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Although we've yet to hear anything official about the Samsung Galaxy S III making its debut at Mobile World Congress next month, many folks have assumed that such an event is going to occur, especially given the fact that the Galaxy S II was introduced at last year's MWC. A new report out of The Verge this afternoon suggests that at one time that was indeed the case, but now Samsung may have decided to push the GSIII's unveiling back. This rumor comes from "people familiar with the matter," who believe that the delay may have been caused by Samsung's desire to avoid an extended period between the device's international launch and its arrival here in the U.S. The news of a Galaxy S III announcement delay is also being reported by German blog BestBoyZ. So when will Samsung take the wraps off of the GSIII? An exact date isn't yet known, but it's said that the handset will be here "before summer."

Keeping up with the Galaxy S III news, well-known Russian insider Eldar Murtazin recently took to Twitter to claim that he's spent some hands-on time with Samsung's new handset. It wasn't all "gloat, gloat, gloat," though, as Murtazin spilled some alleged specs for the GSIII. According to him, the phone packs an HD display, 1.5GHz or 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 12-megapixel shooter, and Ice Cream Sandwich with some software tweaks (likely referring to TouchWiz), all in a package that he says gets good battery life. Murtazin adds that the GSIII is set to debut at MWC, but as the previous rumor claims, that may no longer be the case.

So will we or won't we see the Galaxy S III next month? We'll have to wait another month or so to find out for sure, but even if the GSIII does end up missing out on a trip to Barcelona, we're sure to see some pretty killer hardware at MWC from Samsung and others. And hey, if Samsung does push the GSIII further into 2012, that means that you'll have some extra time with your Galaxy S II before feeling like its outdated and being filled with the desire to chuck it out the nearest window in favor of Samsung's new hardware. 

Via Android Central, @eldarmurtazin (1), (2), BestBoyZ, The Verge

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"Will you be upset if there's no Galaxy S III announcement at Mobile World Congress next month?"

