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Another chapter in the legal saga between Apple and Samsung has been written. A German judge today decided to throw out one Samsung's complaint agains Apple involving 3G/UMTS wireless telecommunications, which is one of seven patents involved in five different lawsuits brought against Apple by Samsung. The reasoning behind the judge's decision isn't yet clear, but FOSS Patents suggests that it could either be that Apple doesn't infringe on the patent or that Samsung's rights to the patent have exhausted. "We are disappointed that the court did not share our views regarding the infringement by Apple of this specific patent in Germany," Samsung said in a statement about today's news. The company hasn't decided if it plans to appeal the ruling.

This news comes hot on the heels of news that Apple has filed a new pair of lawsuits against Samsung in Germany, one involving smartphones and the other, tablets. The two companies have been trading (several) legal blows since Apple originally sued Samsung over some Galaxy phones and tablets back in April. In all, a Samsung spokesperson has said that the firm has spend around $60 million in legal expenses related to cases with Apple ever since that original April suit.

Via MobileBurn, FOSS Patents, Reuters

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"Who should win here, Samsung or Apple?"

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Anonymous i dont know..but thats a nice pic of the iphone 3GS, why does it have the samsung name on it..lol.
Faiz Firdaus Samsung is winer. I think
Javier Alvarez Apple <3
Brandon FromBrooklyn Does Apple iOS run Flash? Just a thought?
Richard Waring Apple stop these law suits i wont buy your products if you dont
Rodney Johnson Samsung apple is scared that they will take them out and out sale them
Eduardo Ordaz plus apple is being completely foolish. Apple stop these stupid lawsuits because who knows someone will rise and sue ur pants off so bad.
Eduardo Ordaz drop the apple copied Android or samsung copied apple. Its building on each others inventions. Apples notifications system make look like androids but they change it and added a few things. Samsung didnt copy anything they just build off of the UI and made changes and made it better. Its not about who made it first its about who makes it better. Samsungs phones are better and have bigger screens. Samsung makes better phones and way better than Apples. plus apple is just making people believe they made the first touchscreen and smartphone they didnt smartphones were here before the iphone. And LG and samsung made touchscreen phones first not apple.
Gwendolyn Suzanne Harris Kight I'm glad Apple won. Samsung needs to leave them alone. Apple products are much better. I'm glad the judge was in favor of Apple. Apple deserves to win.
Lopez Joe Samsung
Alex Stults Samsung. Apple needs to stop throwing a temper tantrum
Kevin Joel Samsung
Jason Jeong samsung
Shawn Sedha Samsung is copying apple.
Eduardo Ordaz the iphone isnt the best phone or nor always will b. galaxy s2 is waaaay better than the iphone.
Eduardo Ordaz and the galaxy s2 is the best phone on the planet not the iphone.
Eduardo Ordaz the iphone the best phone and always??? yeah right its the same phone but apple just bumped up the specs a little. oooo a 8 mega pixel camera oooo its nothing new ohhh notification system thats nothing new. Apple didnt invent he first touch screen phone infact smartphones were around before the iphone. My friends epic 4g touch beats the iphone 4 and the cloned iphone 4S.
Robert Cruz Aron I need help! Atrix 2 or galaxy s 2? Im all about screens
Tj Hill Samsung....screw apple stuff
Jacob Grumbles Samsung should win the overall lawsuit but the should be forced to change touchpiss because its a obvious copy of ios.
Brandon Johnson Shit who cares, Apple popularized the smartphone, Samsung capitalized on ios' ui design, they're both wasting money on this shit, we all lose.
Camar Green All of you Die Die DIe the CamPhone will beat all companies and turn you all into bigger drones.....oh wait sorry had a little bit of Fantasy Rage there. Nobody will ever agree on what phone is better. FUNNY thing is I'm sure all these companies are sitting back laughing at all of us Ragging over what phone is better, while they take our money each and every YEAR. I'll Buy That For a Dollar
Brian Polkinghorne I believe you'll find that Compaq/hp made the first "touch screen" phone with the ipaq 6340 back in 2003... Apple have been at this game for years, if anyone remembers the battle between them and microsoft over windows looking like mac os.. They lost that one though :-)
Monte Ferguson All of them ripped of xerox so both should pay
Justin Nguyen Does anyone not get it? Samsung > apple
Emanuel Alyaszadeh apples falling a little behind taking a while 2 release new phones while others are producing new and huge phones
Francisco Saucedo Let's make this simple , apple made the first touch screen phone but they copied it from archos samsung was the first to make a better touch screen phone than apple , apple is for kids
Eric Jacinto reading stuff like this makes me think that apple has paid off the judge??? I bet you apple could get away with murder if they wanted!
Anonymous Apple sue Samsung for rectangle (a shape that has been around since the beginning of time) shaped phone = Win lawsuit Samsung counter sue Apple for using 3G tech, something someone actually invented and Samsung owns patents to = Lose lawsuit What has this world come to? And to the iDumbs, Last I recall Apple didn't invent the touchscreen phone, they stole the idea from the LG Prada, implemented a crappy ecosystem to it and overhyped it. They didn't invent video calling either, Siri was bought, Notification center was stolen from Android, iOS "home screen" looks like Windows with desktop shortcuts and OSX is linux after Apple took a crap on it...So what exactly did Apple invent?
