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Are you a Sprint customer that's eligible for an upgrade but has been flirting with the idea of jumping ship to another carrier? If so, Sprint may have just the thing to keep you on the Now Network. A document leaked to the folks at SprintFeed has revealed that, beginning February 5th, Sprint will begin getting in contact with customers that are eligible for an upgrade but are "at a high risk of leaving Sprint" via email or snail mail. The carrier says it'll be offering those subscribers a discount of either $25, $50 or $100 for upgrading to a new device as a way to entice them to stick around. This discount is on top of the standard upgrade savings and, of course, also requires a two-year agreement. The promotion is slated to run through March 18th.

Good deal, no? Obviously not everyone is eligible to get a piece of this discount, but for those of you that fit the above criteria, it's definitely worth a shot to give Sprint a call to on the 5th if you'd rather not wait around for a message from the carrier to pop up in your mailbox (electronic or otherwise). Any of you out there think that you might be able to take part in this promo? If so, do you think a discount of up to $100 off of a new phone would be enough to get you to stay with Sprint?

Via SprintFeed

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"Should other carriers do the same? Do they need to?"

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Joshuah Landazuri im not leaving sprint even though they haven't gotten a new phone sence the iPhones and epic touch
Steve Pena Desperation. I had sprint before coming to Japan last Nov. horrible outdated service.
Ryan DeClue So they are offering to a select few what BestBuy offers to everyone all the time??
Asher Enciso I don't think people realize the speed of sprints soon to be LTE network. It's going to be just like WiMAX. Unless they can provide better infrastructure you will see no difference
Daisy Natalia Wijaya OK, for all that says F*** Sprint, just want to let u all know. I have been with Sprint for 12 years. Been with them for bad or good, up n down. Customer service used to be poor, but now they r the best.Wipe my entire bill once because I was having a baby. Got my $100 gift card last year right before Christmas from them and upgrade the new device last month n got the activation fee waived. Its all depend how u talked at the first place. N Now I am the advocate of the Sprint, so if u have any question, ask me and I will tell the Sprint's insider personally.........Thanks all
A.L. Blunt That's almost a slap in the face considering I, along with other "loyal customers," lost our reward perks last summer. Sprint has been attached to my account every since my first Sanyo, but it's things like this that make me think twice about a few things.
Adrian Miotto It all comes down to service...Verizon can't be compared to these guppy companies...its like buying a Rolls Royce and complaining cause its too expensive...then trading it for a Kia.
Greg Urbanowski Jumping ship when Lumia 900 comes out!
Gary Hardt No only sprint needs to because they have been bleeding customers for years.
Dominick Joseph yes and yes
Chris Taylor @Keith I am aware. No 4G LTE in philly though, so that's the deal breaker
Keith UnCool Nicholson Location location location. If you don't like sprint, then change services, no one is holding a gun to your head.
Cesario Brito Jr. Well good for you Jason. I'll mail you a cookie. :)
Darryl Hicks Hell no. Nothing she be offered to "select customers." Everyone should be getting the same discounts across the board. Of course, giving discounts to people who don't demand them, while a good thing for a person to do, is bad business strategy because it doesn't maximize profit. Sigh.
Jesse Bryant No, Sprint sucks so who would want to leave Verizon or AT&T? I have Sprint and I absolutely hate it.
Jason Ramos Oh and by the way, I'm grandfathered on Verizon's old Unlimited data plan ;)
Cesario Brito Jr. Jason, yeah I pay cheaper and still get great service. That's a win win for me.
Amie Lee Greenway I believe all phone carriers should do this! It's brilliant! Verizon has been giving us such a hard time since their NE2 ended and we threatened to switch to AT&T and they didn't even act like they cared. Very poor customer service. Now...if they were to, I don't know, say bribe us with a discount, I might be willing to stay with them. Their whole mindset is that switching is too complicated and we'd rather just pay the full amount...haha! WRONG!
Rico Woods There's no phone worth getting but the gnote if it ever comes to sprint and if then itwould be out dated... quadcore or nada
Jason Ramos Sprint sucks. They do nothing but make bad business decsions and have the worst customer service. Their prices may be good but the service sucks. Their 2.5GHz WiMAX couldn't even penetrate a fucking fly. Not to mention their awful 3G service too. Sprint couldn't get me to stay even for free. Verizon may cost more but service top notch. Their 4G leaves Sprint in the dust. I get 25-30Mbps on my Galaxy Nexus on average and inside tall buildings!! You know what there's a saying: "You get what you pay for".
