeface, Roboto, to the new home screen look and, surprisingly, the side-scrolling app drawer. I originally thought I would hate the on-screen buttons. But to be honest, they aren't too different from capacitive buttons, and much to my surprise, they do completely hide themselves when viewing media. ICS even introduces unique features like Face Unlock, Android Beam (which I cannot wait to try) and a data usage tracker.

The new software from Google is smooth, beautiful and polished ... finally. But there's a problem. Despite all of the improvements and how much I love about the software, there are some changes in Ice Cream Sandwich that neither make sense or make it easy to get used to.

The Android development team revamped a lot of things in this update – most notably, the Settings app. Before, navigating to your battery usage information could be done two different ways, yet neither were in logical locations – one was tucked in a sub-menu for Applications and the other was located in About phone. This update brings Battery Usage to the main list in the Settings app. While this particular change was a step in the right direction, other options like wireless controls fell to the wayside. They have been given a portion of their own in the Settings app, and as pictured above, the functions of toggle switches to the right are rather obvious. However, there is nothing indicating that the labels beside the switches (WiFi and Bluetooth) are actual sub-menus of their own.

While this wasn't exactly hard to figure out, the buttons were not popping out at me, begging for my attention or asking me to press them. And I feel a lot of the system is now like that. Despite the fact that I love the minimalist approach from Google, all of the black and grey themed interface components (buttons and tabs) are sometimes too subtle and blend too well.

What's more is that the system is inconsistent. Since there are no physical menu buttons on some devices, they must be a coded into the interface as a soft button for use as needed. Much like the problem I ran into when Honeycomb first released, not all developers are on the same page with menu buttons, not even Google. As indicated above, the placement of the menu button is different in almost every app. Sometimes it can be found in the top right corner, other times you can find it on the lower left corner of the app. The rest of the time, the menu button gets tucked beside the Application Switcher. This varies between third-party apps and even between Google's suite of applications.

Lastly, another part of Ice Cream Sandwich that makes no sense at all to me is the new placement of widgets. Instead of long pressing on the home screen to add widgets (that only brings up the wallpaper changing menu now), you must open the app drawer, click on the Widget tab, find the widget you desire, long press and drop it where you want it on the home screen. Not only are there more unnecessary steps involved, the new location makes no sense at all. I understand the need to separate the addition of widgets from changing wallpapers, but why on earth are my widgets found beside my applications? There are several different ways they could have separated changing wallpapers and adding widgets, but randomly sticking the widgets in with applications was not the answer.

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus. In fact, I love them both. Android no longer looks like beta software and many things that have needed improving have finally been answered. But Android has always been known for being slighly more complicated than other mobile platforms. And I understand that with more customization and functionality comes the added complexity. But some of these changes in Android 4.0 neither make sense or make things any easier than before, which is what Google should be aiming for. Android needs to be more consumer friendly and easier to pick up and learn than it currently is. Ice Cream Sandwich is a step in the right direction, and I have faith Jelly Bean will only make things better.

As for the inconsistency in the location of menu buttons, this should become less of a problem as more application developers update their apps for Ice Cream Sandwich support. However, Google should be setting the example here by updating all of their applications prior to the release of Android 4.0, and having consistent placement of the menu button.

What say you, folks? Have you had some hands-on time with Ice Cream Sandwich? How do you like it so far? Do you, too, find some inconsistencies and the placment of system components questionable at times? How do you feel Google should approach this in future updates?

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"Will Ice Cream Sandwich finally dethrone iOS?"

