Samsung Galaxy Note U.S.

Been dying to get your mitts all over the Samsung Galaxy Note and its 5.3-inch display ever since it debuted back in September? If you happen to be an AT&T customer, you may soon get your chance. A new report out of Pocketnow today alleges that a version of the Galaxy Note is due to hit AT&T with the model number SGH-I717 sometime early next year. The site claims that there are a couple of things — besides the loss of the home button — that'll differentiate the AT&T Galaxy Note from the international HSPA+ version, though: LTE connectivity and a Qualcomm-made 1.5GHz dual-core MSM8660 processor. 

Samsung told us when it originally took the wraps off of the Galaxy Note that an LTE-enabled variant was in the pipeline, so it's not a total shock to hear about such a version, but it is good to hear that it may be coming to AT&T shelves. Precisely when that might happen remains a mystery, but it's believed that the AT&T GNote could be unveiled as soon as CES next month. Naturally, we'll let you know more when we do. Any of you think that an AT&T LTE-capable Galaxy Note might be right up your alley?

Via Pocketnow

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"Is the Galaxy Note too big?"

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Devin Ray Hernandez
Devin Ray Hernandez Hell no, i wish every phone was as big as that
Nammir Saad Jabboory
Nammir Saad Jabboory It needs to be big because its tab and a phone
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel im getting it.. if people think its to big to put to your then buy a bluetooth.. simple resolution
Rani Hinnawi
Rani Hinnawi Size matters, until the damn thing gets too big.
Joe Gates
Joe Gates That's what she said.
Eric Kroh
Eric Kroh haha!..it's ATT they get things soo down the line..reminds me of sprint.
Jeremy Abad
Jeremy Abad That thing is a baby Tablet. Too big for a phone. I can see people using this. It would be cool having a portable tablet.
Victor Tan
Victor Tan When the 1 st 5" screen phone Dell Streak available in market barely see anyone using. But SG Note, see lots of ppl carrying...
Cy Ferrer
Cy Ferrer Its too big. Contented with my htc desire s 3.7' screen resolution.
Alexei Liss
Alexei Liss Yes.
Paul Davis
Paul Davis I turned out your 500 lb mom last night so 5.3 inches won't be any probs....
Maritza Dieppa
Maritza Dieppa No no and no....its perfect size anyway you look ! Im waiting since sept ...get it at&t yesssss
Allen Drewe
Allen Drewe Haha anyone who says they have big hands and their iphone is perfect is either crazy or a liar. Thing is tiny in my hands. 4.3 is nice and 5.3 could be amazing. However i would like to see 4.7-4.9 as the sweet spot for my hand and pocket.
Clint Riddle
Clint Riddle I honestly think it sounds a lot bigger than it is. When I heard about the 4.3" I was thinking that's big but when you see it in person its really not as big as it sounds so it is probably not that bad I would take one.
Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas Hell no!
Dominik Winkler
Dominik Winkler 4,3 is perfect
JesusNveronica Flores
JesusNveronica Flores Nope the bigger the better bro the galaxy nexus is fine the way it is
David Roberto Carrio
David Roberto Carrio Way to big for putting to your ear but great for everything else
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. 4.3-4.6 is perfect for me. 5.3 seems really huge. I'll have to see it in person to make a final judgement.
Kenneth Li
Kenneth Li the only reason i not getting is cus it weight like a freaking real brick! heavy!
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles Way too big for me I personally think anything over 4 is to big . But Ill be making a exception for the galaxy nexus .
Tyler Charles Christopher
Tyler Charles Christopher Its great if its an crossover of a phone and a tablet.
Darren Thong
Darren Thong Perfect size
Lewis Hachmeister
Lewis Hachmeister Isn't that the point?
Josh Foster
Josh Foster You kidding me? That thing is tiny.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline It's not just a phone and yes it's too damn big
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson This is a MANS phone..... the girls can keep their gay iPhones
Kojack Sanders
Kojack Sanders Oh yea,that is big. I have big hands and it's to big. My IPhone will do.
Mark Anthony Colindres
Mark Anthony Colindres That is too big. I've been using 4.3+ and I'm so tired of carrying around a massive and cumbersome device.
Hugo Andrade
Hugo Andrade Hell yea dats 2 big
Jamie Addoo
Jamie Addoo If they keep making them bigger they will soon be the size of tablets.
Jeff Hollins
Jeff Hollins skyrocket is perfect size..
John Gross
John Gross Damn at&t, I would of bought it on verizon.
