LG Spectrum and Motorola DROID 4 have global roaming capabilities, will be enabled later this year

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: January 11, 2012

Motorola DROID 4

Remember how a rumor from last month alleged that the LG Spectrum included global roaming capabilities, but then that feature was nowhere to be found when the device was announced earlier this week? Turns out that both the Spectrum and the Motorola DROID 4 pack GSM/WCDMA roaming support, but that's something that Verizon will need to enable later on. Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney tells Phone Scoop that although the handsets work in over 40 countries that use CDMA, the carrier needs to make "a few network enhancements" to make sure voice and data roaming in non-CDMA countries works as it should. Raney added that Verizon is likely to make the feature available in the first half of this year.

The Spectrum and the DROID 4 will be Verizon's first 4G LTE world phones and, although owners will have to wait for the global roaming capability to actually be enabled, the inclusion of that feature could be big for folks that frequently travel overseas. Of course, exactly when that feature will be enabled is still a mystery, but hey, at least we know that it's coming. We'll be sure to give you a heads up when we hear more on the situation.

Via Phone Scoop