I've debated writing an article like this for months, but until recently, my phone addiction has been so rampant that the article wouldn't have had a long shelf life.  I've worked with over 120 review phones this year and if my count is correct, personally owned 39.  If you've followed my content, you know that I've spent 2011 with smartphones like the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, BlackBerry Bold 9930, Motorola DROID 3, HTC Sensation 4G, Apple iPhone 4, and HTC EVO 3D.  I keep accounts open with all four nationwide carriers, and have ported my number around countless times - so much that most of my wireless accounts have been mistakenly flagged for fraud at some point.  (What can I say, the carrier's backend systems aren't equipped to handle what we do.)

There are two questions I get asked regularly: "What phone do you recommend, X or Y?" and "Which phone do you carry personally?"  The first one, while hard, can sometimes be answered (especially when it's an easy one like "DROID RAZR or original RAZR?").  But you'll find that most product reviewers will avoid answering the latter question.

And there's a reason why we keep our personal choices off the radar.  You see, in today's wireless game, the enthusiast hatred is so rampant that mentioning any benefit of any platform means I'm a "fanboy."  I must be on said company's payroll if I speak positively about a particular platform, right?  Android has fantastic Google integration, you say?  By golly, I must have been paid by Google to say that! 

I genuinely don't get it.

It's unfortunate, because it has nothing to do with our journalistic integrity.  What works for me - and what I appreciate about my phone(s) - may be completely different from what you like, want, or need.  That's why when you approach me with questions like "iPhone 3GS or HTC Vivid?," it's often hard for me to give you a response.  There's no "one size fits all" phone, and beyond asking you some basic questions, I can't get a real feel of what you use your phone for.  It's completely dependent on what matters most to you.  My mother loves Android ("Droid," as she erroneously calls it).  My father prefers iOS.  I sold both of them on their respective platforms, and they're both happy with their choices.

There are things I love and hate about every major mobile OS on the market, and for each device I review, I can give you a list of positive and negative features.  I go back and forth between what matters most to me on a weekly basis - ask me what phone I'm using in a month, and I may mention that I'm using an Android device because, for that particular week, Google Maps meant more to me than anything else.

I love Google Maps and the Gmail integration on Android, but hate that to this day, it's plagued with random software glitches that make me feel like I'm dealing with beta software.  Apple's iOS does a great job in the media department, but is absolutely terrible at email management beyond casual use.  Windows Phone is incredibly fluid and painless to use, but the lack of customization beyond some colors and a wallpaper that you don't even see once past the lockscreen makes it painfully obvious that it is still in its infancy.

I accepted a long time ago that there's no perfect phone out there.  But for me, the closest thing I can find that serves my needs best - and the phone that I've used since its launch - is Apple's iPhone 4S.  Here's why.


This is perhaps the biggest misconception in what I do.  Just because I work in technology on a daily basis doesn't mean I want my products and services to be unnecessarily complex.  In fact, I tend to go the opposite way - I spend 60-70 hours per week working with wireless devices, dealing with random issues, playing with settings, and the like.  In my time off, I'll always migrate to the solution that's the easiest.

Consistency is the number one requirement for a mobile device for me.  I want a device that works the same way every single time.  When I open the web browser, I expect it to take the same amount of time to open each and every time.  When it doesn't, it aggravates me.  When the haptic feedback doesn't match up to what I'm doing, I want to punch kittens.  Having a sluggish phone with a 1.5 GHz dual-core is like having an Aston Martin that sputters as it goes down the road.

While you'll never have a device that's 100 percent fail-free (these are computers, after all), I've yet to find another device that performs as fluidly as the iPhone 4S.  It has issues from time to time, but the frequency is far less than Android, and I'm not greeted with an ugly "force close" message each time an application fails to perform properly.  Microsoft's Windows Phone does an excellent job with consistency as well.

Android as a whole has certainly improved in this department over the years - and took a leap in the right direction with Ice Cream Sandwich's smoothed fonts and improved transition effects - but it's still no match.  Using the Galaxy Nexus as an example, I'm amazed that transition effects often take 2-5 seconds to load.  To be Google's flagship Android device at the moment, having that kind of lag is unacceptable to a consistency nut like me.

