Motorola DROID 4 Verizon open

The Motorola DROID 4 continues its quest to become the most frequently leaked handset in recent memory today, starring in a new batch of photos that offer even more peeks at the unannounced slider. The DROID 4 in these images is a dummy unit, meaning that it doesn't actually function, but the shots do serve to give us a better idea of what the D4 will look like whenever Motorola and Verizon decide to make the thing official.

For those of you that'd like a refresher, the DROID 4's rumored spec sheet includes things like a 4-inch 960x540 qHD display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8-megapixel camera, front-facing "HD" shooter, 1,785mAh battery, five-row edge-lit QWERTY keyboard, and 4G LTE connectivity. If those features hold up, the D4 should make for a pretty solid option for folks on Verizon that require a physical keyboard in their lives. As for when we might see the DROID 4 launch? The rumor mill is currently pointing toward a launch in early February. That may sound far off, but I'm sure that we'll see another DROID 4 leak or three before then to help pass the time until its release. If you need more DROID 4 in your life until then, hit up the source link below for even more photos.

Motorola DROID 4 Verizon side

Via TechnoBuffalo

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Mrinal Mani need some help selecting a phone, i need dual sim android / 3g video calling via 3g network / skype video calling / 3.2 screen capacitive / wifi, gps / gingerbread available in india, asking u because indian mobile stores dont provide information whether set is working on skype or not, here is one model SPICE m350n, an pls also tell about flash. pls help who read this post. thanks in advance
Lolita Grant Morris Lg thrill just got it and love it
Gerald Mccrae No hell no I have the razr and it's the same phone as all droid if you want something different try the iPhone but a droid is a dam droid with a different case or should I say different hard wear.
Gerardo Ortega No. Waiting for the next EVO.
Eric Kroh Waiting for Droid Razr Maxx
Lily Maua went thru 5 droid2s (liked it, but too many problems), been on 1 droid3 since it came out and i LOVE it. love the design and the keyboard...only thing better on the d4 is LTE and given the amount of outages, i won't be upgrading anytime soon.
Shahid Khan Although Nokia & windows seems quite interesting too
Shahid Khan Motorolla is a dead company, so im not excited, who cares? Its all about Apple & Samsung phones!
Zach Cline I might try windows the next time i'm eligible to upgrade. But verizon acts like they aren't interested in getting more windows phone devices. All they have is the htc trophy and thats almost a year old.
David Ross Just bought a new Windows Phone, as I couldn't wait for the Droid 4 (the only Android phone I was interested in). And, I'm glad I did---I love WP7 !
Jaime Andrade No im not. I love my droid charge except for batt. Life
Marti Ruiz No gracias.
Warren Saunders I'm always excited about new smartphones, even if I'm not gonna get it,I just love new tech, and new tech means healthy competition, that means we all get the device we want, wether it be fruit or robots ;)
Zach Cline Yes it will. And it will be outdated in two months
Aaron Dean Will this be yet another android device with bad battery life and poor gps
Joel Diaz no im very happy with my thunderbolt and its extended battery. thank you very much. peace!
Zach Cline Galaxy nexus doesn't beat the iphone. I know, I have both.
Tony Rodi By this time next year we'll all be drooling over the latest quad core phone wishing it would have all the right specs. Hd display, 10+ mp camera worth using, accessible sd card not under the battery, hdmi out, feels solid in quality and construction, an os that developers don't need to tweak, 2 days of battery life, I could go on. So disappointed with having to say I can live with the short comings of a piece of equipment that cost hard earned money. Don't get me wrong I am not a hater just frustrated that the market is flooded with so many one spec wonders.
Jaylen Riley NOTHING. It would be cool if it ran iOS 5.0.1!!
Tony Abiama Droid got boring after the 2nd one, I forgot a 3rd one was even out
Robert Centennial No droid sucks ducks
Ivan Pineiro Nope, I've got a Galaxy S II :)
Jason Torchy I'm happy with my bionic
Jay Alan Jones the Samsung Stratoshere is the samething and cheaper
Brandon Johnson No, but If I had just gotten a DROID 3 I'be ready to go on a murderous rampage...
Anonymous No no and no
Dale Lyster They need to give that droid up.
Benjamin Handel I got the Droid X2 and I love it. So yeah, I don't really care about the Droid 4.
C Bryan Thomas Not really. One it is already obsolete and secondly it's running a Verizon's terribly inferior network.
Colin Kinnaird Had the droid 2, died multiple times got the bionic! Love it. Four will probably suck twice as bad as two!
BigChuck Rossetti I'll start getting excited when Moto starts unlocking bootloaders …
Bill Moran 4G phone on a 4G network that works please
Stian Grøtåsen Why would I? It's probably a good phone, but it's still just another Android phone. Does it have anything that makes it different.
Tom Parker Droid 4, 5. 6, doesn't matter. They all suck.
Cameron Near Wow flah
Hendrick Equis M Love the look ...
Brandon Paul quad-core SGS3
Dennis Heggenstaller Another pixelated screen, no thanks.
John Fisher Seriously? Didn't the droid 3 and bionic just come out?! Wow...
Nathan Wright If it wasn't Motorola....
Sam Cass Yep! Then the Droid 3's price will drop! I don't have LTE where I live and probably won't until late 2012 or 2013. So that doesn't matter to me.
Gabriel Cash No, sidekicks were for teenage girls.
Don Lynn Physical keyboards are for teenage girls.
Charles Jones I got my Samsung Galaxy Nexus two days ago. It beats everything I have owned, even my iPhone 4 I had for 1 month and then sold.
Justin Fitzgerald Nope, I've got my Galaxy Nexus
Gabriel Cash Of course it'll get the new OS update. Right when the newer OS is being tested and pushed out. I am excited for the DROID 4.
Zach Cline iphone ftw
Angel Ramirez I'll stay with apple. Androids all need to be on the same fkin updated version of android. Not going to buy a phone that "MIGHT" get the new OS update.
Stephen E. Ribble Hell no....
John Cavnor Being that I'm only worth $2.50 to you, perhaps I could afford to.. oh wait..
Junkang Xie It's already outdated...
Moses Molone Another droid phone?? Wtf
Adrian Anguiano No droid is overrated and crappy
Jacob Dominic Loera NOOOOO not unless it's guaranteed to be a the best phone for at least 6-12 months and not get outdated after 2 weeks -_-
Brian Walden No. Android and Iphone are getting boring. An innovator needs to step forward with something original.
Jerry Trujillo The droid the 3 is the same expect 4g ..... It looks like the droid razor with a key bored -_-
Arnav Kaul No... not if they keep outdating my current one... lol
Kelvin Reid No, there is no reason to be excited about any Droid
Jennifer Nunn Why so many Droid every 6 mos.
Richard Ameen Iphone 4S, done with android and its inconsistency
Tristan Young Wth Another one?
Jermonn J-Trillion Richardson Droid 3 looks better
Manny Ayala Galaxy S II or bust!! =P
Victor Rios Verizon sucks! Lol
Paul Hooker no but as i'm worth $2.50 a month to you. could i have that reimbursed to my bank account please

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