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Remember last week when we got word that the U.S. Department of Justice was interested in postponing its antitrust lawsuit against AT&T over its proposed acquisition of T-Mobile? Well today that's precisely what happened, as the Justice Department, AT&T and Deutsche Telekom all filed a joint motion to inform Judge Ellen Huvelle that they'd like the DOJ's suit against AT&T halted. The filing mentions that AT&T and Deutsche Telekom would like to stay the case until January 18th in order to allow them time to "evaluate all options." Additionally, the motion asks that AT&T give an update on the status of the deal by January 12th that will include an explanation on the status of the deal and whether or not the companies involve plan to proceed with it. The full statement from AT&T on today's filing is below.

In other AT&T-Mobile news, Dish Network CEO Joseph Clayton has revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that his company would be interested in partnering with T-Mobile should its acquisition by AT&T fall through. Dish got some wireless spectrum earlier this year thanks to deals involving bankrupt companies DBSD North America Inc. and Terrestar Networks Inc., and Clayton would like to merge that spectrum with T-Mobile's existing network. "We’re not interested in making money on selling our spectrum,” Clayton said. “We want to use it to create a national wireless network, video, voice and data. We’ve got expertise in satellite-TV, and we will in satellite broadband. The voice part, we’ll need some help with.” Clayton added that he's also interested in the idea of teaming up with a company other than T-Mobile, such as Sprint.

Although AT&T doesn't mention in its statement what other options it may be considering for its T-Mobile deal, we've heard that both a major asset sale and a joint venture are possibilities. It's not clear which of those options, if either, AT&T will actually follow through with, but the odds of anything resembling the acquisition as it was originally announced gaining approval are looking less and less likely as the days go by. As long as the stay gets approved by the judge (and it's likely that it will), it should be interesting to see what AT&T decides to do after gaining a month to weigh its options. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: According to the New York Times, Judge Ellen Huvelle has granted the stay. The AT&T-Mobile saga continues!

AT&T Updates Status of T-Mobile USA Merger

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AT&T today issued the following statement regarding the status of its merger with T-Mobile USA:

“AT&T and Deutsche Telekom advised Judge Huvelle this morning that they wish to stay any further Court proceedings until January 18, 2012, to allow the two companies time to evaluate all options. The U.S. Department of Justice joined in the filing.”

“AT&T is committed to working with Deutsche Telekom to find a solution that is in the best interests of our respective customers, shareholders and employees. We are actively considering whether and how to revise our current transaction to achieve the necessary regulatory approvals so that we can deliver the capacity enhancements and improved customer service that can only be derived from combining our two companies' wireless assets.”

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Via Phone Scoop, Reuters, TmoNews, Bloomberg, New York Times

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"Do you think the AT&T/T-Mobile merger will go through?"

