Back in 2003, Apple introduced the first viable replacement to buying CDs. With the iTunes Store, music lovers around the world were no longer restricted to buying the music they loved one album at a time. Instead, they could purchase a single song, or a group of songs, instead of an entire album, if they wanted; it gave consumers more control over the media they purchased. And those archaic silicon discs? Thanks to iTunes, online media stores of the like and music streaming services, they're quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Since then, Apple has captured the online media market with iTunes and set the standard for how digital media should be done. As Aaron pointed out in his article about why he carries an iPhone 4S, the ecosystem is near flawless and media transfer between all of your iDevices is seamless. "I buy a song on my computer, and it auto-syncs to my iPhone (and vice-versa). Again, very easy," he said. Recent improvements and additions (like iTunes Match) have only made things even more polished and media transfer that much easier.

But that hasn't stopped competitors from trying. Other music stores like Microsoft's Zune Marketplace, Napster, Rhapsody and others have been around for almost as long, but they've never managed to penetrate quite as well as iTunes has – this could be credited to the immensely popular iPhone, iPod and iPad, clear vehicles for the service.

Seeing as Google has the majority of the smartphone market and their operating system is severely lacking in the multimedia department, it was only a matter of time before they, too, dipped their toe into the multimedia pool. Back in May, Google introduced their cloud streaming service, appropriately dubbed Google Music. It seemed kind of random at the time, but we sort of had an idea of where they were going with it, thanks to some leaks. Just last month, they opened music streaming service to everyone and opened their Music store, which can be found within Android Market.

From the time iTunes launched until recently (when I stopped purchasing music regularly and just started streaming), that has been the place that I've gone to purchase all of my music. I don't know the count exactly, but I've bought quite a bit of tunes from Apple's iTunes Store. So the thought of making a jump to yet another service and scattering my music library even more was enough to make a guy cringe.

However, Google's music store has been there for weeks, staring me in the eye every time I open Android Market. And as some of you may recall (and relate), last week, I spent a lot of extra time in Android Market due to the impeccable $0.10 app promotion they had going on. I finally caved and bought a few songs, just to test the waters and see how well-implemented the service was. There were a few Christmas songs that I always enjoy listening to and they were on sale for $0.25, so I thought, "Why not?"

Payment was painless, as it usually is from Android Market. My only complaint is that when you don't purchase an entire album, you cannot select multiple songs to purchase and instead must buy each song individually. So I bought a couple of songs to start ... and before I knew it, I was the proud new owner of a few different Christmas albums and a bunch of random Christmas songs. Trust me, I can barely contain my enthusiasm.

I made my way to the Music app on my phone and unsurprisingly, the new additions were there waiting for me in the "Recent" tab. Purchased songs aren't automatically downloaded to the phone but they are added to my online library, and if I want to download one for offline listening, I can easily do so straight from the Music app.

Again, I don't buy a lot of music – except for when I go on a music shopping spree like I did the other day, of course. I mainly stream and plan to continue streaming via Spotify until the service totally lets me down (read: if any more of my favorite artists disappear from their service). But I've never been a fan of iTunes, nor have I ever liked purchasing music from there. So I've reluctantly been in search of a replacement for some time now, and I think I've finally found one.

Google Music and Google's respective music store, surprisingly, work together seamlessly and I have yet to run into any road bumps. Since I already have all of my music in the cloud with Google and I no longer have to manually sync anything (unless I want to, of course), I plan on buying all of my music – if what I'm looking for is available – from Android Market moving forward.

Do I expect it to rival iTunes and pull users over from iOS? Hardly. But I really enjoy how everything works together and, for me, it is better suited to meet my wants and needs. I don't want all of my music on my phone. And being able to stream anything I purchase from Google on my phone, tablet or PC without ever having to download anything is exactly what I want, especially because none of those devices have excessive storage space (16GB in both the Nexus and Galaxy Tab, and 128GB in my MacBook Air). It's perfect.

Have any of you purchased music from Android Market? Are any of you frequent Google Music streamers? Do you like how the two work together, or would you prefer using iTunes (or an existing service) over Google's?

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"Have you bought any music from the Android Market?"

