Republic Wireless alters its policy, will offer truly unlimited service

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 22, 2011

Republic Wireless

When Republic Wireless launched last month, the company set out to differentiate itself from the other operators in the mobile space by offering a $19 per month plan that provided unlimited talk, text and web over Wi-Fi, but metered usage while on Sprint's cellular network. Republic said that customers that used a cellular connection too heavily (based on a Cellular Usage Index), he or she would need to switch to a more traditional carrier. However, after listening to customer feedback on its fair use policy, Republic has decided to drop it completely and offer truly unlimited service with no risk of losing connectivity. Pricing for Republic's service will remain at $19 per month.

Republic garnered quite a bit of attention when it launched last month thanks to its promise of unlimited usage for just $19 per month, but the company also caught a bit of flak from users that felt that the whole "unlimited" message was a tad misleading since usage was only unlimited when it was over a Wi-Fi connection. The fact that Republic listened to this feedback and altered its policy is, well, pretty cool. Now that the company's service is truly unlimited, it's got the potential to appeal to folks that may not always be around a Wi-Fi hotspot. (Sounds strange, I know, but Wi-Fi's not totally ubiquitous just yet.) It's also worth noting that the only device offered by Republic is still the LG Optimus, but more devices are said to be coming. So what do you all make of this news? Any of you think that you'd like to join Republic once it opens up to more users?

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