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Ever since the Lumia 900 made its debut at CES, AT&T, Microsoft and Nokia have all stayed mum on the availability details of the new Windows Phone, saying only that it'll be launching "in the coming months." That hasn't stopped spitting out possible release info from slipping out, though, and today we've got another report to add to the pile. The folks at BGR claim to have gotten hold of a partial AT&T 2012 roadmap courtesy of a "trusted source" and, according to said roadmap, the Lumia 900 may be priced at $99.99 on contract when it hits. The report adds that the 900 is currently expected to be coming on March 18th, though the site adds that that could change since the phone hasn't earned technical acceptance yet.

This isn't the first time we've heard rumors of a March 18th retail debut for the Lumia 900, but the fact that it's popped up again seemingly adds a bit more credence to the date. Of course, release rumors are just that, rumors, and launch dates can occasionally change before they're set in stone. As for the 900's alleged $100 price tag? That'd make it quite a bit cheaper than AT&T's other LTE-enabled handset offerings — the HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket — which are both currently going for $200 on the carrier's website. Nokia has indicated in the past that it wants to make a splash in the U.S. market with its Windows Phone devices, though, and a $100 Lumia 900 would certainly help it achieve that goal. Would you be interested in picking up a Lumia 900 for $100 on contract? Just in case you need help while pondering your answer, our hands-on with the 900 is available below.


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"Would you buy the Lumia 900 at $99.99?"

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Benjamin Onnenpoika Rae YES! but here in finland we dont have it ! maeby u can send me one !
Eduardo Ordaz Noooo way! Wp7 sucks. Can't customize nor having a wallpaper behind those pizza boxes. Besides those phones look ugly and look like trash. Its cheaper because it sucks. People r buying IPhones, Android phones and Blackberries because they prefer those over wp7. My cuz had his for a week and returned because the OS sucked and he couldn't do anything with it. It even froze 5 times and had to reset it. It lagged too.
Sim Floyd Jr Android has a better infrastructure with many more apps and better specs so no if I had a choice. I would choose it over Apple, though.
Eugene Yap How about sensation xe
Mike Jaros Yuuuup!
Jiaqi Liu YAY!!
Trevon Jordan Berry yes i would!
Nhut Nguyen If only it is an android phone.
Kris Sabo No wp7 needs a little more customization options for me to get another devise.
Reinaldo Alvarez Maldonado The only good about this phone is the Carl Zeiss lenses, good pictures. But i dont think i would buy one.
Zac Hooper it's pretty sexy looking, but i'd rather run ice cream sandwich ;D
Darnell D. Johnson Hell Yeah! I've been waitng for this one!
Talon Meyer heck yeah
Enrique Vasquez Nope.. windows is too limited.
Jason Matsukawa If Apple drops the ball again, I'm buying the Nokia 900. I'll have to wait till mid year at least, though, to see what Apple comes up with.
Christian Golca Nope waiting for the iPhone 5
LaQuise Murphy yes i will!!!!!!
Zach Cline Verizon needs more windows devices.
Niko Lapcic Nope, im getting the galaxy note :D
Geoffrey P. Spicer Nope titan:o
Hansel Starley Yes, yes, yes and yes.
Nic Gruwell yeah 100 is a steal compared to the $300 bullshit Verizon tries to sell
Daniel Cuadrado Yes. Great price point.
Enobong Etteh yep if i was on AT&T
David Harness I don't really want Windows Phone, but it's a perfect price point and I'd recommend it to others!
James LeBlanc 99.99 No term? Fcuk yeah1
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab Maybe. I'm getting bored of iOS and android is to unstable :-(. Looking to try something new for the right price. Granted the specs match the price :-)
Lewis Hachmeister Nope. Maybe I would if it ran android like it should.
Tim Houp I'll never buy another Android. Windows Phone is so smooth, so good and it flat out works. And with Nokia making it, it means you can actually talk on it.... it is a phone after all.
Su Zahir I will pay $99 tops for an upgrade. Because these phones will be on eBay without contract for $150 in 2mos
Eddie Tam nope.. want early gadget buyers to gobble it up to help force industry to produce an Intel Quad Core dual-boot Android ICS/Windows 8 or 9 phone.. :)
Arvydas Gr YES. I would! Nokia is going to be big this year! Lumia 900 is just AWESOME
Josh Pieters Hell yes!
Mylo Machuca I would sell it for 99
Calvin JW This thing will be lucky to even kiss the Galaxy S3 on the feet. Fuckin windows phone is so limited.
Catherine Ashley Unger Yes I would. I have been waiting for this phone. It has a Zeiss lens on the camera. Normally those lens only appear on cameras and they are rare when they do because it is such a high quality lens.
Noe Zuniga LX3 for TMOBILE....
Courtney DB I'll stick with my iPhone for now :)
Rumle Borgmann cheap and its good looking but im going for the sony experia s or motorola droid razr in white
Bryce Michael Goodnature If my contract ended in march, I'd jump on that like no other.
Luis Valenzuela No, not too fond of windows or Nokia
Anthony T DAquino Already used by upgrade on the titan for a penny "so im not complaining" but I believe my fiancé and my brother will both be getting one!
Flako Ramirez Hell yea
Jonathan Z. Dadekian Nope. Android is my way to go. Speaking of which, still waiting for Galaxy Nexus to be offered with TMOB!
Anand Mehta Not AT&T again goddamit!!!
Templo Uno Great price but going for the Galaxy Note
Joey J. Bowles Are you kidding me?!?!? I just bought th Focus S. I am going to have buyer's remorse when the Lumia ships.
Adriel D. Mingo YESSSSSSS..if it's true.
Vlad Valentine McBride Heck yea if tmobile got one
Rodney Sosa Blackmon No to much money!
Richard Barnes ready and waiting
Epoca Rudo Extremo Nope rather get tmo is 49.99
Ross Hilleary Andrew Magee

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