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C Paul Courtney
C Paul Courtney With $4.99 albums you'd be crazy not to.
Kevin Berry
Kevin Berry I've bought 5 albums and about 7 individual tracks so far.
Keshawn Higgs
Keshawn Higgs cookies,i love cookies
Gabriel Cardenas
Gabriel Cardenas Yes and some music that I buy doesent even let me download to my phone I have to use the stupid google music player...... Not impressed
dratsab No - it's hardly available outside of the US so I buy via iTunes which is available pretty much everywhere...
Prabhath Jay
Prabhath Jay no
Ernesto Estrada
Ernesto Estrada Yes!! I love it!! Easy and quick!!
Loren Hrabak
Loren Hrabak The google music app has some serious playback issues...for steaming and even local content. I've always been impressed with Google services... unfortunately, the music app and service in general looks like an alpha release. SGS2
Baron Crandall
Baron Crandall I buy all my music from there after unsuccessfully trying to get myself to like Zune. I've never liked iTunes.
Michael Streety
Michael Streety Yes
Ben Conover
Ben Conover When I actually PAY for music, I get the old-fashioned hard copy. :)
Jay Wilhelmy
Jay Wilhelmy >buy >music hahahahahahaha
Kris Sabo
Kris Sabo yes, esy convienent i like it
Peter M McDaniel
Peter M McDaniel Oh hell yeah I have. Love the service, and free storage for music in the cloud. Just wish they had more artists, but I'm sure they will come. 80/20 share for indi artists, real ones not ones with record labels, is sweet too.
Kalsey Ba
Kalsey Ba Yes. Took advantage of the 4.99 sale
Daniel Kallini
Daniel Kallini Yep
Aidan Follestad
Aidan Follestad Yes, works way better than Amazon MP3, specially when you stream your music from the Google Music cloud.
Andy Carlson
Andy Carlson Just did for the first time today! Works pretty well.
Jose Be Julme
Jose Be Julme No, stuck with the handouts (free).
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones Some. Mostly Amazon though. OBVIOUSLY never from Apple. Sue everyone for making phones that are the same shape as yours, then directly steal from Android's design.
Stefan Sutter
Stefan Sutter I did not even know this could be done. Maybe it's not available in my country? I prefer to have the music on my computer first, anyway.
Chris Corliss
Chris Corliss Have no plans on paying for music any time soon
Joe Noyola
Joe Noyola Yea 5 albums
Marko Teullet
Marko Teullet Yes
Marquavious Damon Force
Marquavious Damon Force Why buy music just get a downloader app y'all are stupid
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru I have an iDevice
Tyvell Veney
Tyvell Veney Hecks yeah! G music is off the charts!
Gabriel Cash
Gabriel Cash Fuck no!
Zack Enos
Zack Enos Nope.and I never will.piratebay FTW!!
Lamar Sarracino
Lamar Sarracino No good music.
Gerard Cortes
Gerard Cortes Nope
BigChuck Rossetti
BigChuck Rossetti People actually pay for music??
Cole Edmonds
Cole Edmonds Yes
Tony Cruz
Tony Cruz doubleTwist
Paul Vanderbear
Paul Vanderbear Yessir :D
Eric Casanova
Eric Casanova Why buy music when you can just torrent it for free
Victor Perez
Victor Perez Yes! No wait for download I just hate you have to have Google Music and wait for it to stream..
Richard Ameen
Richard Ameen Nope. Tried google music though and the transfer is soo rediculously slow I'd be able to sync 10 iTunes libraries one after the other before music would be able to upload 1/4 of the content
Santos Jaco
Santos Jaco No..have used amazon music
Scott Rager
Scott Rager just purchased 2 more albums today, sick of managing two cloud services with google music and amazon mp3, haven't purchased anything from amazon mp3 since music showed up in the market. have actually repurchased albums i already own also. support your favorite musicians!
Martin Hodgson
Martin Hodgson *Time
Martin Hodgson
Martin Hodgson some timw u aaron?
Kaylee Sill
Kaylee Sill Buying music???
Nain El Fuego Romero
Nain El Fuego Romero Two albums :-) hassle free and no stupid iTunes syncing
Ethan Shrago
Ethan Shrago I buy from Amazon MP3
David McNeill
David McNeill Bandcamp FTW, support musicians not fucking companies.
Giorgi Kvirikashvili James
Giorgi Kvirikashvili James FBI is watching you !!!
Ehsan Ace Wedee
Ehsan Ace Wedee Google and amazon mp3
Ehsan Ace Wedee
Ehsan Ace Wedee Yes
Hubert John Abiera
Hubert John Abiera Nope, got it from Amazon.
George Millhouse
George Millhouse ZUNE? lol
Ben Kramer
Ben Kramer I have! They have a nice sale going on! $4.99 on select albums and $0.49 on select tracks, and don't take "select" to mean few, they have a ton from what I have seen! I personally have used Amazon mp3, iTunes, and no Google Music, and I havn't had any big issues with any of the three music services. I always download and store the music locally so I don't have to worry about streaming from the cloud as well, but the nice thing is, if something would fail I am able to recover through Amazon mp3 cloud or Google music :)
Andrew Hoffman
Andrew Hoffman Nope, because it's not available in Australia
Tim Houp
Tim Houp I forgot about google music, is it still around? lol
Adrian Marius
Adrian Marius Use Zune instead.
Chris Mejia
Chris Mejia Screw itunes I use beatport :D
Dallas Evans
Dallas Evans no, but i'm sure theres an app for that...
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama I bought a track of Google Music.
Nathan Parks
Nathan Parks Not when there's apps in said market that let you download for free.
Joel Rivera
Joel Rivera I have 1 song on my iPhone, I had 700 on my Droid, iTunes Won't Let me sync my other content because it's stupid.
Joe Czo
Joe Czo No
OG Gang
OG Gang Nope ...
Eric Raney
Eric Raney Yep and a lot better then iTunes.
Michael Heiser
Michael Heiser No I synced my personal music to my HTC Incredible2.... free music with no adware or spyware~~~~~ I will NOT spend money on NO ANDROID APP!!! Free or nothing~~~~~~~~~~ I pay enough to Verizon every month now~~~~~~~~~~~
Max Haghighi
Max Haghighi I just bought my first music from Google and it was easy and hassle free.
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez yes i have
Ryan Etzel
Ryan Etzel I have bought music from iTunes and I'll keep it that way.
Jonathan Benitez
Jonathan Benitez Yes!
John McLaughlin
John McLaughlin itunes ftw
Baldus Maximus
Baldus Maximus i have never spent money on an app
Isaiah Perez
Isaiah Perez who buys music?
John McLaughlin
John McLaughlin no

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