I'm usually met with the "you should buy and root an Android device!" response when I bring this up, and my thought process goes two ways.  One, my consumer-driven mindset kicks in with a response like "I shouldn't have to modify the software - it should work well out of the box."  More importantly (assuming I were fine with and had the time to spend rooting), force closes, random errors, and issues that come with hacking and tweaking are fine when it's not your primary device, but I can't afford to have the potential downtime on my phone.  I can't be on a conference call while traveling and have my phone kick into an endless bootloop because I'm running a non-official software build.  I can't risk that downtime on my primary line.


Media ecosystem

I've never been a huge music buff - and all things considered, I'm still not - but I listen to music while in my car and while at the gym.  When I mention the ease of use of the iTunes ecosystem and my desire to find something similar for Android or Windows Phone, I'm greeted with an array of cloud music options.  I can appreciate the "send it to the cloud!" trend that's taking off as of late, and it works really well when you have data connectivity.  Not so much when you're in a WiFi-less airplane, in a dead zone (which, much to my chagrin, still exist), or getting close to your tiered monthly data allotment.  All things that still happen to me on a daily basis.  Each alternative also requires too many steps.  Downloading an app, streaming music, moving a song to a playlist, clicking "make available offline."  Too much.

I like owning my music, and I like the synchronization abilities that come with iOS 5 and iTunes 5.  I buy a song on my computer, and it auto-syncs to my iPhone (and vice-versa).  Again, very easy.


I've heard a ton of people say things like "I never used Siri beyond the first few days," or "Siri?  What a gimmick."  Be that as it may, I use it multiple times a day.  I plug my iPhone into the auxiliary jack in my car, and use the iPod to listen to music while driving.  Combine that with the fact that I'm EXTREMELY opposed to texting or doing any gesture input on my phone that requires me to look at it while driving, and you can see how Siri makes for a great companion while on the road.  Without taking my eyes off the road, I can press and hold the home button, say "Play 'International Love,'" and my song loads.

International roaming capabilities

I travel internationally enough that switching out phones has become a hassle, and the lack of global roaming capabilities continue to push me away from using a Verizon 4G LTE Android device as my daily driver.  I used to keep a spare internationally-capable BlackBerry around to handle my globetrotting, but the constant ESN swaps before leaving, changing domestic features, and migrating information back and forth between two phones got old quickly. 

With the Verizon iPhone 4S, I activate international services (calling, text, data) on top of existing domestic features prior to leaving, and outside of toggling between Airplane Mode, I can land in most countries and turn on my phone like I'm in the States.  Pictures, data, music, and more stay in the same place.  One-stop shop.

Battery life

Out of all of the smartphones I've used, battery life continues to shine on the iPhone 4S in comparison to Android and Windows Phone equivalents.  It has taken a hit for sure with iOS 5 and the 4S' dual-core processor, but it still outperforms other smartphones I've worked with this year.  And perhaps more importantly for someone that travels as much as I do: it charges faster than any other device I've ever worked with.  I live off of quick charges while on the road (outlets are surprisingly scarce), and 20 minutes is usually enough to get the job done.

It looks nice

I spend hours each day on mobile devices, so the smoother the fonts and the better the apps look, the happier I am at the end of the day.  Apps aren't a big deal to me (I find that most of the apps I use are mainstream options that are available across the three main platforms); what is a big deal to me is how they look.  And I can't recall looking at an Android app and complimenting its looks in comparison to its iOS and Windows Phone counterparts.

Is it a wonderphone that everyone should carry?  Absolutely not.  Would I recommend it to everyone?  Nope.  I can go off on a tirade of things I don't like about it.  Email management has been especially bugging me lately.  But for today, it's the device that allows me to check off the most number of features on the "things that matter to Aaron Baker" list, so it remains in my pocket.  At least until tomorrow.