Joel Neil Wouldn't go back to sprint even if they gave me an iPhone 4s 64GB for free.
Cesario Brito Jr. Ouch is right. Thats why I stick to Sprint.
Benjamin Padilla I like Sprint. They definitely need faster speeds though. LTE is coming but don't expect to have LTE in your area for at least 4 years unless you live in urban area. Verizon is good for the most part but you're going to PAY for that coverage. My mom pays $130 after tax for the unlimited text, 900 minutes, and 2GB plan. OUCH!!
Rodney Barlatier @Christopher Pena I should've gotten my Epic Touch off contract and wait for a 4G LTE phone but I upgraded. My EVO 4G was aggravating me, so I upgraded first week of January 2012.
Flako Ramirez Yes Verizon should def do that
Marcus NinersEmpire I Been with sprint almost 6yrs luv the unlimited plan still rocking the evo 4g...
Jonathan Z. Dadekian Tmobile will give huge monthly discounts if you are unhappy and threaten to leave or feel that you weren't treated right. I've done it! Haah
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Sprint is trash.. slowest 3g network iv ever used & horrible customer service
Huey Liggins Im with AT&T but want sprint. But AT&T is about to drop the Note and I still have unlimited data on AT&T. If sprint was to get the Note as well I'd switch for prices. Honestly AT&T has better service than sprint where I live so I'm not just gonna jump sprint for the price.
Angel Tompkins Better coverage iam on roam 99% of the time. Love my EVO husband has galaxy and his seems to get better coverage than mine. Have had thoughts of changing but who knows , paying that much for a bill u should get service anywere
Jesus Martinez Isn't Bestbuy making an offer like this just to renew contract with your same carrier?
Jennifer DeAlmeida Sprint is awesome! I don't see me leaving in the forceable future now that I have my iPhone! ;)
Joel Diaz Unlimited 4G is the bomb son!
Octo Verduzco I have the skyrocket with att... And grandfather into an unlimited data plan.... Works awesome for about a week! But after using about two gb it slows rediculous!!! Then im not able to stream video no more..... Im in a lte area... So its no excuse! Im ready for sprint......!
Cesario Brito Jr. Umm Chris, the Galaxy Nexus is coming to Sprint too....with bumped up specs.
Orly Maravilla I would be with sprint .... I still got my unlimited data with att
Victor Rios Easy the ones who complain a lot and those in-your-face people who threaten to leave lol besides Sprint is one of those that will keep trying everything to keep their customers...I've had it happen to me I almost left but they convinced me to stay.
Tommy Snyder just like the razr has a better radio then the nexus for phone calls
Jordan Griffith Sprint's getting the Galaxy Nexus, it will be their first LTE device.
Roy Portillo Yes they should. I left AT&T in the middle of my contract because they were throttling my data. Ive been on Sprint for almost 2 months now and I love it. Of course Ive "upgraded" from an iPhone to an EVO, so using the 4G all the time is amazing :)
Tommy Snyder S2 is the way to go but motorolas have the best radio for ever carrier
Austin Radus How do they figure who is at risk of leaving ?
Victor Rios Reception depends on not only the area you're in but also the phone itself...some have better radios than others. I personally think the Motorola Photon has the best radio but I also like the Galaxy S II radio not to mention the huge Super AMOLED Plus display and many more things about it.
Christopher Pena Well my contract is almost up and there aren't any phones I want to get, might just get the epic touch off contract and wait til something better comes around later this year.
Keith UnCool Nicholson I wonder if Chris realizes the galaxy nexus is coming to Sprint
Tim Cristiano HowardMorris Just discount a couple of my bills and I would be good.
Tommy Snyder gotta love unlimited 4G LTE...
Bethany Whaley I have sprint and am about to change carriers because I get TERRIBLE service in a big city! I'm always roaming! I wonder if they'll offer me a discount. Not that it'd help. Forget money. I want to be able to place CALLS. Gah.
Tommy D Thompson How do you figure Sprint cost more than Verizon?! lol
Aaron Couts Sprint needs all the help it can get
Victor Rios I'm sticking with Sprint no matter what...I like unlimited everything without throttling and all that. It's slow now but wait until they switch to LTE. I'd never jump ship especially for Verizon...can't stand them.
Justin Beilstein Sprint is the cheapest their is chris, good luck with your data cap.
Chris Taylor Still costs to much. Jumping ship to Verizon this weekend anyway, Galaxy Nexus here I come!

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