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Bad news today for folks that have been drooling over BBX BlackBerry 10 devices like the Milan and London, as RIM has confirmed on its Q3 earnings call that it won't be launching the first BlackBerry 10-powered handset until "the latter part" of 2012. Co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis explained that the delay is due to the fact that the chipsets RIM has selected for inclusion into the devices won't be ready until mid-2012. These new chips that RIM is waiting on will bring with them multi-core performance, improved power efficiency, and LTE support.

We've previously heard that the first BlackBerry 10 device to market would be the London and that it's expected to arrive sometime in Q3 2012, so today's news seems to support the rumors that we're still a ways off from seeing handsets with RIM's new operating system. That's a bit of a bummer for folks that are looking forward to BlackBerry 10, and it may make devices like the iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus and Nokia's upcoming Windows Phones more attractive to people that otherwise would have waited for BB10 products. What do you all make of this news? Do you think BlackBerry 7 will be enough to fend off the competition until late 2012?

Via All Things D, MobileBurn

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"Bye bye RIM?"

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Su Zahir RIM is going to fade to black in America. So their best bet is to target overseas.
Jeff Lansberry RIM may be out of business by then. Sounds to me like they went back to the drawing board yet again and if I were a betting man, late 2012 will come a message it won't be until Q1 of 2013.
Nurudin Udin Loser for everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Big fat liar "indonesian very angry"
Kyle Adams @Sairus Soliman lol, love your passion for dying things!
Kyle Adams @Brian Keith you realize Android isn't a phone company right? LOL, Android phones are made by several companies... It's an OS. RIM is the only Blackberry maker!
Sairus Soliman Nop . RIM will not die .. its soo obviously these comments above are not from the blackberry ppl :P . ok the truth is .. Blackberry its not a powerful smart phone like the Android or iphone . well to me i consider the iphone as a very good ipod and gaming device .. as for blackberry it is a very special device for serious business ppl not only but and also for others who love social networking . so till now NOTHING can compete with the Blackberry Security and Push email or the BBM and social networking integration . so my answer is clearly NO .. RIM will Not die .. BUT .. it needs to find new ways sooner to steal the Android and apple ppl LOL!.. and btw . ppl who keeps saying that the virtual keyboard is soo awesome . this is so NO true .
Jon Strong I've been a die hard BB user for 5 or 6 years, and perhaps if RIM's product development, focus and competitive awareness hadn't shriveled up and crumbled away to nothing in the last 2 years, I wouldn't have finally defected to an Android phone yesterday. Had I continued to hold out for RIM to "get with it" and then read this article, it would have been the proverbial straw breaking the camel's back. Who knows? Maybe RIM will give me a reason to reconsider them down the road, but I'm no longer holding my breath while waiting to find out.
Zach Cline Thats not common sense. You're just making up excuses for your blackberry sucking. The iphone and android devices actually are mini computers and the iphone never lags like that or freezes. Android is getting better with that issue with ice cream sandwhich and the dual and upcomimg quad core processors. Something that most laptops don't even have.
Ines El S I don't think RIM will die ... Beforer the bbm revolution, very few people had blackberries and it didn't stop them from coming up with something great ... maybe they're going back where they used to be to come back with something great later on. I wouldn't change my curve even if it's not the best phone because i don't need the best phone. People complain from blackberries lagging and freezing. It happens because a blackberry is like a tiny winni computer. If you don't clean it and make sure that it's not having a crowded memory, then of COURSE it's going to lag. Common sense people ...
Ash Hus Rip bb
Himanshu Mane in a way its good for me...just bought a 9900 and don't want it outclassed by some new age punkass BB :P rofl
Bronson Chad Thomas I'm with Sprint and I'm ditchin' my Curve for the iPhone 4S ASAP!
Jacob Grumbles I don't even remember the last time I seen someone with a blackberry where I live . This doesn't surprise me one bit .
Derrico Brown I bet their chips will just be dual core too when they come out later next year, while everybody else will be doing quad core. I used to be a blackberry fan, but they haven't made a phone worth talking about since 2009. It seems that their too stubborn to partner up with another company, so it looks like they're gonna just die off or be bought out by next summer