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Matt Shipley iOs for consistancy and reliability.
MikePhoneJunkie iOS for reliability. I like that Android is more personable, free, and has many more functions! Follow me on Twitter @MikePhoneJunkie
Christopher Moore Apple allowed Android to eclipse it with ice cream sandwich. Apple is not taking any risk with the software. That's why iOS is boring.
Tyler Wheat Have android at the moment and i dont like how its not consistently working so thats why my iphone is shipping to me right now :)
MrZue Android is better than ios by far
Anonymous both are amazing. i AM an android user but i used to be a ios user and both are amazing but ios has its beneifits with ios5 and it amazing speed
Anonymous See NYTimes technology 12/26/11 – Phonedog is a legal bully
Evan Hardass Wampler android will rule the world............someday!!! ;}
Anonymous iOS is decent, I'm not hatin', but I still prefer Android. Mainly because I can bend it to my will easilly, as opposed to the proprietary Apple bending me to thiers.
Duckit iOS FTW!
Anonymous ios is quality but android is custom
Peter Hofer Blackberry is GAY
Tyler Saddington i prefer bbx!
Dominic DeLaurentis I purchased an HTC Vivid a few weeks ago and after using it, I just cannot understand why anyone would WANT to go back to the iPhone. I have been customizing my phone to my heart's content, adding live wallpapers, different launchers, different messaging clients, and lots of other things. My phone is just as smooth as the iPhone if not smoother.
Bradley Antonio Zeledon f it, they should mix both and rule the world...oh wait thats called a dictatorship. I love both, choice is rocking an iphone right now and i love it...i want an android tablet and will love that too yay to choice
jhaburna i like both... every 2 yrs. i switch phones, and i switch from android to iphone and iphone to android. that way i don't get too tired of them:)
Alex Barnhart Neither , Samsung Rant>everything (; nah I have had both and , it's kinda like the ps3 vs 360 debate. They are both good, just depends on hat you prefer :)
jackwalsho_0 android--- iOS was cool in 2007, but now since there are other BETTER options, android all the way... btw i have an inspire 4g on at&t (desire hd)
Anonymous iOS is good for devices such as iPods, but Android is far superior for phones.
Peter Jang IOS is the best one
Josh Ogden I have iOS but i am open to Android. It actualy looks better in some ways. iTunes is REALLY annoying
Uday Singh Kill anyone who says blackberry. Dude we r talking about good platforms, not about a lame device which i would use when ill be 50. For me , i am using android on my htc desire hd. Its fun. Best thng is the customization. Market sucks a bit in quality. Apple has a better market for sure. So , apple (ios) - 1 Android - 1 Blaclberry - haha
Anonymous Android all the way. Better UI and more friendly for customizing purposes. Its open-sourced,and android DOES NOT GET MAD if you HACK OR ROOT the DEVICE! But its a matter of preference.
Jacob Hobbs Blackberry is better and simple
Norharishan Nordin better do something worthy than playing with the green robot phone. wake up and get shower dude then get a life
Tyler Patterson Y would u waste money on an android ios all day!!!!!
Sol Foster I'm backkkkk! back growing up I was taught to play far, don't get mad if other kids had what u couldn't.. But apparently to Apple it doesn't if other kids had what they want, THEY'LL JUS SUE THE OTHER KIDDS CAUSE GOOGLE, HTC, MOTO & SOME OTHER KIDDS HAVE MORE FRIENDS!! UGH!!! FK IOS..
Ernesto Estrada Android...all day every day!
John Moffett Android tmo g2 next stop a720p screen. True multitasking synchronized address book.
Norharishan Nordin any phone wl get u bored in a few days. apps, podcast, surfing, fluid, branding and bla bla for sure everyone here knows they belong to which OS
Devin Ray Hernandez nexus still sucks
Devin Ray Hernandez android more costimizable its that simple
