There's a reason you come to this site, and it's not just because of the hair and strikingly good looks.  It's because of phones!  Android, iOS, Windows Phone…Apple, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung.  It has been a busy year in the mobile space, and as such, there are a bunch of devices to choose from (not to mention the hundreds of Android choices to choose from). 

Now that the holidays are over, which OS are you spending some time with?  What mobile OS did Santa leave under the tree?  Cast your vote below, and hit the comments section with your thoughts!

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"Which mobile OS are you rocking after the holidays?"

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Sequoyah Mc M I am running blackberry os. I i have an android, but my carrier virgin mobile doesnt have that wide of a form factor selection, so its up to the good ol blackberry keyboard
Duckit I am running iOS.
KingTreon Unfortunately none.
Lily Maua still android!
Kirk Ngo android forever
Aaron Latham Stuck with android 2.3.4 on my Atrix 4G
Courtney HighlyBlessed will prob b ios on AT&T because vzw's 4GLTE netwrk has ruined my droid exp on my DROID bionic.
Anonymous love android love ios
Jack Walsh Android! (on my handy dandy inspire 4g)
Sulaiman Naveed John wp7 mango. android
Dee Banks HTC Rezound!!!!!!!
Luis Lopez Stopped using HTC Sense because it doesn't make any sense.
Bob Slastik That thing we call windows phone 7
Shawn Sedha iOS and htc sense!!!
Robert Smith ICE CREAM SAMMICH!!!!!
Zach Cline HTC sense doesn't suck but custom roms do.
Mike Infinger Android & WP7
Christina Kirsopp Chikuni Android on Motorola Razor!
Gary Bowling Cynogen 7 based on Android OS 2.3.7 on my HTC Sensation (Senseless) because Sense Sucks!
Peter Haack ICS 4.0.2, Galaxy Nexus...my preciousssssssssssssss
Justin Edwards Android HTC sense
Mike Leverton Android ... Samsung Galaxy s2
Osama Belaama Android 2.3.4, on the Motorola Photon 4G hope it gets ICS Update :)
Patrick Matteson Android ICS
Philip Weißner Windows Phone 7.5
Sarri Alsunna <3 Android <3
Joe Gates Noah Kravitz OS.
Samuel Claudio Android.
Alan Moore Wife got an iPhone 4S the day they came out (she preordered, it got here the day of release). So I've been rocking her old Blackberry Curve since then. For Christmas, she got me a BB Playbook tablet. So I think I'll be sticking with Blackberry OS for awhile. Only complaint thus far are the painfully slow bootup times on the Curve. Then again it's been dropped and dunked and abused so much in the past 2 years it's a wonder it works at all. So I'll tolerate it since it's WAY better than the prepaid crap I had before.
Braulio Bunay iOS !!!!!
Jose Calderon iOS but mIssing my Android tons.......
GladisnFidel Jose Android!!!
Chris Schweitzer iOS, you know it!
Max Chesley Ice cream sandwich
Sam Bahhur Galaxy nexus
Arthur Mmayie I'm going to try out ios.Even though I've tried it out before.Bit this time I'm finally going to stick to it.Plus I'm still sticking Android.Can't leave that out.
Anthony Torres Ortiz IOS 5.0.1!!!!!
Christopher Sullins AndrOid and iOs 5. Like them both. Best of both worlds.
Scott ODoherty WebOS 1.4.5 :(
Steven Quintal Do a Verizon nexus and iPhone 4S dogfight!
Jon Jerico Calanio Galaxy S II, CyanogenMod 7.2 RC0. This thing flies.
Tanner Schmitz iOS 5.0.1 (: I've had android. Apples OS wins hand down. Like being able to use my phone more than 8hours...
Harry Kim Ios, android have no app
Eric Casanova Cm9 nightly
French Twist Android, baby"
Yasir Sohail Galaxy Nexus as of now so Android 4.0. But my iPhone 4S is still in possession.
Joseph Wilson ANDROID!!!
Andrew Hoffman Android, reluctantly on a HTC Sensation XE. Would much rather a HTC Mozart with WP7 though :)
Jennifer Urieta droid + i pad ..
Marcus Cadwell HTC Rezound
Keenan Ochoa GALAXY NEXUS ANDROID 4.0! Because I refuse to settle for less and be Crapple's B!tch lol!
Amar Dhingra Android 2.3.5 on my DROID RAZR
Benjamin Handel My Droid X2 with Android 2.3 is coming in the mail tomorrow. Just hoping it gets ICS.
Tim Killian Android!
Joel Diaz android 2.3 with GoLauncher. only the best for my pocket, nahm sayin?
Ken Rowe The same fantastic phone on the same bullshit network. Windows Phone HTC Arrive.
BigFrank Galletti Android 2.3 Atrix2
Jeremy Abad Android 4.0.2
Rex Litwiller android........reluctantly
Mauka Side Moto Bionic
David Hilgendorf Galaxy Nexus 4.0.2
David Hilgendorf Android 4 Life!!!!
Trevor Trey Basikolo its all about droid all the way even hear in the UK
Juwanza Thomas Been on Android since the OG Droid and I've loved every minute of it!
David Harness iOS but I want Android 4.0. Any other version of Android is terrible in my opinion but that is nice. The Galaxy Nexus or a better stock 4.0 device should come too AT&T
Marcos O. Vasquez Samsung galaxy S II beastmod II V4.0.
Jose Be Julme Android always.
Marco Raymond Windows phone 7.5!!
Marc Enright @rich hernandez, why highjack this post to voice your opinion? There is a time and place and this was not the moment, Do you even know Noah? I thought not. Besides you did not even make a valid contribution.
