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The month of December hasn't been kind to Verizon and its network, as the carrier has run into data outages twice in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the tail end of the month is going to be much better, as numerous reports of another Verizon service outage have begun popping up this afternoon. Data problems have already been reported in both New York City and Chicago, and a quick check of my Galaxy Nexus here in Omaha, Neb., shows no 4G LTE connectivity and intermittent 3G.

It's a bit of a bummer to see Verizon hit with another data outage this month, especially just as the holidays are wrapping up and many users are likely enjoying some new data-hungry toys. We've yet to hear word on the outage from Verizon, but as usual, we'll keep you updated as we learn more. Until then, let us know in the comments how Verizon is doing where you are.

UPDATE: Verizon has sent out a statement addressing the outage. The carrier says that 3G devices are operating normally, but that it's "investigating reports" of 4G LTE outages. The full statement:

"We are investigating reports of some customers experiencing trouble accessing the 4G LTE network. The network itself continues to operate and all customers continue to be able to make calls, send text messages and utilize data services. 3G devices are operating normally."

UPDATE 2: Verizon has announced that the 4G LTE issue was resolved overnight and reiterated that 3G was unaffected by the outage. How's everything in your neck of the woods?

Via The Verge, VZWnews

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Chad Allen I willl deal with it its still better than Sprint and Tmobile and Att imo and i have been with all 4 carriers!
Colin Kinnaird I am tired of paying for data and never having any data coverage...
Joe Gates Nope, I have Virgin Mobile. $35 a month, no contract, good service.
Mike Tasler Still down in Chicago
Louie Villeda 3G for the last hour, still waiting for LTE 4G, Orange CA
Nicki Ann Barr I'm using wifi at home now
Nicki Ann Barr Bradenton for I ment
Nicki Ann Barr 3g on and off. In Brenton fl
Kimani Brooks Correction 3g goes in and out.
Kimani Brooks 4g went out at noon. 3g works. In chicago.
Nick Sarafolean My 4G is gone and my 3G keeps messing up and it's taking forever to connect after I go off of Wi-Fi. Fix it, Verizon!
Mark Hedrick I'm on 3g on my Thunderbolt now, not that big of a deal it'll be back later. Still the fastest network True 4G/LTE!
Anonymous Spend more money fixing things and less money bragging about how good you think you are
Anonymous Stop blowing your own or horn spend some money and fix the shit
Keith Howells 1x in Jacksonville... Where is my 4G??
David Bistodeaux Yep n S'port--this is getting old!
David Hilgendorf Happy to say I'm not noticing any 3g or 4g issues in Milwaukee or surrounding areas in Wisconsin. That's on a nexus also :)
Bobby Cornwell In NC 4g has been shaky on my thunderbolt. I can't complain though this doesn't happen very often and all I have to do is switch to 3g
Dee Banks i cant tell im good here in philly. and i get my rezound tomorrow xD
Shawn Towle Holy shit this is getting to be a regular occurrence!
Daniel J. Kinder lolz at verizons network
Karl D. Green Again? Damn this is like the 5th time in as many months that this has happen.
Kyle Brown Detroit market, bought a mifi today. Store couldn't activate it. I tried 3 times to activate it, & still no go. My metroPCS has been more reliable. Hah.
Shan-Bill Riggs im getting irritated with it... i have the revolution 4G LTE and i love my phone but if they dont fix this problem i will leave and go to another company.
Angelo Bruno whats going on? off and on in long island.
Luke Wooldridge Was out in Cincinnati but back on now
Austin Wirl boise+Verizon=WINNNG!!!!!!!:)
Justin Edwards I'm wondering if its a Midwest outage
GD D Powerd My verizon iPhone 4Sand iPhone 4 and nexus are getting perfect data speed
Steve LeBoeuf Peoria az off and on
Brett Reardon T-Mobile has awesome data reliability compared to Verizon LTE, though.
Omar Leon Around Torrance CA and still no go for me btw
???? ???? ??????? I'm on what is suppose to be 3G, but feels like 1X.
Omar Leon I thought it was my phone acting up! I nandroid back to stock!
Paul-James Wahlström-Williams T mobiles 4g is bullshit marketing
Kevin Walters You won't regret it when you see how much faster it is than T-Mobiles "4g"
Jeremy Abad Now it's back to normal...effing Verizon. I'm a new customer and I was excited to get a Nexus with LTE. Now this Carrier is pissing me off. It's almost making regret from switching from T-Mobile.
Raquel Mejia That's why I love my T-Mobile
Jesus Q Velasquez Encino, CA
Kevin Walters Yeah I'm having problems here in san Diego. But, for everyone talkin about how "bad" this network is, I've had my thunderbolt since the day it came out and this is only my 3rd problem with data so its actually pretty good.
Verleen Hottbiitch Wonderly iPhone 4S on Sprint, so no!
Chuck Rico Taylor Paducah ky 3g is down
Jeff Jay Yes CT
Leon James Weldon Fresno ca is down
Benjamin Handel Now I don't feel bad about ordering a Droid X2 (3G only).
Jeremy Abad Umm..has anybody's call quality sound like shit right now? At first I thought. My ear piece on the Nexus was damagaed. Cuz My kids got a hold of my phone and was sucking on it. But then I put it on speaker phone, and it still sounds like shit.
Daniel Cuadrado No issues here....I'm on AT&T's HSPA+ network. Getting 5 megs down. Perfect.
Rob Silva Lol...been without data for about an hour and when I can finally check FB this is three first story
Thomas Benjamin Robbins Yeah, I have US Cellular
Max Eismann Yepp droid charge on 3g blows ass
Justin Edwards Wow thank goodness for wifi!
Matt Chumaceiro Nope, still averaging a steady 29-34 mbps on my Razr.
Yasir Sohail iPhone 4S, all good for me :)
Kevin Pizana Verizon 3g is working hard and steady here in the sticks of central tx...
Tim Miyashiro Lol Verizon.
Brent Held My phone is so messed up right now...f verizon
Will New gordon i no that but i guess right now thats the perfect excuse to not start it up and wait for the 4g service to get fixed lol
Aaron Thomas Yes, thought it was just my pos thunderbolt!!!
Patrick Diamond Duncan Please stfu about Noah already.
William Almes im gonna tell yal something, Verizon doesn't seem to care when it comes to 4G, they don't fix it fully or something. they are slacking big time.
Justin Edwards On 1X signal
Oscar Dominguez I'm getting great speeds on my Galaxy Nexus! ... my HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus on Americas Largest 4G network! (T-Mobile).
Christina Kirsopp Chikuni My data has been going out on and off for the last several days
Patrick Matteson Off and on Utica NY area
Gordon Christie will you can use it straight out of box you dont need to charge it before you use it
Zach Cline Lol just had to have that glitchy 4G
Will New wouldn't know, i just got my nexus and now im charging it b4 i start it up
Josh Stanley Nope I phone 4 for me
Ian Jamieson I'm not reading this article because of the obscure lawsuit against Noah. #boycottphonedog
Wasim Mazahreh nope, at&t 4G LTE.
Guillermo De León No, I'm on tmobile.

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