Jason Ramos Far as the iPhone I used one for a while. Coming from Android I decided to see what the hype was. Yes it has a good "ecosystem" and yes it's easy to use, yes iOS is stable, yes there's more apps bla bla bla but at the end of the end it was so sickening look at the same row of icons on that tiny ass 3.5" screen, dealing with Verizon's slow ass 3G network and seeing every other asshole with one. Apple is too restrictive and you are forced to jailbreak if you want any kind of customization. At least Android gives you more leeway. I ditched my iPhone for a Galaxy Nexus and I couldn't be happier. Ice Cream Sandwich finally gives Android the polish it needed. There's a few kinks that need to be worked out but I'm positve Google will address those issues. Other than that it's a great handset. The problem with Apple now is that they're too comfortable. They figure why should they give their users features like LTE and a larger screen when they know the suckers like Aaron are gonna go out and buy the damn thing anyway. Instead they give you novelty features like Siri that iSheep get tired of after a few days. Please
Jason Ramos Noah's gone. Get over it. Aaron's improved and he connects with more viewers now. If you want, you can see Noah on TechnoBuffalo where you have that idiot Jon Rettinger that is not only annoying but tries too hard and is over the top.
Luis Lopez Noah was the bread and butter of PhoneDog. Everybody knows that.
Facebook user Loving all of these comments!
Leon Walker Android baby!
Facebook user Another lame response from Luis.
Luis Lopez Another lame question from Aaron.
Francesco Vincent Parisi Noeske Android, it's more customizable, IOS sucks, OK it's fluid but if you jailbreak it's comparable to Android, so, don't say Android is laggy!
Scot Milo @danu I have have many different "android" devices and from experience IOS is a lot less fragmented. Don't get me wrong Android is a good platform but google has a long way to go and a lot of things to work on.
Danu Carrión Perales i dont understand how is it that people get so much bugs and force closes on their android phones.. i think its bullshit so they can try and bash on android... ive had a galaxy s device (i9000) for around a year and a half and never run into force close or any bugs at all unless i install a custom rom that is not finished and ive been rooted and in a custmo rom since like march and it has been even better ive managed to get 20 hours of battery life and still hace 50% remaining! on the other hand i have an ipad 2 and the only use i give it is for my college books, nothing else, it just gets boring even apps for gogle music cost money when that service is FREE! oh and how the facebook app never works well and apps close by itself sometimes (facebook, gmusic etc.)... dont bash on android because you dont use it or dont want it anymore, its just fanboysm and makes you look silly
Nic Gruwell wp7 ftw… i will never use android
Scot Milo Down here they sell Android phones at Kroger & gas stations...I think the real question is quality or quantity? If you want 4,000 different phones with 500 different versions of android with 100 different OEM UI's constant app force closes, random shut downs, glitches, and freezes not to mention a market full viruses and malware then you should go for Android. If you want a device that just works then go for the IPhone!
Rick Sievers It is clear here that Android wins.
Justin Cartier Android by far, bigger screens (except iPad) changeable battery, & flash support ( not that it will matter in a few years.) iOS just feels like it is designed for a child.
Drew Page iOS, of course. Android is a confusing mess with ugly apps.
Jacob Grumbles All you guys saying iPhones are faster go look up videos of galaxy nexus vs iPhone 4s and you will see it complete opposite. Oh yeah if you get a true android you won't have any glitches of freezing . In the 15 android phones I've had in the last year and a half the only one I had foreclosing problem and freezing were phones with either touchwiz or sense on them. All my phones with vanilla android worked fine which is why I only buy phones with vanilla android now.
JD Thayn ANDROID!!!!!!
Jawad Moslih Andoid is the best
Walter Perez Have had 2 iPhone models and never had issues with them! glitches or bugs or exchanges for one that works like my android buddies...quality far exceeded free stuff for me...
Rick Sievers All you people that had a slow Android or any other problem with it are idiots for not returning it to get one that works. Every test I did between my Droid X and a friends iphone, the X won.
Paul Alexandru Really phonedog why do you ask these questions?Well anyways i've used Android,symbian and iOS and i prefer iOS because Android and symbian are too slow and i just hate slow downs and laggy experience.Either way it's a preference so....either of these os aren't perfect
Trever Pitts U no what's funny guys in 2009 it was not what android do u have but what blackberry in my college every one had bberry over iphone damn time change but any of u like windows phone