Clive Anderson Burton Excuse my ignorance but what did noah do against phonedog?
John Zanatta Mango on my Dell Venue Pro. My second WP7 device.
Pao de Guia from android last year. to mango.
Russ Hemsath Android!
Marc Enright Mango and iOS 5 for iPad, Mango is my favourite
Tariqul Iblis Windows Phone (HTC HD7) and Ice Cream Sandwich (Google Nexus S).
Antonio Miller Android 2.3.5 w/ Sense 3.5 on MyTouch 4G
Rob Raphael kindle fire ... if i could just install two or three of my favorite apps ...
Tony Esposito Nexus prime baby!
C Bryan Thomas Android Gingerbread on an Amaze 4Gand IOS5 on an IPad.
Arturo Cifuentes Android for ever
Joe Zazueta Android of course is there anything else worth running.. *Galaxy S2*
Ivan Aleman Android samsung infuse
Facebook user @Rich H: Before you pass judgement we'd hope that you and all of our followers wait to hear our side of the story. We've been trying to take the high road to not publicly discuss the case, but Noah and his actions will force us to become more vocal. The entire PhoneDog staff works very hard to grow the PhoneDog audience, and we appreciate all of you. This case has nothing to do about greed/money, its all about one individual betraying the company and all of the good people working towards its success.
Mondi Bici Android all the wa
Toya Briggs Android all day baby.......
Bryan Rodriguez I'm still rockin a nokia green screen. Damn I love the game Snakes
Abdiel Fernandez Switched to android almost two years ago and never looking back... Android FTW!! :D
Jaime Espinoza Been using android since the G1, and ia.going to stay that way.
Mark Belkowski Android as always.
Hansel Starley Windows Phone, though it's dissapointing me more and more.
Jomar Lee Streeter Ios bring it up, Android Rock it!
Eduardo Ordaz Android 2.3 of course and soon to be ICS. Android is waaay more cool. Android 4 ever!
Creighton McCain Will be rocking windowsphone7 mango again. Once I get my hands on the Nokia Lumia 710. Wp for the win! I dont follow the crowd on this & others are missing out on mango goodness!
Tim Davis Ice cream sammich
Ahmad Sachoo Android 4.0 ICS on Galaxy Nexus :D
Joseph Alan Richardson Went from Blackberry to Android. I love it!
Eriq Blaque green robot
Aaron Couts my droid 3 with the ICS paint job
Eric Tse Still on my N1 with ICS, still working like a champ
Dylan Thomas Android
Warren Saunders Gingerbread on the EVO 3D
Ariel Alvarez 2.3.yo mamma house
Jannina Marie Android!
Nicolas Flores Android Gingerbread
Leroy Langston Ice Cream Sandwich...
Harsh Acharya Android ! looking at the count it seems like iOS users don't follow phonedog :)
Sharang Karve None, but this holiday season was more about WP7.5
Jordan Brown Still iOS.
Marti Ruiz gingerbread 2.3.6
Michael Pitts Miui 1.12.23 EVO 3D
Lex Geeky ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Mallayev No shit android rocka
Marti Ruiz androide
Daniel Coelho Osx lion
Cameron Walton Android 2.3
Philip J. Smith Nokia / Symbian "Belle"
Lorne Shaggy Sloan Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Sensation 4G
Frank Zambrano Vertu broke ass fools
Tremaine Fowler Still rolling Blackberry.... App unimportant... Only need universal Inbox and light web browsing
Jasper Johnson ANDROIDDDD!!!!!!! The OS that really rocks
Aj Green Wife iOS, me android!
Thomas McAllister-Devlin android [sadly] :(
Certified Green Android 4 life!!!
Edwin Cruz Android 2.3.5 / Sense 3.5 on my Sensation, iOS 5.0.1 on my iPhone 4S, and WP7 Mango (7740) on my HD2.
Rich Hernandez I liked your page to comment how how GREEDY and PATHETIC you guys are for suing Noah over something as STUPID as Twitter! Are you serious?! how low and embarrassing can one company be?! your making yourselves look like FOOLS. if you think your companies survival relies on Noah's followers then you guys are a sad bunch. besides, theres much better phone review sites out there. this might be the last straw considering frivolous law-suits are ruining this country. i never thought a company as SMART as you guys could be so STUPID..
Mark Bodah Android Froyo. :D
Gavin Feist Obviously android.
Erick Rozales Android -_-
Nicholas Green gingerbread soon to be ics ( htc Rezound )
David Daniel Schwartz Nexus S 4.0.3 :D
Tim Smith Same as I was before it. Windows Phone 7.
Egil Pettersen iOS is still the best mobile-operatingsystem
Jaesun Jeong HTC Amazeeeeeeee
Samy Ammal IOS bitches
Cezzar Micu Android! Everything else is either boring or lacking :D Torrent on android alone is already a huge leap ahead of the competition
Joel Rivera I had an IPhone 4 this morning, thank you Craigslist
Alex Castillo ANDROID 4.2
Jeremey Brown ANDROID FOREVER!!!
Mark Mann The only os of course Android
Ariel Danielle The new Apple OS. Selling soon.
Jaydon Steele Gingerbread AND bbos 5!
Sam Cass Kind of Android.. Kindle Fire
Teejay Crooks tired of symbian i think android
Evanaul Ali Android, better than ios
David Montes Galaxy SII so... android xD
Derick Williams Android all the way!
Kevin Young The Android Standard right now....Gingerbread.
Edward Suarez You should do samsung stratosphere vs htc thunderbolt.
Joel Rivera Android, HTC Sensation 4G

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