AT&T API Platform helps developers to build carrier services into apps

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 19, 2012

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AT&T made quite a few Android fans happy when it took the the stage in Las Vegas earlier this month to introduce six new handsets running Google's mobile OS. That's not the only big news that AT&T made at its event, though, as the carrier also took the wraps off of the AT&T API Platform. The platform includes a set of tools to help developers in the process of creating native and HTML5 apps by building in AT&T services like messaging and billing, the latter of which will make it easy for customers to make in-app purchases and pay for them on their monthly AT&T bill. Also announced is the AT&T AppCenter, which the carrier explains is an HTML5 storefront to help customers easily discover new apps and help devs get their apps in the spotlight.

AT&T's API Platform sounds pretty great for developers, as it'll help them build AT&T-friendly features into their apps. Additionally, the API Platform will be a kind of one-stop shop for devs to get access to all of AT&T's APIs in a single place. Access to AT&T's API Platform will cost an annual fee of $99, a price that'll remain in effect through 2012. If you'd like to get an idea of just what you can do with the API Platform, check out the video below, which shows an app dedicated to Dallas Mavericks player Jason Terry that integrates a messaging API and billing API.

AT&T Announces API Platform to Boost Innovation and Collaboration with Mobile App Developers

New Tools Help Developers Create Innovative Apps that Will Run More Efficiently, Save Battery Life and Bring Apps to New 'Screens'

Dallas, Texas, January 09, 2012


Key Facts

AT&T* today outlined a series of developer initiatives at the sixth annual AT&T Developer Summit, -- one day before the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher announced the new AT&T API Platform for frictionless access to APIs, or software programming “hooks” that allow developers to easily incorporate AT&T services into their applications. Key elements include:

AT&T support for the development of HTML5 mobile apps with “add-that-to-my-bill” technology that will make it easy for developers to monetize their applications through the AT&T bill.

New tools to help developers create multi-screen apps, including for AT&T’s award-winning U-verse® TV service.

AT&T announced AT&T Cloud Architect, a developer-centric cloud platform providing storage and infrastructure as-a-service.

A new AT&T Application Resource Optimizer tool will allow developers to create apps that operate more efficiently, reduce data usage, and save battery life.

AT&T plans to introduce a new AT&T App Store in HTML5 with a fresh format that will benefit developers and customers – underscoring AT&T’s commitment to HTML5 technology.

The AT&T Developer Summit is a two-day event for software developers to participate in a Hackathon, hear the latest news on AT&T 4G devices and network and get technical news and marketing insights from industry experts.  Over 2,000 developers are attending.

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“Applications are one of the primary reasons people buy smartphones and tablets,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “With that appetite, we need to have the world’s greatest apps – running at their best – on our network.  Collaborating with developers and supporting their creativity through the AT&T API Platform and other best-in-class tools is the best way that we can make sure our 100 million-plus wireless customers have access to the best apps and mobile experience.”

AT&T API Platform 

The AT&T API Platform will make app development easier than ever by giving developers access to the APIs they need in one convenient place. When developers start writing applications, the classes and objects they will need to interface with AT&T services are already written, and accessible. The platform empowers innovation through relationships with outside developers, while maintaining AT&T’s commitment to protecting and maintaining our customers’ privacy.

The platform will offer in-app billing technology that will allow developers to receive payment for their apps through the convenience, speed and security of the AT&T customer bill. The platform is designed to support HTML5 browsers, part of AT&T’s commitment to the advancement of HTML5 technology.

AT&T U-verse Enabled

Christopher also announced that AT&T is opening up AT&T U-verse receivers to developers to enable development of multi-screen applications that interact in the home with U-verse TV, the fastest-growing TV provider in the United States over the past 11 quarters combined, with 3.6 million subscribers and $7 billion in annualized revenue as of third quarter 2011.

“We’re taking the hottest TV product and we’re marrying it with the hottest mobile technology,” Christopher said. “This will create great opportunities for developers and benefits for our customers.”

AT&T Application Resource Optimizer

Another new and exciting AT&T technology made available to developers at the summit is the Application Resource Optimizer (ARO), a tool that can help applications run faster, use less power and consume bandwidth more efficiently.

“ARO tackles a fundamental coding challenge developers face today – finding and fixing performance and power bottlenecks that detract from a great user experience,” said Jeff Bradley, Senior Vice President, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “But even if you’re not a developer, this matters. ARO can help developers create apps that conserve battery life, load pages faster and consume network resources in a smarter way.  This reduces the potential for network congestion and can save customers’ money on their data plans.”

AT&T App Center

Bradley also announced that AT&T plans to launch a new HTML5 Web storefront this year that will be “a fresh approach to discovering new apps for our customers.”

“More than a short list of categories, this storefront will be a magazine-like collection of stories,” he said.

Bradley invited developers to participate in the App Center beta by signing up at

Developer-Centric Cloud

AT&T also announced today the coming launch of AT&T Cloud Architect, an innovative suite of flexible, integrated cloud services for developers and internet-centric businesses that allows users to build an online business or run an application quickly with low operating costs. The platform will support near-real time ordering, provisioning and scaling, in a fully customizable cloud environment.  OS development options will include LAMP for CentOS, Debian, Fedora and RedHat, as well as Windows Server options.  In the future, AT&T will add a full API framework to enable developers to fully tap into AT&T’s dynamic cloud.

“We understand that developers’ cloud needs differ significantly from those of AT&T Business Solution’s more traditional customers such as CIOs and IT managers,” said AT&T Chief Technology Officer John Donovan.  “Developers need the reliability and stability of our differentiated cloud too, but first and foremost, they need flexibility, affordability and speed in turning up new services. This is what AT&T Cloud Architect offers.”

Collaboration is the Key

Throughout the summit, AT&T leaders have emphasized that collaboration with the developer community is essential to creating the most innovative applications and best customer experiences.

“In a very direct way, we are in this together,” Christopher said. “Enabling developers to innovate is the best way we know to both drive growth – and improve our customers’ mobile broadband experience.”

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

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