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Anonymous i am an android user i used ios for a bit and i prefer ios but i still like android but ios is just better
Nidal Moideen was iOS in the throne?(°_o) android lets us change the phone according to our needs(•?•) while iOS tries to change us according to it ?_?
Jun Kyu Lee I wouldn't be sure. Verizon tried to make buyers get the Droid Razr or the iphone 4s. But, Verizon got busy and made sure to sell the Galaxy Nexus. So its a 50/50 chance
Ben Conover number's don't lie. Android's been ahead for a WHILE now. The only thing they have caught up on yet is apps, but they're close.
Cesar Samaniego Why does iOS need to be dethroned? Android has a higher market share and is the number one OS in the world. iOS should be looking to beat android
Anonymous Android already has all the homescreen functionality of iOS, you just need to press the app drawer button to access it.
Anonymous I still prefer iOS because it is consistent and easy to use.
Leo Alexandrov whomever throned iOS in the first place...
Kyle Adams Brian Farley Android uses old bacon for new glass.
Brian Farley Kyle Adams customization wins, see my live wallpaper not suck battery :)
Nic Gruwell There is no throne but I will say I will never buy android after getting screwed over on my Captivate. Windows phone and iOS is all I will use on phones.. Tablets may be a different story tho...
Kyle Adams I hate hearing you people whine that iOS has some copied Android features... Most of the Android UI originally was a copy of iOS. It's called competition. Biggest argument I've heard for Android is "customization". Ok... Live wallpapers that suck more battery, changing keyboard looks, and mixing in annoying little widgets is about all of the "customization" I've seen. If that's why Android is "better" then Android users have shallow needs to feel in control of their experience. iOS just cuts all the fat off.
??? Hi Google, this is for u darling: improve the usability and intuitiveness of it OS, make them for dumbs instead for geeks. Okay?
Carlos Quinones @David, iclown? Android is (usually)my preferred platform. Hell, my main pic is me with my previous Epic Touch 4g. I was speaking objectively, fool. But u must be in denial to say android is not laggy, either that, or you don't know what a smooth phone OS is actually like. iOS is smooth, Windows Phone 7 is smooth, hell, even Palm's dead OS is smooth. Why is that?? Because they have device standards. Android doesn't. Which is why you have piece of shit android phones, midrange(but shitty) ones, and high-end androids with dual-core. Although Android offers features I care about most of the 4(namely GPS, MicroSD, and 4G capabilities), it is not nearly as smooth as any of those platforms. The only android phone I've used that has been completely smooth, and (mostly) lag-free, has been the Epic Touch 4G, and I've owned a ton of android phones ; G1, G2, G2x, Samsung Vibrant, Galaxy S 4G, Photon 4G, Atrix 4G, myTouch 4g, Nexus One, Nexus S, Sensation 4g, and Sidekick 4g(buy and sell). ALL of them lag in web-browsing, when panning through windows, and occasionally even in android apps. To top it off, a good majority of them have issues playing video files, occasionally my music stutters, Battery issues on 4G ones(with the exception of the galaxy s2 line) and there are force closes galore. Not all apps are supported across all platforms either, so either your truly oblivious to this fact, or your just being dishonest. You only really get gameloft as a MAJOR developer that supports both platforms fully(key word: fully). Major developers rarely hop on board with android, and most of the times, Android gets iPhone's sloppy seconds(World of Goo, Plants vs. Zombies, Angry Birds, etc). If you don't play many games on your phone often, OBVIOUSLY your not going to run into the many issues that people who don't have Tegra 2 devices, run into. You don't have to play games, but myself, and many others, iPhone, and android users alike, enjoy playing games on our phones in our down time and treat them as handhelds. Every now and then, they are graphically intensive games and it's disappointing when I have an android phone with a perfectly capable processor(exynos on epic touch), and I have to seek outside means(rooting, and masking my system as a Tegra 2 device), just to play a game like 9mm, or Shadowgun(they are graphically intensive games, look em up). Whereas on the iPhone, you never run into those difficulties. Say what you will about iPhone. But it JUST WORKS. Which is why people like iPhone(and I've come back to it, temporarily). And almost every major carrier supports iPhone so the not-making-calls joke doesn't apply anymore, unless your saying ATT, Verizon, and Sprint are all shit and T-mobile is the best because you have the G2 right? Yea, right,. G2 sucks!!! At least upgrade to a G2X or Galaxy S2 on T-mobile, best phones on their network, hands down,. I'm sure I know much more about android then you. I've owned android phones AND iPhone's for several years now. With various android phones being my phone for the majority of the time(I had the Vibrant the longest). The main difference is iPhone just works, plain and simple. 