Zanzi Ok
Zanzi Ok yes
Ken Martinez
Ken Martinez When I saw this, I was in shock! Next to my mom and she got scared, thought something happened to me! Lol can't wait to get this phone! :D
Xtian Medina
Xtian Medina nope.
Ionut Ciopei
Ionut Ciopei Wow having a 40'' screen on my phone would be awesome. The note is way too small , I wanna carry a cinema screen :/ Grow up people…
Ravivardhan Prakash
Ravivardhan Prakash If you are a woman, you might have problems, but you can still carry it around in your purse or something . Otherwise it's a comfortable fit
Willie Kelly
Willie Kelly Just depends how you look at it. If you like to have a phone that does some app stuff, way to big (that's my view). If you want a pocketable tablet that also makes phone calls, this will be heaven. I can't imagine the battery life on that thing is going to be great with a screen like that though.
Adam Catello
Adam Catello Nope I love it.... why wouldn't you want the most media available to you and something that still fit in your pocket...PS this thing is amazing
David Harness
David Harness Yes
Joel Madison
Joel Madison I'm glad you addressing this. Anything more than 4" is too much. If I want a bigger screen I'll use a tablet.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Its perfect
Didius Gerard Tampusari
Didius Gerard Tampusari I would the galaxy note.. It would be a perfect replacement for my work phone
Neil Hussey
Neil Hussey Not too big at all. I love mine. The screen real estate is lush. I just wish Phonedog would do one of their reviews on it to see if they feel the same.
Bryce Weekley
Bryce Weekley Why is it that when u post a question about an android phone ppl get on and shittalk the iPhone? The post has nothing to do with iPhone. It's bc u guys hate that it's the most popular phone in the world I know but try to stop obsessing about what other ppl have and worry about urself guys. Sounds like u guys secretly love the iPhone. Closet iPhone users maybe?
Ken Post
Ken Post This is getting out of hand. How do you take that with you on the go. In ur pocket? I'm sorry but that is too big too put in my pocket. Who needs to carry something like that everywhere they go. A 3.5 screen is perfect for on the go.
Jose Guzman
Jose Guzman Bigger is always better
Arman Nazaryan
Arman Nazaryan Who cares if you don't like it get something else.
Chris Baham
Chris Baham Your girlfriend didn't think so...
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero Yes
Ariel Orellana
Ariel Orellana no it is not. good looking phone right there.
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial No
Ian Slade
Ian Slade 4.3 inch screens are the limit for me phonewise... but it would make a hand tablet. But then again Ive already for the 10.1
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Its great. And its cool. Its better than those cheap boring wp7 phones . Samsung makes great Android phones. Love mine. :-)
Mic Finnie
Mic Finnie It would be perfect me! To bad it's with at&t instead of verizon, I would definitely buy it!
Arvydas Gr
Arvydas Gr Yes, it is too big. I have long fingers, but HTC Titan was too big for me. And Note is just a parody. It's not a comfortable phone, nor a good tablet
Vipin Chandra Narra
Vipin Chandra Narra For me it aint, cuz I'm using the Samsung Galaxy player 5.0, it fits just fine in your pocket :D
Justin Töny Lucke
Justin Töny Lucke I think 3.5- 4" is reasonable for a phone, do the people who get these 4 inches and bigger phones have massive pockets?
Kevin Vernon
Kevin Vernon No, but then that depends on how dainty your hands are.
Peter Dudycz
Peter Dudycz Not big enough.
Mr-Nesquik J Nestle
Mr-Nesquik J Nestle Iphone is the Worst crap ever!! bunch of new phones but same features "booorrrring". and the 4gs dosn't even work well -.-! FAIL
Alex Englehart
Alex Englehart I'd love to have one in my hand to see how it feels... I think it's a great idea
Charlie OBrien ?
Charlie OBrien ? It's like a tablet:) but looks good:P
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa For me is not big cause it convince to carry a phone into tablet "phoneblet". Instead of having two devices. Carry one into two. That is how I see it.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Nope it's perfect
Doushane Murray
Doushane Murray Nope!
Jesus G. Nolasco
Jesus G. Nolasco Only iphone people think its too big..DUH they have 3.5 baby screens. Lol. Galaxy note is badass
Everett C W Byrd
Everett C W Byrd The bigger the better.
Jerimiah Afabor
Jerimiah Afabor Its way too big.like d galaxy tab
Kevin Gray
Kevin Gray Much to small actually. It's a tablet right?
Chris Call
Chris Call It's supposed to be big...that's sort of the point...

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