Motorola DROID 3

Considering how many times the Motorola DROID 4 has leaked over the past few months, one might think that the 4G LTE slider is official and available for purchase. Obviously that's not the case, though the rumor mill has alleged that it could be coming in early February. Where does that leave the DROID 3? If a report out of The Verge today is true, it lands the six-month-old handset on the dreaded End-of-Life list. An anonymous tipster has told the site that the final shipments of the DROID 3 will be arriving on Verizon stores this month, a claim that may support the rumors that the DROID 4 is due to launch next month. The good news for the DROID 3 is that it won't be the only Verizon product getting EOL'ed this month, as the source also said that the LG Revolution, BlackBerry Curve 3G, Palm Pre 2 and all three mobile hotspot devices will be getting the axe this month.

With the DROID 4 on the horizon, it makes sense that Verizon would want to kill off the DROID 3 and try to get any keyboard addicts to upgrade to the D4 and Big Red's 4G LTE network. Still, that doesn't make it less of a bummer for the still-young DROID 3 and its owners. As for some of the other devices on the list, the claim that the LG Revolution is getting EOL'ed means that its successor, the LG Spectrum, could be right around the corner. Some new mobile hotspot devices are also likely in the pipeline considering that the three models getting discontinued this month are the only ones currently offered by Verizon. When exactly all of these shiny new gadgets will go on sale is still anyone's guess, but with CES kicking off in less than two weeks, it may not be long before all is finally revealed.

Via The Verge

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"Should the DROID 3 get the axe so soon?"