1 device a year, and even an iPhone 3GS(2009) still supports, just about all of the apps on the appstore today(most developers have even made versions of their apps to support non-dualcore). Could you say the same of a 2009 android phone, like perhaps the myTouch 3g, HTC Hero or Samsung Moment? No, of course not. On android, your obligated to get the latest and greatest IF you want to keep up to date and play the newest games and what not. Because your right, its the your choice. But longevity of a device goes to apple, easily.
Sabina Krasnov Who cares? Anyone who cares either has stock in android and needs the stock to higher or people who have no life. I care less I tried both os and my personal is iOS, buts that's me. Who like android that good for you. But no reason to argue who is better if iOS is better or android is better either way it does not put $$ in my pocket. So why argue about it.
Mike West Not with contradicting titles like these.
Naga Appani Hahaha, What Android offers is an ocean, a wide variety of customization, beyond user's imagination... And What iOS offers is straight, for Kids and lames... Never compare Android with iOS... iOS can not even match Android in its dreams..
Paul Alexandru Android needs smoothness, then we'll see because this galaxy nexus is fucking laggy :-/ i don't see nexus replacing my iPhone 4S which i love it i have game updates daily!!!!
Ridha Fardian Definately yessssssss
Josh Stanley Until android gets better battery life it will never beet apple
Philip Weißner also windows phone runs single cores and is very smooth. So android is a big OS but isn't the top...
Radu Tanasescu Android hasn't destroyed anything yet. Apple has earnd more profits than any other smartphone manufacturer so far and I'm willing to bet they made more money then all the Android making companies put together from their IOS ecosystem. Their doing just fine. As for wich is actually better? I like speed and simplicity, had android and all I used it's customisability for was to try and make it faster. Why woukd I buy a dual core phone which has an interface with less then perfectly fluid animations when my single core iPhone 4 runs faster and never crashes? Untill Android sorts that out, and actually makes a consistent, usable interface, I'm not coming back to it.
David Brand Carlos u ignorant iclown, all apps are supported on most phones, the only difference being the high graphic games on the high end models, and all android phones will be on the same page next year. The cheap android phones from boost and metro PCS? Probably not. And android has never been laggy...and I'm even talking bout the G1 from 4 yrs ago...the only lag is maybe, maybe on internet browsing, and android has beat ios in speed tests on net browsing. And if a person that was set for 1 to 2 years on ios then why do they release a new phone every 8 to 12 months ? Its called choice...u or me don't have to get a new phone unless we want to...there is no difference...my phone, the G2 is now more than a year old and I've only not been able to download 1 app and it was because it requires dual core, a game....which I really didn't care about because I don't play games too much on my phone....iClowns do that and rave about that, but try making phone calls consistently with an iphone, when that actually works, u can rave about that....ios is done, defeated, soon to be dead...their only hope is people like u blind to pure facts that buy their products without realizing there are better devices out there....but I understand, android is too complicated for u, u need apple to dumb it down, I understand..
Ediben Yoonan ICS is the best os and it will destroy IOS and wp7
Ernest Marvin Esteban ICS is the best OS as of now. It is more dynamic, intuitive and featureful than iOS and wp7.