Trever Pitts I heard a lot are saying ios is getting old jon4lakers on youtube went from ios to windows phone 7 even noah who use be on phone went to windows phone I think ios. May be getting old ?
Rob Smith Android. It's how I roll!
Hector E Craig I don't know about you people but I don't like walking in the mall and thinking to my self "Damn what an iPhone fest"
Cy Ferrer Android... :)
Tameem Musab android snm...
Danny Standen Hey I think Android won this little flame war/opinion poll you started. Nice way to get lots of comments which I guess is the point.
Jonese Elnar Android....!
Mustafa Khalil Android beats iOS in every way possible.
Johan Kolken Android
Chris Santiago Guerra Android= Simply Complex iOS= Simply Simple All about preference
Steven Quacoo- Dorby iOS because android freezes to much n has to many glitches.
Jonathan Mallett Android. I have never used an iOS device for more than 10 minutes. They are just too damn expensive over here. The iPhone 4s is $125 per month on a 2 year contract. Total of: $3000.
Duane Gibbons Wp7 is the way to go now
Ross TheBoss Rosetsky Who wants a iPhone android or nothing
Ross TheBoss Rosetsky Androids are so much better then I phone I hate iPhone
Syed Amjad Ali Shah It all depends on once use, needs, and taste. One might like Apple for one reason and Android for other. Businessman have there own needs, likewise Travelers, teens, old people, students...etc etc etc. It all depends on your class, needs and above all "money". They both are not perfect..and have a long way to go for further far, Both As are beauty at there best.
Chayron Martis Windows phone Mango!
Tommy Nguyen Android all the way
Haguy Lerman I Got an Ipad2 and Android as a cellphone; I stick to android because of the free Apps and the freedom of use ! Android all the way
Warren Saunders Android no question, but that's only my preference many people enjoy ios, healthy competition means we all win :)
Chris Northcutt Android! Have an ipod touch if I need to get the best of IOS
Kascym London blackberry
Niels Swimberghe Android, I dont like wannabe smartphones
Naga Appani No Comparison to one (i)Gnorant(OS) aka "Lame"(OS).. Android rules....
Alexx Plotsker android all the way
Suman Sam Halder iOS! :)
Elphas Kasere I'm on android right now, and its gr8, no ios for this boy!!
Aviv Benhamo Android!
Rick Sievers Looks like android is the winner. There has to be about 5X more people voting for android. I always say iphones are for people who can't use a smart phone.
Vic Espinoza Android now. But windows is gaining popularity and now that HTC cant sell android phones in the US in 2012. Maybe WebOS will make a comeback
Arvydas Gr Windows Phone
Nikko Cayetano Android.
Zach Cline iphone is for teenagers
Nathaniel Nichols iPhone 4s all the wayyyy!!! Androids suck and mess up to easy
Jay Massey Android and apple made me the person I am today, a WP7 .5 mango lover!!!!!
Shawn Welch Win for the big A
Syedul Islam The two best OS of the smartphone, I have used them both on multiple handsets and have chosen personal preference to be Iphone. For me it just works! :P
Arthur Mmayie Wow I can't believe all the commotion that has happened because of phones.Though I liked some of the comments though.Lol. Listen a lot of people still don't get it.I don't know why people will call each other faggots because their both using different operating systems.Or say ios is for kids and android is for the poor and the tech losers.Well listen up,it's all about choice and want you want in a phone.Whether retina display or ice cream sandwiche aka android 4.0,at the end of day we all buy the dreaming phones and use them to our consumption. As for me,I love both of them.Also wish RIM will step up their game in todays mobile industry(I know this is off topic but just bare with here) These companies are battling in court and we're here battling on the internet bit we are making them rich.But that is not the point.We should be happy that we are using these great devices that have changed our lives.And pls,just pls stop bitching.But I already know the fight and the cursing will still continue.So sad,just sad.
Nishan Dx De Zoysa Android Freedom ! But love the IOS Smoothness !
Hu Jia Yi Windows Phone is catching up
Ryan Nunes @Chad Richter: hahahaha at least someone else sees it.
Chad Richter @ Miguel and shahid: grow up. Your arguing at each other over a phonedog post? Really?! Miguel you need to stfu and learn. Because your ignorance makes me want to bomb your house.
