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Heads up, Sprint customers: CEO Dan Hesse has just announced the first markets that'll be gifted with LTE from the Now Network. As per the official @Sprint Twitter account, the first cities with Sprint LTE coverage will be Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, all of which are expected to be lit up by the middle of the year. Those markets will be seeing some 3G network upgrades as well.

Sprint announced way back in October that it would official make the move from WiMAX to LTE for its 4G network, saying that it planned to begin rolling out LTE coverage by mid-2012, so it sounds like the carrier's transition to LTE is going smoothly so far. It's not yet clear exactly when the residents of Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio will be riding the Sprint LTE airwaves or if any other markets will be joining them by midyear, but more details should be revealed as we dive deeper into 2012. Stay tuned.

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"Are you in one of Sprint's upcoming 4G LTE markets?"

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Chad Allen Way too little to late for me with Sprint i am so glad i went to Verizon with all the data i need and LTE up and working
Gary Weinberg Yeah, faster data speeds so Sprint can throttle you sooner! Suck it Sprint!
Kevo Dey Kno Pettie Word no new york city? wtf!!
Jose Garibay Awesome, I live in San Diego & never got wimax, now we're not getting lte!?
Facebook user Sprint LTE in Atlanta, horay.
Eduardo Ordaz no. But will b soon.
Ryan Peck Ryan.. Fanboy much?
Ryan DeClue Fuck you Sprint, and every other carrier. If you can't turn on the service for your entire network all at once, why bother?! Sprint has no choice but to upgrade since it caved to the iPhone demand. That hipster abomination has destroyed the network!
Jabin George Ready for more speed than a shakey wimax that barely works.
Jabin George D town.
Arturo Cifuentes No im not I never had wimax but I have been paying for a year now... what the wimax
Alfredo Torres Good cuz im currently using 80 gbs of wimax a month :) , i would love to use lte .
Christopher Pena I don't live in buttfuck nowhere.
Aaron Latham Don't even have Wi-Max yet
Anthony Bailey Of course the Baltimore/Washington area isn't on the list. It would be crazy to think that one of the most populous major metropolitan areas with the most affluent people in the nation, would get LTE, first, especially when I barely crack 100Kb/s on 3G. And how the hell are three of the four cities located in Texas?
Derrico Brown Messed up I live 30 miles from their headquarters and they're not releasing it here (Kansas City). Oh well...we still have some good wimax here
Christopher Sullins Charlotte is a no go.
Cesario Brito Jr. Not yet. Hopefully soon.
Juventino Sepulveda Jr i love sprint, i have the Galaxy SII epic touch 4g yes baby in Dallas Texas , great speeds in 3g and 4g
Jonathan Palaka I get 4g on my samsung galaxy s2 over 9 mgs
Broderick Whitten Dallas Tx!!!
Jonathan Palaka Verizon sucks to much money sprint is better at least I dont pay for data like att or verizon
Jesus Gomez Sprint wasted money going with Wimaxx now it's going with Lte because Verizon and at&t are going with that. AT&T still has a better 4g, since they HSPA and Lte
Christopher Wesley Why do people really give a rats ass about how much faster their data is? Im just curious because its a bill that's high as hell that so the exact same thing....some people take it way too serious. A few secondary ain't worth the extra money.
Karin Kroll Ross Doesn't matter, can't change carriers as I'm grandfathered in to Verizon unlimited $30/mo data!!!
Hansel Starley Sprint doesn't even have regular 4G in here, yet the still had the nerve of having the Evo 4G as their prime phone for years.
C Paul Courtney @Eriq give us our shuttle back and we might share our LTE
Larry Smith Jr. does my galaxy s II epic 4g have the ability to get lte coverage?
C Paul Courtney H-town!!!
Toreon Jones Sr. Houston baby...... Wit da HTC Edge....
Arturo De La Rosa Idk why ppl complain about sprint so much i've never had any problems with anything and they have pretty good custumer service :)
Robert Centennial Sprint is still alive?
Christopher Wesley Yes. Dallas baby!!
Tanner Schmitz Bahahahahaha it's funny how sprint failed with WiMAX. What a waste of money for them.
Carlos Ramirez LTE still isn't the fastest internet HPSA+ is but T-Mobile doesn't use it to its full advantage
Marlon Garay @nick truskowski.. have unlimited data.. abd sprint is cheaper cuz they are slow.. even metro pcs 4g is faster than sprint 4g.. good thing im on verizon
Alam Sanchez Oh yeah so now they're probably gonna charge $ 20 for LTE 4G on my bill, i can't wait to cancel my contract with this greedy bastards their service sucks anyways. Go to hell Sprint!
Mark Gonzales Houston here!
Johnny Tooter Shackelford We have been with Verizon for about 3 months now and, have unlimited data. :)
Sam Cass Meanwhile Verizon has... 190 markets?
Shannon Smith Ummm can you get 4g in our area FIRST!!!
Nick Truskowski Sprint is the only company to give unlimited 4g and data in general so don't bash because you decided to pay out the ass.
Nick Truskowski Am I going to get lte on my evo 3d? Our is it not a software thing and more of a hardware issue?
Marcus NinersEmpire Been with sprint for 5yr no problems... Verizon over rated
Ryan Peck I'm happy with sprint
Rocky P. W. Watts Damn you Dan!!! No Charlotte love. It's okay cause I'll still buy the galaxy nexus even on 3G bands
Eduardo Giraldo So let's say all company realized they could not compete with Verizon so now are trying to get the same signal well verizon still rocks
Ramses Perez San Antonio here, now I hope we get some good LTE Phones
Anonymous Verizon, AT&T>Sprint
Isaiah Perez No, what kind of game is this they need to hit half the us not 5 states
Alex Villarreal About 4 hours out of san antonio...lol
Ignacio Gonzalez No. I just left Sprint for VZW due to ridiculously slow data speeds. Fresno, CA...even though I nearly doubled my bill. I'm happier with my VZW service. (:
Daniel Quintero with throttling doesnt matter
Jason Torchy Verizon is great, when it works lol
Eriq Blaque Fuck happened to NYC!?
Sean Patrick Cleary Sprint SUCKS..

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