Carlos Quinones Nothing will dethrone iOS. It's too far ahead right now. And android phones still suffer from unstable apps, force closing, laggy web-browsing and easy to get free apps, which is probably why many developers don't develop for android. Android has made it wayyyy too easy to get apps for free. Whereas, iOS, you actually need to jailbreak it first. Which, fortunately enough for apple, most people don't care for it, being that the iPhone is stable enough without having to jailbreak it. Anyone who has owned android phones before dual core phones, knows they lag like crazyyyy. And rooting can speed up the phone with different roms. For iPhone, this is unnecessary, since almost every iPhone functions the same(with the exception of 3G, and 2G variants). Even if android fixes all of it's lag issues, there is no standard for other android devices. Meaning that certain apps won't work if you don't have certain hardware(such as Tegra 2), which can be annoying when other dual core android phones are just as capable(galaxy s2 and exynos for example). Apple keeps things simple, and just about every iPhone(3GS and up) supports all apps. You don't get that same type of universal standard with android. You seemingly ALWAYS need to buy the next best thing to get that NEW feature for that NEW game/app. It's annoying. Every new iPhone that comes, you know if you buy it, you will be set for atleast 1-2 years. With android, your set for 2-6 months.
James LeBlanc Why not argue about terrorism or the economy instead of just phones
Zakari Ghachi iOS bitches are crying for onlive lmfao.
Angel Miguel Peguero who cares as long as my phone works as i like it to and do what i want im fine stop tthe nonsense
Adam Cuong Tran Consider how much they done compare to iPhone its only a matter of time before iPhone become a thing in the past like Nokia lol
Mark Mann I like when people say it's just a phone. If that was the case they was just buy a prepaid phone instead of paying 100.00 a month.
Anubhav Jauhari I think Android is still to mature ,, iOS is the mosty stable mobile OS
Andy Hambrick iOS was dethroned with Cupcake.
Andrew Biorn Who fucking cares
Toreon Jones Sr. Hell yea Android rules... 4.0 goin take it all...
Bill Ready If android acts like a slide show when trying to thumb through the ui after opening a few apps then it will NEVER beat iOS. I would trade customization ANYDAY for a stable, fluid interface!! Please make it so, so I don't have to jailbreak and unlock to get a decent smartphone experience, please.
Adrian Anguiano They're both great operating systems. So why not everyone stop debating about something so pointless. I have an iPhone and love it but it's just a phone in the end. Get a life (no offense)
Walter Perez Android is on many manufactures which explains its so called smartphone dominance...IOS has but a few models and it's the reason why android even exists!...most android users I know barely have a clue of how to use their phones anyway!...they need to stick to flip phones!...
Luis Lopez No. And it never will. Android will NEVER surpass iOS. Bank on that!
Chirag Kalani HELL YES! There's nothing new in IOS 5, all they done is copied android! Just added the notification bar! And ICS's layout is freaking awesome! And with ICS's update to almost every tablet and phone! Its gonna KILL IT!
Yasir Sohail Untill Android can figure out the updates on time and get rid of the shitty battery life than we can talk about dethroning iOS. Loving my iPhone 4S
Malik Huntington Brock Well if you think about it there are 2 Important things to keep in mind about a SmartPhone! Software and the actual build and durability of the phone. iPhones are like glass both front and back so wouldnt workout not to mention the memory is NOT removable.
Frankie Jiang HA! "I may or may not have robbed someone at knife point."
Eduardo Ordaz ICS has far outpassed IOS. and also why would people pay so much money on a phone that can beak easy. Its not that people cant afford an iphone its just people want something else that has gotten their attention. Android is about choices with so many phones to choose from. IOS is a great OS and its easy to use and smooth but its just too easy and its boring. Go with what intrests you. ICS is a great OS. they did a good job on it.
Aaron Latham ICS Is They Best OS EVER!!!
Equaknox Knox Like what da f'n..u cats on here are loosing..i rock both on daily basis.. iOs os ok.everything come down to jailbreakn..opening it up..n some how release the chocke hold apple has on it..android clearly now what we want..so it will cater to the masses..really ppl..get a clue..both operating systems are on poiny..its the ppl behind them..that causing the B.S..let the user have the experince..that all i am saying..
BigChuck Rossetti I feel like I just stepped into a time warp... with android owning 53% of the global market and IOS coming in a distant second... why are we talking about dethroning anything so obviously beaten already?? My 3 year old has an iPod touch and he loves it to death... he can't deal with my Bionic for five minutes cuz it's over his head......... smartphone...... nuff said
Robert Centennial Yes it better in every way......except boring
Brandon Johnson Why in the hell do people keep saying you gotta go through itunes to use the iphone, aside from activation (in the past anyways) I haven't used itunes to do shit with the one i currently have. Android has indeed taken over the smartphone space in some places, but that's also a collective so it was inevitable.