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Amin Abdul Malik
Amin Abdul Malik Good, maybe Cricket will pick them up.
Mrinal Mani
Mrinal Mani need some help selecting a phone, i need dual sim android / 3g video calling via 3g network / skype video calling / 3.2 screen capacitive / wifi, gps / gingerbread available in india, asking u because indian mobile stores dont provide information whether set is working on skype or not, here is one model SPICE m350n, an pls also tell about flash. pls help who read this post. thanks in advance
Austin McBride
Austin McBride I have the droid 3. No...its a good phone..by no means an embarrassment. If you arent retarded it lasts 19+ hours with moderate to heavy use . Runs great and NO BUGS
Eduardo Giraldo
Eduardo Giraldo I have the thunderbolt no complaints just battery life but runs like new does things iphone cant
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru Said*
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru iOS is the most consistent OS,enough sais
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz cut its head off feed it to the worms. thunderbolt for life!
Omar Solis
Omar Solis Ahahahaaaaaahahahhaha Richard ameen ur funny lol not only does iPhone suk its a closed platforms android has more variety that's why it sells more and by the way the epic touch 4g would murder the iPhone in benchmarks bit keep reliving that. Craked me up
Arthur Mmayie
Arthur Mmayie The Droid Charge and the HTC Thunderbolt should get axed also.Those phones were decent.If I has to choose,I'd take the Samsung Droid Charge.But that's not the case as of right now.
John Diamond
John Diamond Lol...Android phones.
Anonymous Get rid of the droid charge the thunderbolts the droid x 2 incredible 2 droid 3 the byonic. Come out with 1 killer htc 1 killer motorola n 1 killer samsung. Everything should b l t e it also has 3g is so when is down it works. Stop selling the iphone it sucks all the data away from the towers. 3G used to be great until you started selling the iphone.
Justin Fitzgerald
Justin Fitzgerald VZW Just needs to slow down
Thomas Boehnlein
Thomas Boehnlein The D3 is an embarrassment to the Droid name. It should be axed but I would have preferred it not been released at all.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz No its u people that r calling it outdated. Just because there is a new phone coming out doesn't mean its outdated my dad got a Droid X and didn't careb if there was a Droid 2 or Droid 3. Every Android phone out there is cool and great its you guys that call them out outdated
Jason Howell
Jason Howell Changed from a htc rezound to a droid 3 after the rezound crapped out 2 weeks after getting it. far faster and works better, in my opinion and lte never really worked in my area.
Mark Mann
Mark Mann 6 months is better than 5 years the iphone has been out of date since 2007
John Fisher
John Fisher This is why I switched to the iPhone. Android was great and all but literally your phone is obsolete within a month of it coming out...plus there are five billion different versions of android...so frustrating.
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles Richard the a5 is 1ghz not 800mhz .
Colin Sonnenberg
Colin Sonnenberg They skimped on the Droid 3... it should have had LTE. With the extended battery it shouldnt have been a problem.
Ethan Shrago
Ethan Shrago Why does LG even make phones anymore? After the G2x they should of gotten the axe..
Gavin Rozzi
Gavin Rozzi Another day in the ever-shorter Android phone lifecycle. What else is new? Pfft. how pathetic, An android POS phone can't even be supported for 6 months. Check out my page TechCentral
Rob Peña
Rob Peña I think the fault here is the manufacturers. Companies like motorola, samsung, and htc need to slow their phone releasing. They have phones coming out every two weeks!
Csy Hnrcsn
Csy Hnrcsn I don't mind it being 3G... 4G is slightly better, but not worth killing the battery over, in my opinion. I love the Droid 3, but will say it does have bugs like all other android devices. Still decent.
Saivon Edens
Saivon Edens Well if they have the lg vortex on the list and not the samsung stratosphere on the list i am gain
Richard Ameen
Richard Ameen This is why i jumped ship from android to iphone. Carriers and google working together on updating and axeing phones is a mess. And iphone isnt overpriced shit, its just a different UI. Iphone is way more consistent than android, had too many bad experiences with android to go back now, even with the awesome GSII line of phones. And iphone isnt low spec, its 800 mhz A5 creams the exynos 1.2ghz in a series of benchmarks and the gpu in the iphone is complete overkill. I do deeply respect android especially the GSII phones but i had a nexus s and the experience was the best out of all the androids ive had, but i love my 4S now.
Tony Joseph
Tony Joseph Galaxy S2 FTW!!
C.j. Abenes
C.j. Abenes Iphone is retarded. low spec and overpriced shit. only dumbasses buy that kind of phone
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley So soon
Steven Quintal
Steven Quintal I think android in general needs to cool it, they make a new phone every week. It's rediculious. We don't have upgrades every two weeks to keep up with these phones. Team iPhone.
Thaat Blackguy
Thaat Blackguy The droid x2 was dead before it was released.....lol. I hope 2012 is about quality for the android line.
Daniel Kallini
Daniel Kallini Noo the droid 3 is amazing but it's higley under rated i use it and in love with it
Ken Scott Kletzin
Ken Scott Kletzin I doubt it, they still sell more than enough 3G devices, and Verizon also still does not cover enough of the country in LTE yet.
Lee Grip Gresham
Lee Grip Gresham well if they're dumping everything, could that mean they're killing 3G?
Jerry Trujillo
Jerry Trujillo I'm not say android slows it down I'm saying they need to slow down how fast they release there phones dummy -_-
Michael Santangelo
Michael Santangelo No, it is hardly an old device.
Eric Kroh
Eric Kroh What's 3g worth anymore when LTE is taking over
Brandon Worley
Brandon Worley It's POS. In my store all the time w bugs...Motorola blows
Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner Android does not slow the phone down, the crappy skin motorola puts on top of android slows it down.
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero the unfortunate reality of android
Noneya Biz
Noneya Biz If manufacturers keep this current pace of releasing devices every other month, there will be an inevitable crash caused by over saturation.
Gary Brown
Gary Brown the droid line have been something like how i-phone does it once every 2 years .
Jerry Trujillo
Jerry Trujillo It's so beautiful tho, android slow it down
Wasim Mazahreh
Wasim Mazahreh My store axed the atrix 2, infuse, gs2, but we sell them online
Aundreya Ruiz
Aundreya Ruiz noooo i want the droid 3 someday
Sachin Swami
Sachin Swami verizon needs to just cool it on the droid line up. and yes they really did assuming these rumors are true. the droid was supposed an iPhone killler and when they started ruining the name and releasing all these different types of droids it ruins it
Tom Burgee
Tom Burgee As long as we get ics who cares!?
Joey Statham
Joey Statham It really should i have the droid 3 and i love it one let down is its only 3g. Best phone ive ever had. But ill probably sell this one to get d4. It sounds amazing
Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner This is why verizon sucks. The droid 3 should've had lte

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