Jimmy Reynolds If you can't do better than Apple, just hate them. It's the American way now. lol
Lee Boren No one cares anymore! We get it we get. You both made a phone and UI that look some what similar. Just get over it and keep ruling the mobile phone world since your the top two in mobile phone sales.
Octo Verduzco Samsung!!!!!
Tim Miyashiro Samsung. I wish to see Apple perish like Jobs himself.
Manuel Comparan Samsuck!!!!
Jonathan Palaka I like samsung just not the android in it
Junior Toby Mendoza Samsung. All the way!!
Dennis Heggenstaller Apple invented the toliet paper, you must pay Apple everytime you wipe.
Joel Madison Apple should win
Cesario Brito Jr. Hahah I laugh at all these isheeps. They think Apple did everything first.
Jasper Johnson Samsung Samsung Samsung Samsung. Apple you are dirty, cheating liars!!
Said Issa Samsung...3g came first on samsung
Doug Fischer Samsung
Alfonso Manuel Avalos Apple didnt bring touch screens into the game they just made it popular some people need to read more hahah i dont hate apple but there ios sucks just me tho
Dennis Heggenstaller This is based on the iPhone 4: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/08/samsung-behind-25-of-iphone-4-parts/ Samsung makes the most parts for the iPhone, yet Apple sues them. If Apple could patent taking a crap in a toliet they would...
Rich Hernandez nobody wins when you sue them eh?
Tae RipRell AndTrapp @Daniel Samsung Makes Better Phones Then Apple, Shit They Make Apples Phones Better So What That Gotta Do With Anything ? And Apple Started The Lawsuits So Samsung Have To Play They Way And Beat Them At They Own Game !
Brian Cisneros Samsung sucks all dey do is copy
Andrew Lipps the reason apple is so strict with it's patents is because they created the technology first. If you ran a company and had a new inventive product that sold like crazy, you would want to protect that investment as well and make sure no1 was purely mimicking your ideas.
Douglas Russell Daniel your wrong the iPhone has parts manufactured by Samsung. Apple started this BS they do not like competition from android. IPhone is for sheep
Nick Truskowski Apple only has one phone... Morons
Andrew Lipps Apple...i don't re-call samsung inventing the first touch screen phone. I just see mirror copies of iPhone technology implemented into a cheap plastic model with a samsung logo on it.
Ciera Northern Daniel, Apple started it first because their hyped up "superior" product is so inferior compared to Samsung's newer products. Know your facts..
Cesario Brito Jr. All I want is my Galaxy S III. F apple.
Danu Carrión Perales lol at all the people who root for apple and oppose sopa... apple supports SOPA you dumb ifags, they want more and more money, less piracy more clients buying stuff from them
King Josef Apple is a company that takes your money bit by bit their smart but samsung been making phones before them so i choose them
Daniel Cuadrado If you can't build a better product than apple your only other choice would be to sue them. The iPhone is and will always be the best smartphone in the world!
Bonifacio Zamaripa Germany's Mannheim Regional Court has just issued a decision on one front of the ongoing dispute between Apple and Samsung, ruling against one of the Korean manufacturer's several patent infringement claims. At issue is a Samsung patent pertaining to the 3G / UMTS standard -- one of seven that Apple has been accused of infringing. Today, Judge Andreas Voss rejected Samsung's claim, though the reasoning behind this decision remains somewhat murky. According to FOSS Patents, however, the validity of the patent itself probably wasn't the driver behind Voss' ruling, since any doubts would have resulted in a stay, rather than an outright rejection. FOSS speculates that the court determined either that Apple wasn't infringing upon Samsung's patent, or that Samsung has simply exhausted its IP rights. In a statement, Samsung said it has yet to decide whether it will appeal today's ruling. "We are disappointed that the court did not share our views regarding the infringement by Apple of this specific patent in Germany," spokesman Nam Ki-yung said. "It should be noted that today's ruling relates to only one of several patents asserted by Samsung in the Mannheim court.
Kevin Naira they are retards
Kevin Naira they are retreated
Steve Williams apple is the biggest patent troll on the planet.
Johnny Makris-munoz Apple is stupid samsung ftw
Pratyush Gaur Samsung Forever.
Tae RipRell AndTrapp Im With Dennis, Wonder How The 4s Would Be W/o Samsung A5 Chip Hmmm..
Steve Williams they have dennis. and i know its total bullcrap.
Roy De Vera Walican Apple is a crap.
Jesse Ling neither should win,this is idiocy.simple blind idiocy.
Dennis Heggenstaller I wish Samsung would stop making parts for Apple phones, who the f
Susie Tracey Who cares anymore? These constant back and forth lawsuits are ridiculous.
Orga Price Regardless of who wins, we lose. Choosing litigation over innovation makes you a dick.
Eric Hook Samsung definitely
Thomas A. Kautz i think everyone is getting real tired of listening to samsung and apple and all of their damn lawsuits against each other! apple just cant handle that samsung is the top cellphone maker and they probably will be for many years to come!, keep it up samsung!!!
Rom Sd Samsung
Steve Pena They should both drop it. There are plenty of users to go around. Not to mention they are fighting over soon to be antiquated technology.
Abhi Shek sammy...:p
Thomas Matthews Samsung because they had 3G before the first iPhone was even released.
Francis Park ?? ??? .... just as long as Samsung runs LTE network mode on it's smart phones it is better for me .... And as long as iPad can download apps from diff developers .... Who cares about that lawsuits issues .. duh ??
??? APPLE!!!
Steve Williams samsung your suppose to bribe them first like apple DUH.

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