AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note

Looks like the U.S.-bound Samsung Galaxy Note is continuing its leaky path to becoming officially official. First we learned that Samsung's gigantic phone tablet phablet would be landing Stateside, and then the rumor mill claimed that it was destined for AT&T. Now an image of a Samsung Galaxy Note complete with AT&T branding has made its way online. The source of the render also alleges that the AT&T GNote will pack in LTE connectivity, a claim that we've heard before, as well as an NFC chip.

So there's your Galaxy Note, AT&T folk. Unfortunately, there's still no word on when this thing might be going on sale or how much it'll cost when it does. The good news is that a previous report claimed that the Americanized Galaxy Note could make its big debut at CES later this month, so we may not have much longer to wait before all is revealed. We'll be live at CES to report on all the big mobile news as it happens, so keep it locked to PhoneDog for more and we'll let you know if we spot this AT&T Galaxy Note roaming the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Via Android Central, SamMobile

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Jack Walsh hell ya! im getting this on at&t!!
Mrinal Mani need some help selecting a phone, i need dual sim android / 3g video calling via 3g network / skype video calling / 3.2 screen capacitive / wifi, gps / gingerbread available in india, asking u because indian mobile stores dont provide information whether set is working on skype or not, here is one model SPICE m350n, an pls also tell about flash. pls help who read this post. thanks in advance
Ivan Aleman Phonetablet is too big
Jason Heather Godersky I would seriously consider switching to AT@T if this phone comes to the US with them.
Daniel Shih I wanted to, but then the Galaxy Nexus stepped in and I bought that...
Tony Castro Yes, it think this will be my next phone! I like it!
Gaby Piñeyro This is my dream phone, wish it was for Sprint. Not switching to those greedy MF at@t though....
Scott Brant If it were on atmosphere I would
Craig Campbell Would buy on Verizon LTE or unlocked pentaband HSPA in a shot.
Jon Boino No. Waiting for something actually good on verizon. Galaxy nexus sucks.
Mark Hedrick Not from AT$T, no :-)
Cy Ferrer No. Waste of money.
Jason Joseph Came close to buying the unlocked version but then wanna wait and see when the AT&T version will ship and cost.
Zachary Gearwar Not until it comes to Verizon! AT&T SUCKS
Michael Mulé Definitely...had the Dell streak and insisted to everyone that screen sizes will get larger and sure enough more and more products have bigger screens and this product has the specs I want in the same form factor as the Dell streak. ......awesome......
Douglas J Kmiotek BUT ONLY on AT&T!!!
Douglas J Kmiotek Oh hell, I really want this beast!!!
Ricardo Lopez no i dont want to make phone calls on a tablet..
Eduardo Ordaz I would but getting the S3 when they make a sprint version of the s3. At&T doesn't have good phones. T-Mobil,verizon and sprint have better phones. Going to move to sprint.
Mylo Machuca I would so buy it
Noah Ward Yaaaa
Michael Anthony Langworth yes when my contract with Three Mobile runs out in the UK then i'll move carriers :) [networks for the UK people who dont know what im talking about :)]
Jamie Doege Yup getting rid of my gnex for one without a second thought.
Chris Sutherland hell no its a tablet with a sim slot
Mario Beijn just did
Cesario Brito Jr. No. I'm waiting for Galaxy S III.
Eric Quach too big
Michael Ward Im wondering how some of you are saying the battery sicks on this device granted it has a 2500mah battery...and has been recognized as kne of the best on battery devices lasting users upwards of a full day heavy use. In any case i will be gettig this for at&t for sure.
Justin Charles Reback I'd only get a Galaxy Note if it's a Nexus Note. Same hardware, except no TouchWiz, vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich, all the same kind of S-pen software integration, and LTE.
Skylor Mitchell I would if I were on, and could afford, At&t and it cost less than the Galaxy Player.
Henry G Nerida Hell yeah! AT&T LTE kicks ass! I'll definitely have to check the note out and maybe sell my skyrocket
Miguel Castaneda YES!!!!!!!
Arnulfo Barajas nope already have a kindle fire
Dillon Brantner Yes, my gs2 is already starting to look small.
Pedro Costa ... No.
Mi Dios Mi Vida i hAvE d gaLaxY s 2 .... iT coOl buT iT baTteRy suCkS
Brian Goggins I was planning on getting one but it's not on Verizon my hopes were crushed. :-(
Påsqüål Sålåz I love it! But I bet the battery is horrible!
Michael Miller Not on at&t
Nicolas Flores Tmobile would be nice. Might just have to get a Galaxy Nexus
Ray Lopez Fuck AT&T they always get the good phones smh.
XR YZ Nfc + lte + ice cream coming soon + awesome resolution. This is the next beast.
Matt Polkiewicz Fuck no. Anything larger than 4" and you're compensating for something else.
XR YZ I will be the first. Waiting......
Shawn Sedha Iphone for me!
Brian Edwards Not this one. I'm gonna import.
Yvek Khanna Awesome phone.. using it more than a month
JustQuan Smith I want that sucka! Just for sprint cause I am not stopping anymore contracts. So I'm stuck with these people.
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas I will stay with my 4.7 inch screen HTC titan and I love windows phone :-)
David Rathbun If this is LTE 4G I would be interested
Jef Daryll Benigno No.. Way too big for a phone. My galaxy s2 is big enough
Rickjë Avi Baruch I would... but my SII is way better :D
Barry Chase Sign me up. Any news on how the GPS performs ?
Dennis Heggenstaller If it was for verizon i would
Tito Cruz Yeah, see.. this is supposed to be on T-Mobile .___. Ugh. T-Mobile USA sucks! they score us no good phones. + suck at updating the ones they have now..
Constantine Perenne No, but i bought the white one and the black one unlocked love these phones!
Malchus Callaway 5.3 inches? i would have to see it feels in my hand. As of now I like the feel of the 4.5inch Galaxy s2 Skyrocket.....They have similar specs so i doubt that i would upgrade.
Mike Jochem If on tmobile I would
JayR Yambao If it were for Tmobile.
Allan Abraham Hell no! >.<
Tracey Rollings had one didnt like it lol
Brett Reardon I was hoping to see this on T-Mobile... :(
Ben Recitas Saratorio absolutely... soon soon soon
John Webb it's almost big enough!! i want one real bad.
Brandon Paul Yes indeed!
Dennis Collins same as marti
Marti Ruiz i would but i got the gs2
Ezekiel Carsella yes please give me one??

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