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Some Samsung Galaxy S owners may have been a little confused and upset about the fact that their device was missing from Samsung's Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade list, but today the company has tried to explain the situation in a Samsung Tomorrow blog post. According to Samsung, neither the Galaxy S nor the 7-inch Galaxy Tab will be getting a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich because such an update requires a device meet certain hardware specifications (like a certain amount of RAM and ROM) to run Android 4.0 alongside Samsung's TouchWiz customizations, and those two products just don't have what it takes. The company goes on to explain that unlike a handset like the Nexus S, which features similar specs to the Galaxy S, the aforementioned Galaxy devices must run TouchWiz as well as manufacturer and carrier-specific features on top of plain ol' Android.

Samsung's explanation is definitely a bummer for all of the folks toting around a Galaxy S or Galaxy Tab, but it doesn't come as a huge surprise. After all, when you consider how quickly the mobile world moves, both devices are starting to get a little long in the tooth. The good news is that Android's got a pretty strong hacking community, so even if Samsung doesn't decide to pull an HTC and change its mind here, Galaxy S and Tab owners can still hope for an unofficial ICS update.

Via The Verge, Samsung Tomorrow

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"Are you upset about the Galaxy S series NOT getting Ice Cream Sandwich?"

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Detrick Douglas Why? The devices came out in 2010. Its now 2012. You guys DONT EVEN HAVE GINGERBREAD and you expect them to skip that and go to ICS? YOU should be able to upgrade this year. and if you bought a galaxy S in 2011 then shame on you. There were better phones on the market. just my honest opinion. Its all about making dough.
Cory Wilson I think the reason why is that galaxy s3 coming out
Kris Sabo When are people going to learn from Samsung'spay they always do this to customer's
Kris Sabo Not really bit then I do not own one,one of the few I do not own
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas I don't care because Android sucks,Windows rules
??? Hell yeah! People forget about some hot smartphone on the market before!
Kevin Berry My Vibrant already has it!
Robert Skeen Don't care! I've got the G Nex!
Anthony Takumi why is everyone pissed about this 0.o they just updated the phone to android 2.3 like last month and that fixed what ever issues the phone had. how about instead of bitching about updating an outdated phone you help the economy and buy a new device that has ICS lolz
Adam Khana Charsi doesn't matter, already have smooth stock ICS on my galaxy s thanks to xda. my sgs really shines without touchwiz.
James Adelan Cowie Lol sucked in. Samsung phones have always sucked
DAvid RC After 3.5 years on the market, it seems ANDROID STILL DOESN"T get it! Google NEEDS to release ALL updates over air to ALL users , instead of relying on carriers to release vital Android OS updates which have proven to take anywhere from 4-18 months depending on carrier or device. Simply isn't practical the way Google currently has these contracts in place with the carriers which only cripple the end users ( the consumers) APPLE definitely has this part done correctly!
Sergio Rubio Big reason why I quit using Samsung. Tw and their support sucks
Jeff Hammond Everyone acts like this is a surprise. Have you been living under a rock? You should probably buy an iPhone and leave us alone:)
Isaac Solomon Lawson This is why contracts on devices should not be two years, w/in a year the product is not supported.
Erick Rodriguez Hope xda comes out with a working stable ics port that is not beta.then i will flash it.i still love my captivate.
Stephen E. Ribble who gives a crap
Jose Jealousonestillenvy Reyes Yess im upset just left metro PCs & got Tmobile galaxy S to find out that it wont get the update,DAMN FUCKN RITE IM UPSET THAT SHIT CORNY.
Ron Bragg Not really.
William Smith Been looking at all the new phones out there and can safely say my thunderbolt works as good as them. I was thinking about getting a new one but they are all the same! Hopefully quad core will bring more!
Bryon Carlin Nope but I hope my epic 4g touch gets 4.0 soon
Marti Ruiz I already forgot my galaxys s vibrant , cuz i get the galaxy s2 °D
Chuk Anyanetu I have a SG. And no, I didn't expect my phone to be supported, but it came out just a year ago right? Crazy. I'm looking into the GS3
Sebastian Gomes Nope, because I don't have one lol
Eduardo Ordaz No. I will soon be getting a phone that will have it. Galaxy s3.
Michael Singer There's always CM9 for this problem...
Joe Zazueta Thats bullshit.. I just bought a galaxy s2
Joe Dyson Fuck it they should upgrade anyways especially with the Nexus out
Mike Grace Any of you who are upset need to learn... Samsung does not support their shit longterm. Herp derp
Michael Horn This is one of the main reasons I'll never own a android phone at least on ios devices all devices get the update when it's out and they don't quit updating a device unless it really can't handle the update but in this case the galaxy s can handle the update they are just too lazy to have it support it cause they keep shitting android phones