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Tyler Amonett When Samsung makes their next phone they need to come up with a new design as well because all of their recent phones just look like the same thing .
Ben Conover doesn't matter anyway. SGS3 probably won't get released til next year. by then, I'll have a Skyrocket HD. :)
Eduardo Ordaz Cant wait to get my hands on one. Definitely worth the wait. @ Arvydas wp7 sucks. Samsung doesn't want to make that much wp7 phone because one Microsoft forced to sign a licensing deal and is telling them how they should make the phones. Besides sprint doesn't want to sell wp7 nor they want to talk about then cause they aren't selling.
Ric Rush All the other phone makers will have their chances to shine. They must be pretty pissed to hear everyone is waiting for the Galaxy S III to be announced. Myself included. I'd be happy if they announced a Galaxy Nexus plus with a 12 megapixel camera. That would silence alot of people.
Alfrantonio Durán Well.....in the moment I'm so happy with my SGSII, but know what? I'll be waiting 4 the SGSIII......no Lumia, no Razr! :-)
Viraj Shah ahhh....not reallly...thrs already so many devices out thr in d market. i dont knw y ppl expect sm or d othr new Iphone or Nexus lookalike 2 b launched @ evry othr tech event. gv it a break ppl and gv manufacturers sm breathin space so tht thy can comeup wid sm really gud stuff.
Nick Kathrein Galaxy Note 2 would be cool with quad core and more memory
Arvydas Gr Oh no, if they announce good smartphones with WP7
Chad Allen Dont really care im happy with my Razr
Gibby Garcia No. It's worth the wait...
Flako Ramirez Nope i need windows ppl on verizon
Vi?t Dung No, because I won't be able to afford it anyway. But I would if I had a SII LTE HD. Nonetheless I'm still eager to see its specs. S' and SII's were impressive at the time
Mitch Lopez Not at all. Samsung sucks and should focus on making TVs instead of cheaply made plasticky feeling phones with crap battery life. Maybe they should go on a hiatus from phones and study HTC,Apple and Motorola to see how their competitors make a better product.
Nathaniel McCord Oooo I wonder if blackberry is going to release a game changer this year I doubt it but hope full thinking I really hope Lenovo releases there phone on sprint
Shylo Desloovere S3 and even bigger screen? I would love to have a sII but the screen size just scares me. Not easy to have it in your pockets and work at the same time. Still rolling on ma bb bold :p
Nathaniel McCord It's Samsung's year to show off next it will probably be another company maybe even Lenovo will release there phone in the united states with an intel core
Boss Roberts More like pissed!!!!
Jordan Mamba WorldPeace Konesavanh Bro I got my S II and ATT Hella chill, giving me a upgrade anytime now :D Quad Core Exynos with companion core here I come! Hopefully
Dan Hammen I don't care when they announce it as long as we see it states side in a timely fashion
Nathaniel Hull dont care pretty happy wit s2
Cesario Brito Jr. Jason, obviously you cared enough to make a comment here about the topic. For your info, a lot of people care.
Juan Elcuchosowet Cervera Hell yea I would
Trevor Trey Basikolo Just because they might not show it at mwc doesn't mean they will delay the launch i have had my galaxy s2 since uk release late q1 and been perfect phone now cant wait for the galaxy s3 i just hope its a quad core clocked at at least 1.5 but either way its gonna be awesome
Jason King Who cares about the GS3 it will be replace after 3 months anyway ...
Krushi Vemula I wish oems would announce phones within a month of the release. It crazy to announce a phone at CES or mwc and having to wait till October to get the phone
Toreon Jones Sr. HTC edge as da NEW EVO......
Kris K. Blomgren Nope...I'm super happy with my Galaxy Nexus
Umar Gillen big time.
Reese Woodson It's too many other phones coming out for me to be upset. About time we get the SSGIII the SSG4 will be coming out lol or something better. Androids are a dime a dozen.
Philip Young Keath I just got my galaxy s 2...for full price nonetheless. I do love it very much. I hope the s 3 will be made of more "expensive" material. For a premium phone there sure is a lot of plastic...
Shawn Towle I'll be happy, I want to my SII for a while!
Darryl Mouzone Not really because by the time it is announced, there will probably already be another phone more powerful than the GS3 on the market.
Sonny Nabong No because I don't have the money to buy one yet lol
Dillon Brantner Yes, I just got my gs2 a month ago but I'm already bored with it and need something good to get after I buy the galaxy note and get bored with that.
Alexander Schneider-Siemssen My best friend is a Apple freak,i showed him my GsII You should have seen his jealous look :-)
Jack Dexter No not really as I have an iPhone
Chris Northcutt Yes - cause when it comes to the US, I'm going to upgrade from my Samsung Epic.
Iam Talat America just get their phones late
Danu Carrión Perales stop saying the galaxy 2 came out... the real galaxy s2 came out around the end of april beggining of may! learn to count dumb asses thats almost a year!
Beto Montes ICS for Galaxy S II first....
LaQuise Murphy And @stephen wagner they came out with the galaxy s2 skyrocket and the skyrocket hd
LaQuise Murphy This is so upsetting :-\
Carlos Nava No because if that happens I'll just get the IPhone 5
Stephen Wagner The sII JUST came out.
Cesario Brito Jr. I just want this beast on Sprint ASAP!
Abhinav Paturi yes i would. number one
