iPad 3 reportedly enters production with quad-core processor, high-resolution display and LTE

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 13, 2012

Apple iPad 2

Hold on to your hats, iOS fans, because a doozy of a rumor surrounding the iPad 3 has the web today. According to sources speaking to Bloomberg, production on the iPad 3 has begun and will reach full steam next month ahead of a March launch. Two of the sources allege that the new iOS tablet will pack a "high-definition" display, a rumor that we've heard before, as well as a quad-core processor and LTE connectivity.

Earlier this month some folks discovered references to quad-core support within the iOS 5.1 beta, which lends credence to Bloomberg's report that the new iPad will pack such a processor. As for LTE, it's kind of interesting to hear that Apple may be including the tech in the iPad 3 since LTE is still fairly young and Apple isn't typically one to latch on to new stuff as quickly as others. However, the sources say that Apple is using LTE with the iPad because it features a large battery. Will all of these features really make it into the iPad 3? Only Apple knows for sure, but the good news is that March is only around a month and a half away. How many of you would be interested in picking up an iPad if it had all of the specs included in today's report?

Via Bloomberg