ASUS undeterred by Hasbro lawsuit, says Transformer Prime production not likely to be affected

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 26, 2011

ASUS Transformer Prime

Hasbro may have hit ASUS with a lawsuit over the name of its new Transformer Prime Android tablet, but that hasn't stopped the computer manufacturer from continuing to crank the devices out. An ASUS spokesperson speaking with Focus Taiwan has said that, after examining Hasbro's claim, it believes that there are "no patent infringement issues" with the Transformer Prime name and that the toymaker's lawsuit is "unlikely to affect production." The suit began earlier this month when Hasbro sued ASUS over the name of the Transformer Prime tablet, citing several trademarks related to the Transformers brand, including one for a TV series named "Transformers Prime."

The fact that Hasbro has gone after ASUS over the "Transformer Prime" name isn't much of a shock since it combines arguably the most popular franchise about robots in disguise (though Gobots fans may have something to say about that) with one of the most well-known characters from said franchise. Of course, considering that the TPrime is one of the most hotly-anticipated Android tablets in recent memory, it's also not surprising to hear that ASUS plans to continue producing the device for the time being. It's tough to predict exactly what's going to happen in this suit, but I'd be willing to bet that ASUS will do whatever it takes to keep its quad-core wonder from facing a ban. We'll keep an eye on the case as it continues to grow and let you know of any new developments.

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