Hector Portalatin whatever happen to cingler lol
Malik Huntington Brock I freakin Love Android but see this is what happens when u put to different OS Lovers in the same conversation! Thats like putting a Dog in the Room with a Rabbit and asking which meal is better between "Veggies or Bacon". There becomes disagreements and sometimes disagreements are good but the only problem is Apple or Google is probably not reading this so they wouldnt know how we feel about their OS.
Andrew Wilkes google is on the rise, but apple im sure will come out this summer with a whole new ecosystem that will solidify the use of air play, tv, computer & i devices. you watch.
Ricardo Lopez my nipple itches
Hector Portalatin @Muhammad True the numbers don't lie
Chris Payne What are you talking about? Froyo dethroned that crappy OS.
Hector Portalatin ICS looks pretty good but they wont be any dethroning until another 5 years or so and this coming from a Android Fan real talk
Muhammad Waleed Sheikh the people stating the statistics are posting 2010 stats, 2011, android is 52.5% of the global smartphone market...I think that speaks for itself
Emre Gürer finally? it already has?
Mark Navarro My butt is itchy
Hector Portalatin Ppl jail break iPhone because they can't get that much customization out of it same as rooted it stop being so simple minded and use ya fuckin brain
Jesse Snider Never had iPhone..went straight from BlackBerry ( Yeah I know LOL) to Droid Eris..that was a few phones ago, anticipating Samung Galaxy Nexus!!
Ethan Shrago @Bamm Why does it matter? It won't change TouchWhiz at all.
Hector Portalatin But yea shout out to all my Android ninjas & Google u already kno
Rhonda Brown Neal @malik- some people don't need all that customization. It's too much work. I luv my iPhone -simple and not complicated. All people do with android is root so what's the point?
Bamm Grundie Samsung galaxy s2....... Can't wait till this phone gets ics
Prabhath Jay ICS kicked iOS ass alrdy
Hector Portalatin ICS looks pretty good but they wont be any dethroning until another 5 years or so and this coming from a Android Fan real talk
James Hatfield I went from iOS 4.3.5, 5.0, 5.0.1 to Froyo 2.2, Gingerbread 2.3.3 on my old ass Fascinate, and I don't miss my iPhone at all.
Tim Leuty I'm seriously fed up with the amount of bias shown by PhoneDog. I'm a user of both iOS and Android, and to say something as ignorant as "Will ICS finally dethrone iOS?" is pretty pathetic. Anyone who knows anything will tell you that iOS is the perfect beginner level phone operating system. They'll also tell you that when you get tired of iOS, you can graduate to Android, which is much more robust, open, and just overall better. I need to start seeing some professionalism in these articles because I'm one or two biased reports away from unsubscribing to this childish garbage.
Ethan Shrago I don't like the on screen buttons. it takes an inch off from the screen and more accidental pressing.
Michael Rich Lol @ all the Apple haters. Makes me laugh that so many people bitch over a phones OS
Malik Huntington Brock But I admit though when I saw ICS on screen buttons that was a drawback for me, I dont like buttons always being at the bottom of the screen.
Chris Mejia I for one think that android is doing very well. Android has a ton of features ios does too but it is to locked down like Malik said you need iTunes for everything for music games that you download on a computer there's a whole list while android you download something of the web use a file manager and install it need music from you computer sure just connect your cable and your ready to go android is also customizeable ios is too boring the same thing for 5 versions android ui just gets more and more interesting sure apple is selling more but android is catching up
Daniel Quintero fragmentation sucks but thats cuz so much choices while IOS is only on one hardware architecture (well three others) to worry about
freakintyler ICS UI looks so ugly.
Chris Miller Most people who hate apple can't afford it or never had one lol android is good but I pick my iPhone for my everyday phone when u guys get games like iOS then u can come talk lol
Malik Huntington Brock No Matter what ANYBODY Says Android will ALWAYS be number one and its only reason 5 out of 1,000! First off it doesnt matter if ur rich or Poor because just about every phone company has a Android phone and when people see a poor selection of phones there will always be that ONE phone with a touchscreen and Apps and more. Sprint has em, Verizon, At&t, Tmobile, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Revol, Cricket, U.S. Cellular and waaay more! iPhones are over priced for little features! besides you need iTunes just to manage music and other Media! on my Android I do it all through a file manager!
