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Many folks would likely agree that, between things like name-related lawsuits and less than stellar PlayBook sales, the year of 2011 wasn't exactly kind to RIM. However, a new report has suggested that the Waterloo firm may kick off 2012 with a bang in the form of a change-up at the position of chairman of the board. According to sources speaking with the Financial Post, RIM is preparing to announce that Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie will soon give up their titles as chairmen, though both men will retain their roles as co-CEO. The frontrunner for the new chair is said to be Barbara Stymiest, who joined RIM's board in 2007 and is also part of the committee that was tasked with reviewing possible management changes last year.

The ousting of Lazaridis and Balsillie as chairmen of the board may not be quite the corporate shakeup that some would like to see at RIM, but such a move would still be a pretty big change for the company, and it'd be interesting to see what effects a new chair would have on the BlackBerry manufacturer. The committee that's examining RIM's leadership and reportedly considering Stymiest as the new chairperson will be reporting its findings on January 31st, so the good news is that we don't have long to wait before more details on the situation at RIM come out. More on this as we get it!

Via The Verge, Financial Post

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"Will RIM survive 2012?"

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Rudy Ibarra they will recover!!
Mrinal Mani need some help selecting a phone, i need dual sim android / 3g video calling via 3g network / skype video calling / 3.2 screen capacitive / wifi, gps / gingerbread available in india, asking u because indian mobile stores dont provide information whether set is working on skype or not, here is one model SPICE m350n, an pls also tell about flash. pls help who read this post. thanks in advance
Rojean De Castro Maybe? If they switch to android
Ivan Aleman In my opinion is too late even if they get it right
Mark Belkowski rim is not going anywhere just like webos will not be going anywhere.
??? Impossible
Erman Guido No way.
Gerald Mccrae Rim is going to be like palm by the end of the year I think the number thing that's going to do them in is they won't yield to the people needs where tried of you dam software shit!!!!!
Smartx MU competition creates innovation...but not for rim
Dre Ill I hope so. Competition creates innovation.
Robert Centennial Hopefully not I would like to see them and crackberry die a slow painful death.
Jan Michael Cruz They'll recover
Anthony P. Schulz It's to late for rim.
Joel Williams Of course RIM will survive. All this "OMG RIM IS DED CUZ I LIEK MY DROID MORE" talk is pretty foolish, IMO.
Johnny Makris-munoz If they come out with a phone withatleast 4 inches dualcore and 8mp camera then they have a chance but no their to stubborm
Keith Ainsley Little too late you think?
Per Kristian Sørpebøl If they make web os available for more devices now when it is open source
Darryl Mouzone It doesn't look too good for RIM but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
Gary Brown RIM needs an overhaul. This is what they need to do, find out what their problem and address them then capitalize on apple and android 's mistakes and price real low. That might help.
Dennis Petrospour Bye bye rim
David Olivarez Maybe in the US but in other parts of the world its doin great u can sell a 9900 for about $1200 in India
Hon Guin Lee Really bad
Joel Rivera If they were to have like More High Tech phones.... And have the same dependability, nd have amazing marketing they'll survive past 2012
Viraj Shah *demands another look...typos srry ;)
Ernest Marvin Esteban Make that really small player
Viraj Shah jst yhnk tht it has ran out of steam n doesnt hv nethng else 2 offer....but cm across new Bold 2day n man itz so slim n lite....it definitely demands another frm ardent BB fans...but as far as S/W tech goes RIM has to cm up wid sm exceptional stuff 2 keep it floatin or else itz gonna b bought soon by biggies in d mkt
Ernest Marvin Esteban It will but It will only be a small player compared from what it used to be.
Dennis Heggenstaller Samsung should buy out RIM, add more patents to it's arsenal.
Paul McGinnis Well if it does... Barely!
Eric Wornum Google needs to pick it up.
Raman Saini Its BIG noo
Vlad Valentine McBride Omg who gives a damn, RIM makes sweet ass stuff, I love my blackberry bold and wouldn't trade it for any other phone, not even iphone. Not every phone is for everyone, get the f*#@ over it!
Christopher Paul Sorry to say, but I hope not! They bastardized instant messaging by trying to make it exclusive! Not impressed.
Steve Williams RIM needs to evolve or just die
Victor Rios It was on life support in 2011 what makes you think it'll survive in 2012? Lol it's all about Android and iOS now.
Shawn Poling No good!!!!!!!!!!!
Tony Burgess It really needs to work on apps and getting apps developed for its platform.
Jagar Tharn probably not of they don't launch a decent and competitive product
Curtis Howell I'm with Leroy on this
Naga Appani Nah, will probably see its end...

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