MetroPCS makes $40 4G LTE plan available once again

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: February 2, 2012

MetroPCS $40 4G LTE plan

Earlier this week we learned that MetroPCS had quietly killed off its $40 4G LTE rate plan sometime late last year when it stopped offering the Samsung Craft, the only device that was compatible with the plan. However, the $40 offering has now made its return to MetroPCS. The new $40 plan offers unlimited talk, text and web browsing as well as 100MB of streaming media access. To compare, the $50 LTE plan also offers unlimited talk, text and web, but bumps the allotted amount of streaming media to 1GB per month. Customers will be able to pair the $40 LTE plan with Metro's roster of 4G Android phones, which includes the Samsung Galaxy Indulge, Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G and LG Esteem.

Good on MetroPCS for opting to make a $40 LTE plan available to its customers once again. Sure, it may not appeal to all customers thanks to its limited streaming media access, but it's nice for folks looking to snag one of Metro's 4G handsets to have that option. Hit up MetroPCS's site right here to check out the $40 plan as well as the carrier's other offerings for yourself.

Via Phone Scoop, MetroPCS