Matthew Magdales lol.. RIM isnt dead.. they still make huge profit and are INCREASING their subsriber base.
Mike Chiou Bye bye RIM.
Jones Robert ...i left BLACKBERRY two years ago and never thought once about it or looked back. I love my GALAXY S2 (epic touch). Can't wait for the GALAXY S3.
Tyrai King Thomas I agree with title bye bye
Corey A. Mayo @ Brandon shorter People said that about NOKIA and then Elop made that speech... Something about being on a burning platform... ;-)
Brian Keith What is wrong w/ them android releases new phones like every other week, just bring out the phones already RIM. sheesh
Achmad Rebut Sooner or later they will loose because BB OS vs Hardware has too much glitches every time such like the known error 102, random restarts, freeze etc.
Craig Campbell Good grief. RIM just continues to not-surprise with fail upon fail, time after time. Shocking.
Kehin Faux They may as well never show up...
Jason King Its a Wrap ....
Carlos Quinones Blackberry has failed too many times. With the storm, torch, curve,.. Etc. I had hope with the 9900/9930 series, but then the tmobile version was the only one with 4g, battery life was beyond terrible(in comparison to other blackberry bold's) lacked front facing camera(unnecessary, but it's become a buying decision these days.). And with how app/gaming-centric people are with their phones these days, blackberry doesn't have a chance. Apps have turned people into gamers. Only the diehard crackberry people will stick with blackberry. But no one will jump ship from iPhone or android, and everyone that does, usually goes running back to android or iPhone once they realize an amazing physical keyboard is not ALL they expect from a phone
Randal Morris I am so tired of supporting RIM. As soon as I can, I am gone forever! RIM must replace its leaders or it too is gone forever!
Cory Wilson An I was going to buy a bb 9900
Syedul Islam If they need ideas on how to make proper smartphones.. May be they should take a bite outta the apple.. :P
Chad Richter Just read that rim sold 14 million phones this quarter. That's actually quite impressive. Rim isn't done yet. Maybe in the us market share but not worldwide. I'll be keeping my eye on bb10
Joshua Johnson Outside of the American market they are actually doing quite well.,.
Tyrell V Mason RIM has missed the boat when it comes to next gen cell phones and it won't catch up with tech like their current phones and the playbook! So sad.
Byron E. Cóto Their gonna need RIM jobs after :(
Silver Diaz @Jesus apple won't be a victim.... those guys know how to market their product well But android will still be #1
Dharry Mejico Fraga Too little, too late RIM....
Yan Zhenghao You've dug your hole.. BB
Edward Bolton LOL when the world is supposed to end
Taylor Lodridge They r just digging themselves into a bigger hole than there in now
Jan Michael Cruz Sad to say, but looks like it
Chaperel Cooper Sucks for the BB lovers
Jesus G. Nolasco Yes...next victim: apple. Android is coming for you apple!
Josh Stanley rims done
Kenny Hernandez Yep...so long Blackberry. Was a good first smart phone but will always be known as a legend....(Tear) Sent by Android Phone
Gerardo Castillo Had with this Torch, I don't care if it looks cool, but it freezes too much, god sake, I'm moving to android or iPhone...
Hubert Nguyen I have mixed feelings about this..first of all, they need the time to make sure its gonna work without any glitch, so kudos to them for that. But on the downside, they shouldve done more research before launching the Playbook.
Obed Lopez Lol they need to completely rethink their whole plan and actually make some Big changes in design and especially in their app Store.
Jay Jay Smith Basically I'm going to get rid of this blackberry now if this shit aint working out
Jesse Juarez Whathefuck is RIM ??
Romeo Cyril An app developer told me the other day, they do not develop apps for the Blackberry OS anymore, too complex, diminishing ROI. This company needs to break itself up while there is still meat on the carcass:)
King Josef Damn r u serious bbm needs video chat & Blackberry needs a kill app to save memory
Nick Truskowski Rim= what a waste of good hardware
Jay Lazz I went from having 60 BBM contacts 6 months ago, to having 14 now. Almost everyone left for iphones or androids. By the end of 2012 nobody will even have a blackberry, except maybe the MAJOR MAJOR loyal blackberry people. Honestly, with our luck BB 10 will have a release date of Dec 22th 2012 and the world really does end the day before.
Patrick Scanlon Wow. Sad state of affairs
Gilbert Hernandez Jr. That's wayyyyyyy to loooong!
Brandon Johnson Rim continues to be fail to stop the bleeding.

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