Verizon shared data plan training materials

We've heard Verizon say that it's working on shared data plans on a couple of times in the past, with CEO Lowell McAdam saying last month that 2012 could finally be the year that we see such an offering unveiled. If a new leak is to be believed, those plans may not be far off. A screenshot sent to Engadget this morning purportedly shows that training documents for a new version of Verizon's own account management software a new section labeled as "account level data plans." Included in this new section are references to an account level data allowance charge along with a charge of $9.99 per line.

Verizon's not the only operator that's got shared data plans in the works, as AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega has said that his carrier also plans to intro a shared data offering. Of course, just like Verizon, we've yet to see any type of plan actually made available, though de la Vega did promise earlier this month that AT&T's shared data plans are still coming. Which carrier will be the first to market with shared data is still up in the air, but whichever it is, it's good to see the plans finally on the horizon, especially as smartphone use continues to grow. Any of you think you'd sign up for a shared data plan?

Via Engadget

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Jason Allen Lucas
Jason Allen Lucas @brandon w, ok well if you have a opinion you wish to share with someone first off you probably should resort to flaming or name calling..i do know what it takes to build a network and maintain it and i know the REAL cost behind the day to day point being unless you have valid info to share with danu, or w/e his name was maybe you should get your facts together about whats really going on as far as communications is concerned before disrespecting somone that doesnt share your opinon. Wireless carriers basically force fed smartphones to people without having the infastructure or bandwidth to support everything, then they took it you realize as far as data communication most people are over paying for unlimited text by well over 1000%? The data it takes to send the word "hello" or even a full message is so small that basically everyone is paying $20 a month for like i said dont damn someones lack of information when you really have no clue yourself...
Trent Tolbert
Trent Tolbert Well first let me just say, Verizon should cut a huge check to me because I had that idea about 6 years ago and even mentioned it to a customer service rep when I was still with them. Unfortunately for them I left them for Sprint 2 years ago because of a better family plan with double the mins as big red and of course unlimited data all for less. So in my opinion Verizon is so full of themselves they will charge what ever they want for what ever service they want to provide. So to answer your question, I would love shared data, just not from Verizon.
Fernando Freo
Fernando Freo I am coming to US, and I have the international version of the galaxy s 2, running on the the frequencies HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100. My question is: Which carries in US will work with my phone so I can get 3G speeds?
Jerimiah Williamson
Jerimiah Williamson Pricing is a big worry Verizon is always high but if price is right and control of the account is handled correctly it may be a good thing
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin I have unlimited data and I avrg out 5g to 10g never w over 7g I'm good to go
Jason Allen Lucas
Jason Allen Lucas To everyone damning wireless companies, if you dont know the underline reason why your provider gave you all these features then, like a wolf in the night took them all away...its because they dont have the infastructure, nor the bandwidth to supply you with the data plans they promised you...i mean think about it when i was a teenager a smart phone was either a crap blackberry or a windows mobile everything needs an ip address, your computer, pgone, tablet, the gas pump you use everyday....see where im going, and with products that hog bandwidth and network space like "netflix" or any other streaming service...things are gonna get alot worse before they get better....true talk fyi...
Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson no
Zach Cline
Zach Cline I'm grandfathered into it lol
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards I'd pay more for unlimited data
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards What happened to unlimited data plans
Brandon Trinkle
Brandon Trinkle My wife and I both have smart phones and since we have fiber optic internet at home we are on our WiFi connection and use very little cellular data. If they would come out with around a 2-3 GB share plan for around $30 bucks it would save us $20 a month. Of course we're on AT&T and the only way they will do this is if Verizon does it successfully.
Jill Blawat
Jill Blawat Looks like a $10 per charge for each additional line, but only if I get to keep my unlimited will I pay $10 per line to get my kids data on Verizon.
Ben Kramer
Ben Kramer Assuming there is some sort of savings for having a shared plan, I think this is an AMAZING idea. Take for example a family of four each with a smart phone and a 2GB data plan. Consider a situation where two of the users only use on average 500MB per month, while the other 2 users are struggling to stay UNDER their 2GB allotment. If the family could share a total of 8GB that would give the heavier users the ability to use a bit more data and the light users still continue their regular use, all while still maintaining the family's total allotment of 8GB total. Even if it is the SAME price as each having 2GB it could probably work out to some sort of savings in the case that heavier users go over 2GB where with a shared plan they would probably NOT go over the limit.
Brandon Worley
Brandon Worley @danu.... Go get u a couple of billion $$ start ur own network. And then try letting ur customers do that on ur network and see how fast u lose ur $$ u have zero idea how much it takes to build maintain and operate a wireless network the size and speed of Vzw. Idiot
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Definitely. I don't think people would mind spending $30 or $40 a month for an unlimited data plan
Robert Wellington Clubine III
Robert Wellington Clubine III Well, this could be good if they do it right. To me shared data should be with all the devices on a persons account.
Mark DeCausemacker
Mark DeCausemacker Yea if i can share it between my phone and a tablet.
Chuk Anyanetu
Chuk Anyanetu The real question, is Verizon interested in losing out on some money?
Tony Godswatching Overme
Tony Godswatching Overme NO
David Hilgendorf
David Hilgendorf Nope.... I'm happy with my unlimited data on vzw already
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales No... fuck shared and limited data plans... I pay for a service I think I can decide how the plan can be not for a company to tell me which amount of data should I use...
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Unlimited and thats it...
King Josef
King Josef Unlimited shared would make no sense or they would just have unlimited
Jon Andrew
Jon Andrew Yeah!
Gary Vivanco
Gary Vivanco Yes
John Cruz
John Cruz Unlimited data
Sam Cass
Sam Cass Yes!
Yvonne Soto
Yvonne Soto Depends on the prices....
Ben Conover
Ben Conover @Joe you can turn off mobile data when you're not using it. That should fix your weird problem.
Joe Zazueta
Joe Zazueta I'm just interested in att fixing there stupid data plans my phone has used close but never over the gb limit and the last fee months its been using 13 + gb of data they replaced the phone Nd had me delete every thing but still every night between 2am and 7 am its shows dara usage like crazy on both my lines grrrr

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