Tony Abiama Psssh no, its old... Let it die.
Christopher Wesley Nope. I upgrade twice a year and will be waiting on a update for my galaxy s II on sprint. And if not, oh well.
Ivan Aleman Is my infuse consider galaxy s
Justin M. Houston A lot of Galaxy S owners are probably due for a phone upgrade sometime in the near future anyways
Robert Hoellering Not really sounds like something samsung would do.
Larry Deshields Who cares about Galaxy S Devices Lol . The Galaxy S II Devices Are What Its All About . (Owner Of T-Mobile Galaxy S II)
Paul Martin Touch wizzed on!
Carlos Quinones And this kind of inconsistency with updates in android is what makes it suck sometimes. I mean, if nexus s is getting it, I think any other single core device with similar specs or higher should get it too. Which includes galaxy s and many others. All android Phones should get these updates. You shouldn't have to root to get the latest and greatest, but it seems your obligated to if you want newer versions of the OS.
Robert Salender May I throw in Esteban Contreras into the fray? Why dis Samsung? >_>
Sulaiman Naveed John yupp vv angry
Dennis Petrospour No those are old
Jeremy Gillett not suprised. started with 2.1 and u normally get 2 updates and that's it. besides the galaxy s 2/ galaxy tab 10.1 are huge successes anyways
Issac Clerence Denzil wat about galaxy s2?
Mark Belkowski I think the dinc2, tbolt & droid charge should get it too.
Christian Galvis Wow, what if you don't care to use Samsung's TouchWiz? Well, I gave up on samsung way back with the Omnia... lol...
Glenn Rubio Urrea The Galaxy S must be lactose intolerant like me. Isn't my Nexus S considered a Galaxy S phone? Why can't they just send an update to remove TouchWiz? Then ICS wouldn't be a problem.
Brett Day Galaxy S Sucked anyway
Jesse Snider I'll be more upset if HTC doesn't give it to Droid Incredible 2
Dalton Aeschlimann Well if I got root, my galaxy s device will have Ice Cream Sandwich eventually
Scott Piercy As a Vibrant owner I'm not terribly upset. I'm currently running ICS 4.0.3 and it's a pretty stable build. Hardware acceleration, hardware composition, gps, bluetooth, wifi, etc... everything pretty much works. What doesn't work is E911. And this is a persistent problem with the Vibrant and the crazy ass way Samsung wrote the RIL for this Galaxy S phones screwaliciously different radio (compared to the other S series phones). If Samsung were to release source for this phone's radio interface framework, the open source community could fix the last of the niggling issues with it, and release ICS 100% functional without Samsung having to support anything. Sounds like a win/win for Samsung. If only they had the balls to do it.
James Kendrick Not surprised. Its Samsung. They never do decent updates for anything. Their phones may be great, but their follow up customer support sucks.
Nick Kathrein This explains it all. http://www.zdnet.com/blog/mobile-news/android-40-updates-it-is-all-about-the-money/6191
Kenneth Torres Just as long as the Samsung skyrocket gets ics then ill be happy
Kyle Mezrahi @Tobias Quispe Good choice! I want a nokia wp7.5 too!
Brandon Bucem Morris ill never buy an android device. windows phone FTW!!!
David Ruppel no i dont want ics to be on the new device yet... they need to slow down the production of these OSs cause they are just over flooding the market with "new" and there really isnt much 'new' about them
Jeremy Pfeiffer yea its wrong ... always have to get a new phone to get new things ...cant they make a phone thats going to be able to handle it down the road
Saad Khan I am not only upset but surprised as well,coz when Sony Ericsson has announced that they will update their Xperia line(all of them are single-core devices),then wtf happened to Samsung,thank God that i no more relied on Samsung and bought RAZR Xt910 7 days before,but after this news,i promise i would never go for Samsung again in my lifetime,coz first i thought only Samsung's build quality sucks but now i can safely say that their customer support sucks too!!!!
Alfred Nel So why don't they make it as good as it can (could) be????
Jacob Grumbles Not surprised at all. They don't even have gingerbread. If I remember right my vibrant didn't get 2.2 until 2.3 was out for like 6months.
Bill Thomas I don't care because android sucks
Tobias Quispe it's my last samsung phone (product? i'm not sure). Perhaps i'll buy a Nokia windows phone
Julius Sepeda It doesn't have NFC, so it wouldn't be able to FULLY take advantage of the newest OS anyways. & not surprised at all, but I do love my white TMOBILE SGS2!!!
David Harness Not really, I'd never buy a Galaxy S device
August Griggs wow they've got to be kidding. like their really fooling anyone
Gordon Christie Nope gotta an s2 (inert evil laugh here)
Bojan Gutic It's alright, the Dev community will release a better build than Samsung ever could have.
Jeremy Abad Naw. I'm on the (Verizon) Galaxy Nexus. My Galaxy Vibrant is a paper weight now.
Glenn Alexander Child I'm running ICS too...
Andrew Montgomery-Fox Get it unofficial! I can run it on my bloody galaxy mini! So SGS owners should have no problem!
Josh Dodge I'm running ICS on my SGS right now.
Amr Khaled yes i am upset
Prabhath Jay cynmod baby
Hansel Starley Upset? yes Surprised? Not.
Lamar Battle No not at all I might if I had one
Duvall Mariano Not surprised not one bit

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