You know how you should be able to tell that I am still rooting for the underdog? Why, after everything that has happened and the fact that I’m not going to see the launch of a new BlackBerry device until the end of 2012 sometime, I’m still hoping beyond any kind of reasonable amount of hope that something turns around for Research In Motion? Because I’m tossing out ideas, options. I have asked if a certain feature on a “new” device was the final nail in RIM’s coffin, and I could very well ask that same question again with the recent news that has been popping up, but I won’t. Because, for one, I just refuse to think it is. And, perhaps most importantly, there are still options.

We know that the Waterloo-based company that has made BlackBerry a household name still has ideas to make the company stay afloat. But, in today’s ever-changing market just staying afloat may not be good enough anymore. RIM needs something to actually wow the audience out there, to bring back not only the customers out there who have ditched the BlackBerry logo for something else entirely, but also the enterprise market. RIM is seemingly losing everything: its customer base. But not all hope is lost, even if the picture is painted quite dire at this point. RIM has the potential to turn it around, but they need to stop living in a vacuum.

There’s no doubt that manufacturers out there, from RIM to Samsung to HTC, all have a certain way of looking at things. It has never been more evident in the emergence of custom and proprietary user interfaces. There’s just an inherent way that these executives think you want, or should, use your phone. That’s all well and good, and it leads to diversity. TouchWiz UI doesn’t necessarily look or act like Sense UI, and that’s fantastic. And while BlackBerry’s have their own unique look and feel, it isn’t the hardware that is driving people away. So RIM needs a change, and obviously the people that are making the software decisions within the company right now just aren’t cutting it.

They need to start thinking about of the box. And while licensing out the BlackBerry OS may be one strategy, there are plenty of others to look at. Taylor had a great idea: incorporate Android into the fold and start making some “DroidBerry” devices. People want that. But, you know what else people want, which so happens to be heading to the open source world? webOS.

Yes, that’s right, you read that correctly. Up until recently even talking about this was way more of a pipe dream than anything else. Actually, it probably still is, basing the fact that we’re talking about RIM upper-management here. But! That shouldn’t stop us, the people who would love to see a BlackBerry-branded piece of hardware with the webOS software under the hood, from speaking out and making our desires heard, right?

Because there has to be a point where the management at RIM comes out of their shell long enough to actually see and hear what is being said about their company. And I’m not talking about the analysts or pundits, or even the journalists. I’m talking about you, the reader. The fans who don’t want to see BlackBerry die, or even the people who don’t necessarily care about that, but just want the amazing hardware running another piece of software. There are still options out there, and no one should ever say there isn’t. (I’m not really sure there are a lot of people out there saying there aren’t many options, but I know of a few.)

RIM may be running out of time because they aren’t Microsoft; RIM doesn’t have all the time in the world to make decisions. If you’ve ever used a BlackBerry device, then you know the hardware is right where it needs to be. And if you’ve ever used webOS, then you are more than likely saddened by the fact it won’t be seeing the light of day on new smartphone designs anytime soon. So this is where RIM should swoop in, negotiate something with HP, and start pushing out webOS-based BlackBerry devices.

Make 2012 count for something more than just more negative talk about your demise, RIM. Think outside of the box. Embrace the technology and software that has evolved in our world today, instead of shunning it and just hoping that “it will all work out.” Go after what you want, by any means necessary.

Make it happen.

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"Should RIM use webOS?"

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Aaron Latham YES!!!!
Jaahfir Acey Never never never NEVER
Tom Parker I can't believe you bastards are suing Noah.
Majed Aljarman I'm actually typing this on my BOLD 9900, and No they should not use WebOS, I like OS7 on my phone but I won't no other OS on it except BBX or OS10 :S, so it would be a bad move for them, they should have one os ----» BBX for all their devices tablets and phones, just like IOS.
Smartx MU situation is dire for rim, they cant wait for bbx any longer, they need to adopt any os be it webos, android or wp. bbx may be a killer os, but it takes a long time to develop an os...
Daniel Quintero Show me another mobile os that can multitask better than webos? There is none. All y'all got against it is lack of apps. Quality over quantity peeps
Matt Polkiewicz I don't think so. That would be retarded. .
James Adelan Cowie This is a joke right ?
James Adelan Cowie Most defiantly not lol
Brian Kelly Hellz to the yesss
Tim Miyashiro As a Blackberry owner and fan, I don't think so. I like BBOS the way it is.
Phillip Ith RIM should just be obsolete
Loren Hrabak I don't think Rim has enough time to effectively execute such a huge transition. Lets just hope their new blackberry OS is actually a huge step forward.... if you ask me, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis need to go.
Jeremy Stewart I gave rim too many chances I just bought a playbook for my preteen daughter and the damn thing wouldn't connect to wifi I am totally done with crap berry for good
Eric Rogers They should hurry up with qnx or bbx, whatever it's called. Or totally redevelop it the way windows did.
Frank Zambrano No rim should hire me and ill give the world a new os
John Appleseed Android (2.3) should have the multitasking of webos. ICS is fine
Anthony Dunlap Why would they buy it if its open source?
Rizal Man Windows phone OS would be the best choice
Chad Richter I think rim should quickly put together a good spec'd webos phone because that os truly is amazing and also keep working on the bb10 handsets. If they come out with nothing for the next year, that's it for them. So much happens in mobile tech each week that a year is far too long to wait for any mobile device
Sairus Soliman No , Web OS is so dead long time ago . BB OS is already very powerful and way much better than the web OS . However it will be really a great idea if RIM could come up with a hybrid OS like the Android . .. And I think BBX blackberry ( blackberry 10 ) is very promising ..
William Smith It wood be a great adit
Kyle Mezrahi If blackberry switches OSes, it should be windows phone.
Josh Pieters Someone needs to.
Andrew Qi Wen RIM is owned by poor investors. They can't afford the salaries of great UX teams that Apple has been developing for over 10 years.
PatrickandJenni Miles I'd totally buy a HPberry, or Blackpalm, or just a Blackberry with WebOS.
Stephen Crighton Who's cares its Christmas today,take a break dude
Hansel Starley Nobody should use deadOS
Malik Ammad They should use Android 4.0 powered messengers... Ooooo...
John Carl yes they should
Ricky Amaro No, RIM is like Apples iPhone, they have an amazing software with loyal customers. Android is so popular because of mass advertisement and the availability on so many handsets. I think, like all other mobile softwares, RIM should adopt certain aspects of WebOS but not completely transform into WebOS (the software).
Robert Waterhouse I think they should. It needs to be developed further. My wife has a Palm Pixi Plus and it is a nice OS, it just needs someone to work with it.
Arvydas Gr They should use WP7
Joel Diaz @ Cory, Web OS is not a dying OS
Joel Diaz It would be a huge improvement
Daniel Quintero Webos pwns all
Cory Wood No, no, and hell no! Why would a dying device want a dying OS!
Yan Zhenghao RIM should die, really bad management there.
Kyle James Sherman I think Nokia should take webOS.
Zach Cline So blackberry can suck more?
Rc Cavin hell no i would be pissed!!!!!!
Taylor Lodridge Yes I love webOS it need updating terribly
Rickyo ODaniell Just die why don't ya!
Reinis Jansons No. They need to stay on OS what they use now
Robert Centennial They should use something that works.
Gerardo Castillo No And NEVER!!
Ahmad Sachoo No, they should partner wid Android :D
Brian Edwards No. I stand by my previous opinion of modularizing the BES/BIS services for all major smartphone OS. IOS,Android, WP7 ect.
David Baldon YES YES YES YES!!!!!

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