Asher Enciso Shahid Khan, calm down, you have gone on a crazy spree of spamming. Just let it go, its never worth it
Ed Thamarus I've tried Android on and off for well over a year and I ALWAYS go back to the iPhone. Didn't care that I had disable most if not all options in order to get my battery to last through the day. Yes I'm sure I could've purchased a few extra batteries and an extended battery that could make my phone stick out like a sore thumb not to mention purchase a new case for it. Nah. iPhone for me all the way :)
Miguel Sahagun Android FTW!! Apple is playin catchup
Miguel Sahagun Well not all people play as nice as you. This is just a lesson for you.
James Adelan Cowie Lol this post is only gonna cause trouble
Yasir Sohail Android, i love the fact that I can customize so much and the choices of different phones running Android OS (luv my SGS2) and the drag and drop anything from music to files in my phone no itunes needed and ofcourse the freedom to expand the memory card all that comes in an Android phone.
Shahid Khan @Miguel Sahagun... You could hav criticised my choice, class, watever.. i wouldnt mind one bit as it was banter at dat stage, but you & others looked at my profile name & pict n instantly started throwing racist & religious insults, fr no reason. Dat shocked & dissapointed me, as i didnt expect it. I didnt criticise any1s race, religion, i criticized Android users in a debate
Miguel Sahagun @ryan haha tryin to be the mediator here. You usually try n save the world when your panties get in a bunch??
Zachary Choate Android! but i enjoy WP7 smoothness and simplicity :D
Ryan Nunes @Miguel Sahagun: I'm not trying to be the "hero." This is about phones and your turned it into a something racial. Your so hypocritical it's not even funny. And I don't usually get involved either, but your a total douche bag who needs to be put in his place!!!!
Shahid Khan If i offended any1, im sorry. I guess d American humour is not like d European one, i say these things to Android users all d time here (inc my family & friends) & its gets laughed off. Ps. Atleast i'll know for next time!
Miguel Sahagun @shahid I guess you got what yoy gave didn't you? Lol funny how you can dish out generalizations but can't take em. I'm not offended at all. I'm just teaching a lesson here. Plus I like jokes!
Miguel Sahagun @ryan stop tryin to be the hero here. You sound like a pleading lil sissy who has nothing to do with me n him. Just let it go or ignore it. I don't usually involve myself between two people.
Shahid Khan @Miguel Sahagun whats wrong with you? Youve spoilt this whole debate n taken it onto another topic, this was about phones! Ps: d way your racist to me, i could be so to you judging by your name & skin colour, its not as if your caucasion afterall. U racist coming from you is abit rich. People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones!
Jennifer Urieta I'm sooo over this rivalry. they are both good
Time Lord Android
Jermonn J-Trillion Richardson Ok.....I forgive you Shahid. It ain't like this is paying my phone bill or putting money in my bank account anyway
Ryan Nunes @Miguel Sahagun: Your a real cool guy!!! I want to be just like you when I get older!!! I can't wait to get older and be a racist pile of shit just like you!! I hope your proud of yourself.
Shahid Khan Ok im very sorry if i offended anyone in calling Androud users as 2nd class citizens, dat was only tongue in cheek. Afterall like i said most my familys got Android n i dont see any1 as below me. I was being cheeky, but you guys took it soooo personaly!
Ryan Nunes @Shahid Khan: you were the one getting personal with everyone else. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. Yeah it's a lame saying but its the truth. If your going to sit there and dish it then sit there and take. And yeah I know it's only a phone, but when you sit there and call android users poor, lowlifes, and idiot is sorta degrating. Wow you've owned one android device and it was no good.... Good for you this is why we don't listen to people like you who think they know what they're talking about. It's a debate and people are going have their personal opinions, but when you start calling a group of people names the only real idiot is you!!!
Miguel Sahagun @ryan stfu
Shahid Khan @Ryan Nunes... I did get an Android phone on contract actually, got htc sensation as was convunced by my family. Hated & regretted d choice as was stuck in a 2yr contract, so sold d phone & purchased iphone 4s on pay as you go n put my contract sim in. Was very expensive, but worth it... Had to save up! Theirs no need to get personal u know! Its a phone only!
