Andy Rubin: Android activations reached 3.7 million over Christmas weekend

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Andy Rubin's not a heavy Twitter user, but when he does decide to dust off his account and take to the social network, you know he's got an interesting Android stat to share. That was the case again today, when Rubin used his @arubin Twitter account to announce that there were a total of 3.7 million Android devices activated over December 24th and 25th.

The fact that Android had a pretty good Christmas is echoed by a report from Flurry Analytics, which claims that there were a total of 6.8 million Android and iOS devices activated on Christmas Day, a figure that's 3.5 times the over the average for the first 20 days of the month. Additionally, Flurry reports that iOS and Android app downloads reached 242 million on the 25th.

Sounds like both Apple and Google's platforms had a pretty good holiday, no? It seems as though smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming a hot gift to give, so it's not a total surprise to hear this news, but it's still pretty impressive to see when put into numbers. How many of you got a shiny new Android or iOS device over the holidays?

Via The Verge, Flurry Analytics, @arubin