Poll: Which carrier do you use?

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| January 18, 2012

As mobile evolves and changes, there are sure to have been carrier developments over the past six months or so that you either love or hate.  And with a new year comes new opinions in regards to the wireless company that you call home.

There are likely many different reasons why you've chosen the carrier that you did, but it's a constant game of "What's more important?" between the four national wireless carriers.  Verizon currently boasts the largest 4G LTE footprint, but users regularly complain of high prices.  AT&T offers some nice features like Rollover Minutes and unlimited mobile to mobile calling, but many users report dropped calls and other connectivity issues.  Sprint offers great value in many of their plans and is the last wireless carrier to offer an unlimited data option for new customers, but data speeds have been terribly slow for many (myself included) as of late.  Hot off the heels of the failed AT&T buyout, T-Mobile offers great value, but their coverage map is the smallest out of the four national carriers.

I'm interested in not only which wireless carrier you continue to stick with in 2012, but why you stick with them.  Is it coverage?  Call quality?  Data speeds?  Overall value?  Cast your vote and let me know in the comments section below!