Ryan Nunes @Miguel Sahagun: dude just shut the hell up!!! No one cares!!! This is a debate between Android and IPhone. Your the only idiot on this whole comment thread turning it into something racial. If you don't have anything to say about the phones move the fuck on and leave it alone.
Miguel Sahagun @shahid you brown turd, I looked over your friends list and it looks like Americas terrorist watch list. LMFAO!!!
Jermonn J-Trillion Richardson Shahid you were criticizing & discriminating on other peoples economic status. And please tell me how I was being racist.....oh yea I wasnt
Matthew Hessler The gmail app has solved my issue with ios email, but having used many Android and Blackberry phones, and loving them for their own reasons, I still always come back to ios.
Jay Massey WP7, and Apple and Android both made this choice for me!
Donald Bogan Why don't you all compare Android to BlackBerry OS 7?
Syed Mujtaba Well, I don't like the idea of walking around with a turd in my pocket so naturally I can't use the I-"phone".
Suzan Thompson Android Samsung epic g s2 is awesome
Miguel Sahagun Shahid likes iphones because they're better bomb detonators
J Daniel González iOS all the way!!! Sent from my iPhone 4!!
Shahid Khan @Miguel Sahagun you fat retard just makes me laugh! Ur thick n you know ut, infact d whole world knows it! Lmao! Ps: you hav no fucking idea even what country im from or what my views are. You typical retard look at my profile pict n name & make assumptions u retard... Trust in retards like you to add 2+2 =5!!!!!
Ryan Nunes @Shahid Khan: your a real piece of work you know that??? You sit there and preach iPhone!!! He about you actually try using an android device before you start running your mouth and calling names. A lot of these people can probably afford iPhone, but when you've been with a carrier such as Verizon, T-mobile, and Sprint who didn't have the iPhone and like T-mobile who still don't have the iPhone android is more than a great option. So you pin headed douche bag why don't you think before you speak.
Miguel Sahagun @shahid, you know how allah made you? He took a long brown stinky turd and called em middle easterners. Lmao!
Sanad Batarseh Apple only releases a feature after it's PERFECT. Don't expect 4g until its as available as 3g...
Aaron Benson Android
Shahid Khan @Jermonn J-Trillion Richardson... Erm not really, just pointing out how thick sum of your kind of people are. Pissing myself laughing actualy at u. Ps. Did i criticize any1s race, religion?... NO! I criticized Android users as in my personal opinion, Apple is sooo much better ... And yes even my family hav androids n i criticize their choice too. It was not being racist or discriminatiry like u, its called a debate!
Miguel Sahagun @shahid you stinky middle eastern brown turd go detonate yourself loser. Do the world a favor!
Herwin Torres Android all the way
Zach Cline Android . I tried the iPhone for a month and it's just not for me
Shahid Khan @George MrRager Vasquez.... Dont comment on things wich you hav No fuckung knowledge on at all u idiot, ur just making yourself look stupid - as always! You stick to wat you do best i.e..... Continue eating your burgers n thinking your sum kinda intellectual by reading garbage tabloids newspapers!
Miguel Sahagun @shahid you lowlife brown stinky middle eastern turd. Your whole family generation should be held in detention for fear of unleashing nuclear holocaust upon the world. Your Allahta Shit you brown piece of turd! Your third world backwards thinking is beneath me lowlife
GladisnFidel Jose Android. I love freedom.
Jermonn J-Trillion Richardson Uh oh someone hit a nerve lol....if you can't take it don't dish it Shahid
Shahid Khan If im a suicide bomber, you must be the women/child killer that goes around bombing innocent women & children from d air... You coward! Thankfully most Americans are nit as thick as you, you wud be dangerous if you had a brain cell.... You retard!
Shahid Khan @Miguel Sahagun.. u are a complete fat idiot, u wouldnt be man enough to say dat to my face you fucking fat coward! So im a middle-eastern terorist fr having a different opinion to you?..... It just shows how much of a thick idiot u are. Ur a thick slave to the media, ur a follower & thats all youll ever be! Your an embarassment to your country, wen people like u talk, d world cringes in embarasment fr u! Fat retard!
