Unannounced Sony Xperia handsets teased in new photo

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: January 17, 2012

Sony Xperia Nypon photo

See that photo up there? That may look like a big ol' mess of Sony Ericsson-branded handsets, but according to the folks at Xperia Blog, there are a few unannounced goodies hidden within the shot. The first mystery phones are the ones that are the easiest to spot since they're being pointed at with red arrows. There's not much known about the two handsets, though Xperia Blog believes that they're actually the same device, which is possible considering how similar they look. 

Our next stop is the phone on the far right of the middle row. This one's believed to be the a product known as the Xperia Nypon, a handset that's rumored to look like the Xperia S but feature a 4-inch 960x540 qHD display rather than the larger 4.3-inch 720p screen found on the S.

Speaking of looking like the Xperia S, the last mystery phone in this photo is in the middle of the bottom row. It too resembles the Xperia S, but its front-facing shooter is on the opposite side of the S that was unveiled earlier this month.

That's not the only Sony/Sony Ericsson leak we've got for you today, though, as a pair of photos showing what appears to be a Sony Ericsson-branded Windows Phone device have surfaced. Unfortunately, there's not much known about this handset. It's obviously a prototype, and the thickness of the device has led some to believe that it could be concealing a sliding keyboard, similar to another Sony Ericsson-made Windows Phone device that leaked nearly a year ago. The fact that the phone is wearing Sony Ericsson branding suggests that this may be an older device, though it's also possible that this particular model may have been put together before Sony agreed to buy out Ericsson's portion of their joint venture.

So obviously these new photos gave us more questions than answers. The good news? A little show called Mobile World Congress is going down in Barcelona next month, so the mysteries surrounding these unannounced products may not remain mysteries much longer. What do you all make of the Windows Phone device below? Do you think Sony is still hard at work on a device running Microsoft's mobile OS? Or is this just an old prototype that'll never actually see a release?

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype

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