Leaked Windows Phone roadmap tips Tango for Q2 2012 arrival, Apollo in Q4

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 28, 2011

Windows Phone Tango Apollo roadmap

If you're a Windows Phone that's wondering when your next update is coming now that you've gotten a taste of Mango, a newly-leaked roadmap may just have the answer. Sent over to WMPoweruser, the schedule shows that the Windows Phone Tango update is scheduled to arrive in Q2 2012 and is meant to help bring "products with the best prices" to market. Meanwhile, the Apollo update that we've been hearing about for some time now will reportedly be released in Q4 2012. Apollo is described as having a "business" focus and could bring with it "competitive superphones." 

It's worth noting that this roadmap is said to be up to date as of October 2011, so it's possible that the schedule may have changed in the months since then. We've yet to hear anything official on Apollo from the folks at Microsoft, but a Nokia executive mentioned at the tail end of October that the update would be coming sometime in the middle of 2012. As for Tango, the rumor mill has claimed that LTE support may be coming alongside (or shortly after) the update, meaning that if those rumors of an LTE-capable Nokia Lumia handset debuting at CES hold true, then Tango may be coming even sooner than this roadmap alleges. Stay tuned!

Via The Verge, WMPoweruser