Miguel Sahagun Shahid is a brown stinky turd suicide bomber. He's Allahta Shiite!!
Daniel Timmons iOS I would say both but fandroids annoy the hell out of me
Xavier Santino Renteria Android. Ill admit IOS is still smoother but Android has better specs for its phones and customization is awesome :)
Brian Tarango They are almost the same thin I dont get the difference
Nathaniel Hull android haha.....
George Vasquez Shahid, don't you mean you're gonna marry 10 iPhones? You do practice polygamy after all right? Lol
Nathaniel Hull people try n say android is too buggy... ive used the iphone and it glitches and hiccups like any other android out there... iphone is a good device bht its pretty fuckn boring
Ricardo Aguila Cuenca Android but I like ios games... wish android had top.apps...
Nathaniel Hull iphone shouldnt even be compared... its no where near as nice as a high end android... if u say other wise u really dont enjoy a nice fun device.... really really realllyy reallllyyyyy mean that
Luke Hoyt Android can do a bit more and has some some more features but iOS is more polished and easier to get to what you want and is a bit faster I think its a tie it depends who you are ios is better for some android is better for others.
Justin Latham Shahid you seem like your in the minority here and in turn you are the second class citizen...
Zachary Williams Android. I like to be able to customize. Widgets alone are enough to win me over.
Chad Richter I love iOS' stability but I also love android's "free-ness". I've used android for a couple years now and I'm not ashamed to pay for a few things here and there for a truly stable os. The apps are higher quality than their android versions but again. You can get just about any app/song/ringtone free with android so it is a trade off either way. Not sure why people get so angry about this whole "which side is better" debate but it is getting very annoying. Use what works for you. That's about all there is to it. Oh and btw, -sent from my iPhone lulz
Reinaldo Alvarez Maldonado Android users and iphone users are what a wolverine is to a cougar, both hunt the same kind of animals and both are fierce animals but the wolverine is more resourceful. To give an explanation to non technical users.
Desmond Alexander Smith neither. after using both heavily this past year, i found that windows is the total package for smart phone os's
Daniel Barrera Android. I love my freedom of use!!!
Daniel Barrera Android!!!
Perro Rosello I would have said iOS.... but Ice Cream Sandwich made me a believer
Danny Spaide Omg, android 100x's over ios
Christopher Goodwin Android is the better of the two iOS is for the weak minded
Gilbert King IOS . Android takes a lot longer to get used and is buggy at least with gingerbread 2.3. IOS is much more refined and elegant. Apple's walled garden keeps me "safe and secure." :)
Steve Doric Android ftw! IOS is simple, just like the user :)
Ryno Bones Android. Because I'm cheap and proud of it. Yes, I use something that is similar to an iPhone, but I spent a fraction of the money. Then I paid my mortage and made a car payment because I'm an adult and I couldn't care less as long as my device does what I want at little cost to me.
Robert C. Smith ....not to mention, i would also give apple some love, IF THEY BELIEVED IN FLASH!....go 'droid!
Chenou Xiong Haven't read the whole article yet and it is really well written. Fair and understandable. Nice job.
Equaknox Knox Both...Its like my Evo 3d is my wife... And my iphone the mistress...
Kong Yang Yes. Android is superior. ICS FTW!
Howie Eastin IOS all the way
Sergio Mercado apple all the way!! Android too many bugs:(
Miguel Sahagun @shahid you fucking smelly middle eastern terrorist. Don't go using ur ishit to detonate any bombs you lowlife
Shahid Khan I think im gona marry an iphone!!
Robert C. Smith android....almost by default....if iOS wasnt so exclusive to a certain phone by a certain carrier, they would have a chance. among other things, one of the main reasons more ppl will choose wiil choose android (including me), is because more ppl can HAVE an android phone. its like asking the ppl in the state of florida vs asking the ppl in the damn country of canada, what's the better sport? hockey or football....what do you think will get more votes....i dont think iOS cares about winning a popularity saying that, its all about more ppl using your phone vs the other guy...get it together, apple

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