Arnulfo Barajas henry's comment is a true FACT
Henry Murillo I sold my Amaze to get a 4s. Is there a problem? I chose what I like better yo and love that damn iPhone. I'm not hating android to make my decision justified either or make me feel better about myself. They're both great, and just pick what feels the best for you not what some geek says is the best thing out there... "Omg u suck cause u have android, omg u suck cause u got iOS holy shit ur a douche cause u have windows phone"... Fuckin shit
David Harness There's no such thing as dethroning another OS. There will always be people who like one and people who like the other.
Tim Miyashiro Android has always dethroned iOS, but I really could care less because I use a Blackberry now.
Michael Miller Like releasing the fucking nexus.
Scott Pilgrim Hell yeah!
Samuel Lytle Wow get a life. Who cares as long as you like your phone that is all that matters.
Ethan Shrago IOS has been piggy-backing on Android for a while...
Angel Ramirez @dwayne cook. Lmao because there's one iPhone with different SKUs and android has how many different companies to split the usage of their os? Lol learn how to compare.
Ronnie Cave the thing is IOS doesn't need a new UI, there is nothing wrong with the interface, features is all that is needed, which you get a new feature here and there throughout the year, it's sad anyone would pay for a high end android device only to be forced to root it and load a custom Rom to get the thing to run smoothly, most I have had to do is jailbreak my iPhone and I instantly have access to anything android offers and more
Francis San Pedro Anyone buying Apple is STUPID AS HELL
Arnulfo Barajas @patrick...he doesn't need to try out the OS android will always have bad battery and bad OS
Kelvin Hines Apple is shitty to me
Malik Huntington Brock Either way ppl only get iPhones cause they either are jealous of Android, because songs mention an iPhone, Celebs are seen with em or because everyone has it! All those iOs Fools can keep buyin if they want to just watch em buy the next iPhone which might be out in a few months just wait. Besides who wants a phone that lacks customization, Bluetooth File Transfer and waaaaay more?! Come on!
P.j. Smith Android 1.0 dethroned iOS. Gingerbread 2.3 DESTROYED IOS. Ice Cream Sandwich is gonna OBLITERATE IOS!!!
Shahrukh Raza Man you guyz sure do hate android
Patrick Diamond Duncan @Ryan how is 4.0 buggy? You've never used it
Tony Abiama ICS will take what's been destined to be there's all along from iOS
Corey John Mason Your wrong android devices make up for 16% of smartphone and tablet apple makes up 46% apple is going nowhere there only getting started.
Jeff Hollins When is it coming for skyrocket?
Dale Lyster iPhone is doing just as good if not better then android. If you think about it they have made 5 phone and are still has the top of the market when android has been on many phone.
Cesario Brito Jr. Dethrone iOS? iOS was dethroned long time ago. Android is forever expanding. Lol phonedog makes me laugh.
Ryan Gardner First Google needs to get these Manufacturers on the same page. This stupid shit where some devices get upgrades and some don't is stupid. You have no clue when you will get it, if you do at all.
Francis Mogote finally? You mean, a few versions ago?
Dwayne Cook Android is the top operating system in the U.S. Taking about 46% and apple with about 25-30%. Unless statistics have changed I'll say iOS has been dethroned since last year.
Julian Leung when will people realize that apple forfeited the mobile os race when they decided not to change the UI after 5 revisions
Mike Adams iOS and WP 7.5 FTW
Steven Osborne No, fragmentation will always hold android back. By the time most handsets are running ICS Apple will have released 5.2 with even more awesome features.
Ryan Staton No. Never. Way to my bugs, slow, and unreliable.
Nathan Wright Whats wrong with them both being on the market? Let people that like iOS stick with it and let people who like Android stick with Android. We do NOT want a market ruled only by Android or iOS. People don't realize that without the other, their favorite OS wouldn't be what it is today.
Ethan Shrago Gingerbread and before dethroned it
James Gustavo Hidalgo Another apple dick riding post
Christian Perez they have to release the o.s in order to dethrone iOS first.
KoDy Designed ByCrime Yes! Its all starting to fall apart for apple and they've dug themselves a very deep grave
Ethan Shrago 4.0 sucks. just wanted to get that off my chest
Stiven Cabrera Android 1.3 dethroned iOS...this is just going beyond.
Stephen Wagner no, because stupid people blindly buy iShits

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