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Melissa Wynemia Kritzell
Melissa Wynemia Kritzell NO!
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia I love reading the comments, and "hate" responses from the simpletons who have absolutely NO idea what they're talking about; let alone how the wireless industry works. "y0 dAwg I g3t '4G' 3V3rYwh3r3, tmo 4 lyf3!!"
Rafael Almonte
Rafael Almonte I hope the deal falls through but I'm sure they'll find a legal loophole. There's too many billions at stake for AT&T
Rafael Almonte
Rafael Almonte To the person that said Blackberry is a good phone: 1) No one cares, 2) That's not the topic of this post, 3) Move on!
Angel Delacruz
Angel Delacruz Why not
Patty Hammons
Patty Hammons hELL nO
Ediben Yoonan
Ediben Yoonan yea
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Blackberry 9900 is a good phone
Daniel Price
Daniel Price I hope it does not go through. T-Mobile was turning around a year ago gaining more contract customers. Right when ATT announced to buy T-Mobile, customers started to flee because they did not want to be with ATT if the deal went through. It's ATT's fault that T-Mobile started to lose customers again. And that was also part of their plan. Either way they win. Let's hope T-Mobile comes back and kicks some death star ass.
Jose Be Julme
Jose Be Julme NO!
Pat Thompson
Pat Thompson god I hope not.
Brian Walden
Brian Walden I hope not.
Scott Ritchey
Scott Ritchey No. And I'm glad it won't
Eron Tapia Ramos
Eron Tapia Ramos Tmobile the best
Marko Teullet
Marko Teullet Money will talk , I hope it does
Harold Bias
Harold Bias No
Michael Perez
Michael Perez I hope so. Then I can finally trade my 4 for a 4s plus cash
Hated Newsome
Hated Newsome Fuck AT&T!!!!!!! LONG LIVE T-MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero No
Xavier Santino Renteria
Xavier Santino Renteria I'm all for it. If it helps coverage and helps jump the process to LTE be more widespread then go AT&T
Ernesto Moreno
Ernesto Moreno I hope not!
Eric Kroh
Eric Kroh ATT already agreed to let the Gov. set standards when this happens..nothing new
Marrion Bell
Marrion Bell thank you !!! marc exactly tmobile is way better than A-trash they need tmobile not the other way around I, get 4g almost every where
Shawn Towle
Shawn Towle No. AT&T already said they will raise prices "if the deal doesn't go through".. That's BS, they will raise their prices either way, which is why nobody wants it to go through.
Jason Chandler
Jason Chandler I hope the deal goes through because I don't believe that T-Mobile could survive on its own
Marc Speziale
Marc Speziale omg.. you people are just brain washed with AT&T Ohhh the iPhone AT&T... Dropped calls are acceptable then... And we are all brainwashed with what LTE is.. HSPA+ has proven speed over 300Mbps. Even if they Dont go to LTE HSPA+ is evolving EVERYDAY! its an excellent network and used all over the world has a standard. Once the Price of Upgrading LTE goes down I am sure T-Mobile will look into it. but if anyone of you have done their research, LTE on VZW and HSPA+ 42 arent that much different in speeds. As a matter of fact TMobile has a second fastest national networkT-Mobile is a phenominal company that could probably do way better without DT sucking the life out of them.
Ethan Shrago
Ethan Shrago No but I hope it somehow does
Ivan Mendoza
Ivan Mendoza I wish it would!
Dominic Lambert
Dominic Lambert it probably wont( though it would be a great idea) i hope so, AT&T needs some more phone selections! =D
Donald Bogan
Donald Bogan Yes
David Harness
David Harness I hope so
Marrion Bell
Marrion Bell @ juan shut up at&t sucks and tmobile may been late but who has it in more places at&t tmobile dont need at&trash for shit
Blackapino Williams
Blackapino Williams I like At&t...never had & issue. As far as T-Mobile idc.....only think i liked from T was the Sidekick.
Tim Ryberg
Tim Ryberg No. Not only do we have the monopoly / anti trust issues but there is reg matter of screwing over the existing T-Mobile customers whose phones will all be paper weights when AT&T switches the frequency the T-Mobile phones use for HSPA + to LET
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles It won't happen
Larry Waters
Larry Waters T-Mobile was and is losing contract subscribers which is why DT wanted to merge with att. They could up selling T-Mobile's assets off in pieces so att will get what they want anyway. The merger won't go through an Obama Justice Dept....but that goes away after he loses to "any of the above" in Nov 2012. att plays a long game and be it by merger, a cooperative partnership with T-Mobile, or buying them piecemeal, they'll get what they want.
Nicolas Flores
Nicolas Flores I hope it doesn't go through. T-Mobile is a good stand alone company. I hear Google wants to buy it. I rather have Google but it then anything else. AT&T will just slow T-Mobile down.
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel well it could but since there 2 major costumer demands merging would skrew something up in the economy that's why someone on the in side stopped it.
