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Over the past month or so there have been several leaks that have suggested that the Nokia Lumia 710 is T-Mobile-bound, but for anyone that's still unsure about the 710 joining Magenta's roster, the image above should put those doubts to rest. The photo shows a white Lumia 710 complete with a T-Mobile tattoo below the device's Windows key, just like the images discovered in the AWS Lumia 710's FCC filing last Wednesday. Pocketnow claims that T-Mobile will offer a black version of the Lumia 710 as well.

Nokia and T-Mobile announced that they're holding an event on December 14th and, although there was no mention of what the two companies have in store, the string of Lumia 710-related leaks has led many to believe that the 3.7-inch Mango handset will be making its debut on Wednesday. If a T-Mobile 710 does end up being revealed at the gathering, it'll be the first Nokia-made Windows Phone to come to a U.S. carrier. I'd say that's worth holding a dance party for, wouldn't you? There's been no word yet on when the Lumia 710 might actually hit T-Mobile's shelves, but the good news is that all should be revealed in just a few short days.

Via Pocketnow

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"Are you holding out for a Nokia Windows Phone?"

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Hubert John Abiera Haha, so much hate in here. Funny how people say Nokia is going down because of Windows when the Lumia 800 is sold out practically everywhere in Europe while having ridiculously high consumer approval ratings.
Rene Saenz Jr. tired of iphone4 and too muchh of android i am getting this or the HTC Titan...
Brian Walden Yes, I want that phone.
Randoll Suarez iPhone all the way!!!
Josh Avondoglio I'm holding out for a Nokia ANDROID phone!
Paul Alexandru Eddie you are an idiot,android id LAG shit!!!Every Android phone fucking sucks except the galaxy s2
Manuel Leon Y?¿?¿?
Eunsang Na Nokia and windows phone both sound very ancient to me somehow. Never tried one and never seen anyone around me with it for past couple of years.
Arvydas Gr Yeap, but I am waiting for Lumia 900 :) Windows Phone OS is the best of the best ;)
Ernest Marvin Esteban A Nokia android phone I might consider
Ernest Marvin Esteban Ha? Why? Of course no.
Ethan Shrago I wanna see Nokia make an Android handset
Angel Miguel Peguero was so good about this phone that other wp7 device doesnt have so noone would get excited
Macoi Ojeda Moralina Jr. windows phone is the ephipany for those android and ios user thats gettin a little exausted with their device... lumia 710 is a lot like c-7! Lol
Guillermo De León No, I like android. I'm sure wp7 has good things going for it, but I will stick to android.
Ben Bartholomew um, is anybody?
Ali Fakhruddin Its better to go wid some nice samsung Android packd phones rather than wasting money AND time on Lumia devices with a limitd functn OS.. I urge Nokia to remake N900 with 12 mp cam, capacitive touchscreen and java suport... Dat wuld make a good competitor in todays market.
Eduardo Ordaz no. I tried wp7 and its boring no customization and the apps on IOS and Android are better. also jailbreaking and Rooting is great. so no wp7 is boring. just my opinion.
Sulaiman Naveed John nokia gone down down down the should stick with making phones like(2690,3310,1208,1202 etc)*
Nguyen Phan I hate the tiles.
Dina Locklear Ball wp7/8 thru VERIZON, need upgrade my PP+
Luis Reich D.O.A.
Cierra Shepard Nope window phones ain't about shit
Ethan Shrago i think manufacturers should be able to change it a little bit and make it how they want. but not as much change as android
Omarr Bryant No way no customization and I hate the tile home screen
Nathan Wright Crappy features such as...? And don't say flash, its dead for mobile. My Focus does everything my captivate could and it does it better. Confusing is a personal thing I can understand that but alot of people, especially tech bloggers, really like WP7.
Eddie Constantin Shut your mouth Stephen.
Stephen E. Ribble definately, tired of android
Ethan Shrago They have crappy features and they really are confusing
Jake Gross Not that one.
Andrew Qi Wen Looking forward to Windows 8, hand-motion-sensing edition.
Nathan Wright They are expensive and they probably were bad quality when you used it but they have really picked up lately =) spotify on wp7 works better than my ipods spotify app. It still isn't android/iOS app quality but its young, give it time.
Orewa Najib WP7.5 mango OS is never lag and as smooth as IOS and smoother than android .
Gary Hardt The last great phone Nokia made was the 252.
Dylan Wacker Not really. I wouldn't not get one. More then anything I just want the Titan or Focus Flash on Verizon!!
Ethan Shrago @Nathan I have used one. The apps are too expensive and they aren't good quality
Ryan Roylance I like a comeback story, but...No.
Verlon L. Carroll H** no Galaxy note Playa!!!
Hansel Starley Yes but not for that one.
Nathan Wright @ethan I put everything where i want it to be. Maybe its too hard for you but its very simple once you get used to it. It also runs wayyyy smoother on a 1ghz single core processor than an android @Haldi and theres 1.5 ghz processors out right now so I can tell you really have no idea about windows phone. People really need to try it before trashing it. If you try it for more than a week, not just one instance, and then still dislike it then thats fine you gave it a shot. I gave Android 2 years and Idk how i put up with the lag.
Anthony Douglas Nokia still makes phones?
Martin Trujillo Windows phone's is just confusing if you aren't used to them.
Haldi Kuniqi lol all windows phones look and work exactly the same so whats the point of waiting for another shitty 1 ghz processor phone? get a android instead
Ethan Shrago @nathan yes. you cant put anything where you want
Henry G Nerida nope... windows OS is my least favorite.
Ammar Khalid Windows is by far the crappiest interface I've seen, I've been with the iPhone for 3 years but I like android better
Nathan Wright too hard to use? Have you used one yet? I understand you may not like it but it is in no way hard to use.
Ethan Shrago windows phone is too hard t use and un customizable
Nathan Wright Yes but the Lumia 800 or 900. WP7 is great and I really enjoy my Focus.

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