Chris Robato I expect the GS3 to debut somewhere April. Too soon to launch it. I do expect the Galaxy S2 HD and an S2 refresh with 1.5Ghz Exynos to debut. Samsung getting their quadcore Exynos to come out first.
Zach Cline @ Luis- Lmao- I guess you haven't seen apples quarter 2 profits. The iPhone won't be killed.
Joel C Bulo people keep saying the s2 just came out but Samsung releases one flagship phone every year, they release it for Europe and other countries then the us variants come in Sept, so it really doesn't affect the US when they announce it....it will still be a yearly series where its released
Cory Wilson Iphone5 better make a fast move
Cory Wilson Gs2 has been our awhile
Anthony Douglas Just like my Razr just got it last month and now they are coming out with the Droid Razr Maxx with better battery life and for a lower cost. Manufacturers should focus on perfecting their devices not release a new one every 3-6 months but there is ALWAYS someone willing to pay retail for the latest device.
Cee Will Yup Samsung all the way
John Zanatta Not in the least.
Yousif Sobhi HELL yeah, can't wait, ill buy that shit even if it costs me to go to Europe to get it.
Richard Ameen Nope gsII just came out and if they do that everyone will be pissed. But idc i love my iphone 4S and i used to own an s2
Kyle Forest no who cares
Ray Munoz Don't care
Luis Enrique Baquerizo Cool another Iphone killer
Seymour Mainu NO, they need to wait a little before announcing it
Clemente Miklavchich you wanna know why are they already making III, because 2 sux and they need new one for idiots to buy (no offence)
Luis Castro ba dnews
Lupe Ramirez No, I got my Galaxy S II like 3 months ago!
Lance Burley didnt the II just come out ?!?!?!?!?! why is samsung pushing out some many phoens slow down before you come under cut yourself
Edward Peano Samsung is ruling at the minute! I hope there is one announced but if not i'll just go hard and get the note!
Eric Casanova No because HTC will steal the show with the HTC quadcore Edge
David Juarez Nope. They should support their already awesone gs2. I think the us gets ibternational devices so late it feels like we go through sgs versions so quickly. I could care less. My sgs2 will like right through sgs 3 and 4
Ivan Pineiro Well, I would hope they take more time with the Galaxy S III to make it 10 times more excellent than the Galaxy S II (Not saying it isn't good enough)
Danial Sleeper They are holding off so when theory release it. It will be available everywhere...yes. including the US
Lanh Nguyen The GSII will be out for a year in Europe by the time they officially release the GSIII. Only here in the states has it not been out that long.
Kevin Loughrey I would eat myself
Jim Antrikin ive bought my last samsung product.
Paul Davis It'll be here eventually
Marti Ruiz i want ics on my gs2
Aaron Bergman They are making an announcement, not releasing it in a month. The cpu in it was pegged for a 2nd half launch... settle
Jesse Ling android devices are pathetic,most updates are so minor that they hardly even need downloading.android is way too over generic these days.so no i will have no disappointment if there is no sIII
Adam Evans No, because Samsung phones suck. My slide phone, my Galaxy S, my replacement Galaxy S from my carrier and my wife's Sidekick. Wouldnt even buy one of their other electronics.
Victor Rios I used to love HTC but I have to say Samsung really stepped it up with the GSII...after all they do have that very nice Super AMOLED Plus screen that is a major PLUS for me!
Jamie Doege save it for Q4 Samsung. the SGS2/GNEX/GNOTE are more then enough for everyone right now!
Luis Robles Figueroa Can wait and plus is going to have ICS. Well I hope so...
Joshua James Witzel HTC is the best phone brand out there. Have u seen the specs on the EVO Shift?
Eric Franco They better have it
Kyndryk Leshaun I will be upset if they do. Cellular companies are making too many phones instead of perfecting them. The gs2 hasen't even been out that long so I don't see why they should ae making one.
Dwayne Cook Nope, even if they did I won't be getting until my contract is up. By the time my contract is up there will be a better phone out the next week.
Jason Ramos Nope. Let them wait on Apple to announce the iPhone 5 first then make the necessary corrections tot he GSIII and then announce it
William Sanchez That's okay, the Galaxy IV is just around the corner.
Leonard Chung (epic 4g touch)
John Miller no because by the time it comes out in the us ( ya know 6 months after europe) something better will be out
Leonard Chung not really...i just got my galaxy S ll...
Jake Russel Rodriguez absolutely! I'm planning on getting one on Christmas 2012. :\
Clemente Miklavchich not realy, i wont buy it, i dont want to have brich in my pants every day
Joey Mattia No. Just got the galaxy s 2 lmao
Rin Von Irisviel Einzbren nooo whhhyyy T_T I can't wait....
Rick Sievers HTC sucks!!
Victor Rios Yes since I am close to my upgrade and was thinking of getting the GSII IF there is no GSIII.
Dani Spain I'd be happy I just got the galaxy s2
Jesus G. Nolasco Yea its the best phone out there. And its perfect for making iphone users feel like crap
Aaron Bergman Nah, there will be two other quadcores for sure. Possibly 4. Htc's, lg's, hauwei, and I think acer had one coming??
Zaheer Ahammad I will be upset if there is, slow down with these new phones for crying out loud. A new phone is outdated within weeks
Jamar Meo Yeeeeeeeeeeessssss!!!!!! Deeply............(yet I have metro :p)
Bruce Gant htc rules all!!

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