Jeff Stewart
Jeff Stewart I hope not! I had Cingular before the AT&T merger and it was the best service by far. It's been horrible service since AT&T took it over. I hope history doesn't repeat itself and limit the choices available to us. It's true, if it goes through, it'll be a huge monopoly and it'll push Sprint out of business. That's not good for any of us.
Nathan Rhodehouse
Nathan Rhodehouse i wish, but probably not
C Bryan Thomas
C Bryan Thomas I hope that the merger doesn't go through. I don't like At&T's customer service, their billing is complicated and confusing and their rates are the highest among the 4 major carriers. I have been with T-Mobile since the Omnipoint/Voicestream days. I love T-Mobile's service and the rates are good. They also have some of the best handsets on the market.
Tony Valadez
Tony Valadez hope not, that would pretty much leave Verizon and AT&T (Sprint is too small in comparison). That would most likely lead to higher prices, not so appealing voice n data plans, etc. due to lack of competition. Competition ultimately benefits the consumer so if T-Mobile sells, everyone loses
Ryan McClenic
Ryan McClenic He.. he.. hell no
Chuk Anyanetu
Chuk Anyanetu Always a bore reading comments from people who have no insight or don't even try to. I'm not sure why the JD is taking its time, if they feel it isn't in the best interest they should just go ahead and cancel it (it won't be ATT's first monopoly). But even if you are on Verizon, you should care, because if this goes through V will try to match whatever ATT does and vice versa. For example, ATT got the iphone, then ATT got rid of unlimited data plans. Then Verizon did the exact same thing.
Christian Sotelo
Christian Sotelo Nope
Louis Bernocco
Louis Bernocco Better question, who cares
Kaylee Sill
Kaylee Sill I hope it doesn't but I think att will convince them
Brandon Mims
Brandon Mims Not a chance
Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas I don't think it will since since the FCC and DOJ is up there ass and like a dozen states are showing there concerns about the whole thing to
Julius Mawoussi
Julius Mawoussi I don't know I hope the deal goes though.
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia AT&T being the nations 2nd largest carrier, will need all the spectrum it can get to support the millions of data hogging handsets on it's network, many of which will be LTE enabled. T-Mobile will be late to the LTE party, just as it was late to the 3G party, something which customers won't take to lightly no matter how competitive their prices may be.
Rickyo ODaniell
Rickyo ODaniell It'll never happen.
Richard Mccarthy
Richard Mccarthy no
Stephen Crighton
Stephen Crighton no
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Unfortunately, probably not. I'm one of the few who actually supported the merger. Being a current AT&T customer and a former T-Mobile customer I am unbiased and can see the pro's and con's of both networks. If the merger fails; AT&T will be left with out TONS of spectrum for their nascent LTE network and T-Mobile will be left with nothing more than a very unclear, and rocky path to LTE.
Wais Hamidi
Wais Hamidi Posted from a Sidekick 4G on tmobile.
Gary Brown
Gary Brown No, options are better for us all.
Wais Hamidi
Wais Hamidi No. IMO, Tmobile has some awesome phones. ATT is just scared that Tmobile is slowing creeping up on them in terms of progress.
Lynn A Garrett
Lynn A Garrett Of the 3 I've tried (including ATT), T-Mobile is by far superior inboth billing/pricing and customer service. If T-Mo was taking over ATT and not the other way around, I'd be all for it!!!!
Andrew William Chumchal
Andrew William Chumchal i hope it dose
Ronnie Carlough
Ronnie Carlough No, and I hope not.T-Mobile rocks lol
Dennis Petrospour
Dennis Petrospour nope
Rafael Guzman
Rafael Guzman Nope
Victor Rios
Victor Rios I hear that Dish Network is trying to get a deal with T-Mobile...either way I don't care I have Sprint and about to upgrade to the iPhone 4S soon.
Luis Torres
Luis Torres i think they are going to to a network sharing
Jim Conklin
Jim Conklin too much of a monapoly
Michael Creese
Michael Creese No
James Tony Brown
James Tony Brown Not gonna. Happens
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd Yes. Verizon and Sprint suck balls.
Christopher Ferrell Dbe
Christopher Ferrell Dbe I hope it does More towers more places ATT
Anthony Douglas
Anthony Douglas I don't think so...but I'm with big red too
Simen Shchurov
Simen Shchurov dont think so
LizandJason Box
LizandJason Box It probably will because I hate AT&T so much....grrr
Diego Vazquez
Diego Vazquez It won't but theres a reason behind it.
Sebastian Il
Sebastian Il pfft no and i dont care sprint FTW
Benjamin Handel
Benjamin Handel But in case your wondering I think it might.
Benjamin Handel
Benjamin Handel Don't really care 'cuz I'm on Verizon.

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