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The third installment of this impromptu series on HTC has me attacking this HTC “breaking the monotony” thing from a different angle. Thankfully, though, HTC has actually spurred this little bit of change in tactics, thanks to their admittance that they will be focusing more on quality, rather than quantity in 2012. I think that’s a great idea, and I fully support that plan. Of course, it won’t matter if HTC can’t break the monotony of their device design, and if HTC’s Sense UI can’t find a way to look different. But, their plan is a good one. So is it time for HTC to develop a new brand or series?

Right now, HTC doesn’t have a series in their line-up of devices, no matter which platform you’re talking about. With both Windows Phone and Android under their belt, you’d think that HTC could muster up the courage to put a stake in a named series. Instead, as they have basically admitted to, they focused more on releasing as many devices as they could into the market and profiting from it. Or, perhaps more accurately, trying to profit from it. But apparently, while some devices out there were a success in some regards, the overarching plan didn’t quite work out and now HTC knows they need to change things up. So, why not follow in the footsteps of other companies?

I could go on and on about how Apple’s made it work, but let’s go ahead and skip the obvious brand for once, okay? Instead, let’s start with Motorola. This is a unique situation, I think. Right off the bat, and to some of the general populace out there, the DROID brand is a Motorola thing. Even if it’s entirely Verizon’s gamble, the Motorola name is tied to it, too. Even more interesting, though, is that HTC has had the privilege of having a couple of their devices marked with the DROID branding, but still Motorola gets the lion’s share of attention. And now, Motorola has their revision of the RAZR series, which they’re obviously going to continue with.

Or, let’s look at the other obvious company out there, Samsung. For a lot of people out there, whether they are an Android fan or not, the Galaxy name (or Samsung Galaxy, maybe) is renowned as being the Android device. The original Samsung Galaxy was a hit, and that was only dropped a pedestal by its successor, the Galaxy S II, which is huge around the world. Obviously a name brand can go a long way, as Motorola and Samsung have shown, and even as Google has displayed over time with their Nexus lineage.

But HTC is without that type of face for their company. They’ve got the Beats Audio Technology to incorporate into phones, and as long as they can move away from the gimmick of it all, I think there’s plenty to capitalize with it. HTC is no slouch in high-end devices, so they have that going for them, obviously. And this isn’t just about creating a truly flagship device, either. Yes, the Galaxy S II is a flagship, but the RAZR isn’t. (Well, its thin profile makes it pretty stand-out, but other than that, it’s just another device), and yet the RAZR is going to be a whole new brand for Motorola (probably), and it will end up working for Motorola in the end.

So with HTC’s new focus on quality over quantity, there’s plenty of room for HTC to make a brand within their own house that people want, and people talk about. This is HTC’s time to shine. No, I don’t mean right now, but in 2012. The manufacturer needs to show that they are all about innovation, as well as bringing to life a brand new marketable name for the company.

Fingers crossed!

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