Samsung working to increase smartphone battery life in 2012

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: January 17, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus battery

Battery life has always been a hot topic in the world of smartphones, but as the displays on phones keep getting bigger and 4G connectivity becomes increasingly prevalent, the issue has been gaining more focus as of late. The good news is that Samsung says that it wants to do something about it. Speaking with CNET, Kevin Packingham, vice president of product innovation at Samsung, said that his company has set a goal for itself to make all of its smartphones released in 2012 last a full day with average to moderately heavy use. "When you wake up to when you go to bed, we don't want you feeling anxiety about your battery life," Packingham said.

So just how will Samsung do it? Bigger batteries will definitely play a role, Packingham explained, but Samsung also plans to work on better optimizing certain parts of the phone, like how it searches for a Wi-Fi connection and when it flips the switch on its 4G radio. The wider spread of 4G networks should also help alleviate things by making the phone's search for a connection easier.

Your smartphone's battery is one of the most important parts of the device — after all, without it the phone will magically transform into a paperweight — so it's good to hear Samsung committing to increasing the amount of time that folks will be able to use their handsets before needing to reach for some juice. We'll have to put Samsung's 2012 devices through some battery tests before getting too excited, but those of you that always carry around spare chargers because your phone's battery can't make it through the day may want to keep an eye out for Samsung's upcoming handsets.

Via VZBuzz, CNET