Apple targets Samsung Galaxy Nexus in German court, says it copies slide-to-unlock feature

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 20, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The ongoing legal war between Apple and Samsung grows once again this afternoon, as it's been revealed that Apple is now going after Samsung and the Galaxy Nexus in a German court. Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung alleging that the Galaxy Nexus infringes on an intellectual property right known as a utility firm, which FOSS Patents describes as a "fast-track patent that comes with various limitations," that has to do with iOS's well-known slide-to-unlock feature. Apple is said to have registered the utility model back in 2006. The company argued that it couldn't use its utility model against Samsung devices like the Galaxy Nexus any sooner because they're too new.

The past few days have been rather busy in the world of Apple v. Samsung legal battles, as Apple first hit Samsung with a pair of new smartphone and tablet-related lawsuits, and then today Samsung had one of its patent claims against Apple denied (by the same German court that held the aforementioned Galaxy Nexus ruling, actually). As far as this latest case goes, the court is expected to make some sort of decision on March 16th. We'll keep an eye on things and keep you abreast of any other major developments between these two firms.

Via BGR, FOSS Patents

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