Verizon Galaxy Nexus set to receive software update to Android 4.0.2

Alex Wagner
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Published: December 15, 2011

Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Picking up a Verizon Galaxy Nexus today? Looks like you'll be getting a nice little gift in the form of a software update shortly after activating your new toy. Verizon has posted a new PDF on its Galaxy Nexus support site detailing the ICL53F update, which includes a bump up to Android 4.0.2 as well as a handful of bug fixes. As usual, we've got the full change log for the 10.7MB down below so you can know what you're getting yourself into when you hit that "Install now" button.

This update for the Galaxy Nexus may not be a huge one, but I'm sure there will be more than a few owners happy to see that their device already getting some update love, especially when the new software promises to improve 3G and 4G data sessions "for faster response times." Galaxy Nexus owners on Verizon, be sure to give us a shout in the comments below once you get ICL53F up and running on your handset. And don't be afraid to do a little dance to celebrate the fact that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is finally here while you're there. We won't judge.

Device features

  • Optimized Mobile Hotspot when used with VPN.
  • Optimized 3G/4G data sessions for faster response times.
  • Fixed an incorrect notification that “data was disconnected due to roaming”.
  • Wi-Fi now automatically reconnects when returning to a known Access Point.
  • Improvements to special visual effects feature when using front-facing camcorder.
  • Visual improvements to the lock screen.

Email & Messaging

  • Fixed an issue where some email attachments would not open correctly.

Apps & Widgets

  • DivX support has been removed, and will be supported in a future upgrade.
  • Improved audio volume in Google navigation turn-by-turn directions.

Via Droid-Life, Verizon

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