RIM said to be working with Goldman Sachs to investigate its "strategic options"

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 13, 2012

BlackBerry Bold 9930

There's been quite a bit of speculation made surrounding RIM's troubles as of late and what the company intends to do about them, including ousting Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie from their positions of chairmen of the board. We've also heard rumors of RIM straight-up being purchased by another firm such as Amazon, and today another such claim is making headlines. According to Fox Business, RIM may be working with investment bank Goldman Sachs to investigate the BlackBerry manufacturer's "strategic options," a rumor that caused RIM shares to grow almost 4 percent.

So just what might end up happening with RIM? That's still very much in the air, but a report surfaced last month alleging that the company would rather solve its problems on its own by pushing out new phones and utilizing existing assets like BBM rather than resorting to an outright sale. There's a chance that RIM could do it, but with BlackBerry 10 phones being pushed later into this year and some even getting the axe while in development, things aren't exactly looking super hot right at this moment. Here's to hoping that RIM can drum up some excitement and confidence by bringing the heat when it shows off BlackBerry 10 next month. What do you all think will happen to RIM? Does it have a shot at revitalizing itself with BlackBerry 10 and its new devices, or do you think the company will ultimately be bought up by another firm?

Via The Verge, Fox Business