In October of last year, BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion showcased their brand new mobile operating system, and effectively changed the conversation about their company. While the doom-and-gloom outlook for RIM hadn't been completely forgotten, things were certainly looking brighter. BBX was what everyone was waiting for, the (hopefully) perfect blend between the BlackBerry OS and the promising BlackBerry PlayBook OS. In essence, the month of October was a shining star within the dark night that has encapsulated RIM.

But that changed in December, and in a huge way. Early on in the month, RIM found themselves in some legal trouble regarding the "BBX" name, and was temporarily barred from using the title for their next mobile OS. Instead of fighting it out, RIM opted to change the name altogether and went with something completely out of left field: BlackBerry 10, or BB 10. For those of you keeping track of BlackBerry OS versions, we're currently on number 7, which saw a release with the Bold 9900 series of devices released last year.

And then, just over a week later from that initial piece of bad news, Research In Motion informed the world that we would have to wait much, much longer than we originally thought to see the first BB10-powered devices. According to the company, the first next-gen devices wouldn't be on store shelves until "late 2012," which from December of last year seemed like forever to wait. Even now, in February, "late 2012" seems so far away.

But then the BlackBerry London popped up (more than once), seemingly out of nowhere, and people were shocked. Eyes wide and all that. The London looked pretty impressive, and the simulated screen on the device running what looks like BB10 showed plenty of promise for the future. Unfortunately, the underwhelming specifications for a device that is launching at the end of 2012 made the handset slip off the radar for some people, and RIM is still knee-deep in negative murmurings.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 series, which saw releases on plenty of carriers around the world, and here in the States as well, is a fantastic series. It shows a whole new design strategy from RIM: focus on what made them great with the legendary hardware keyboard, but make the device thing and appealing to look at. And while BlackBerry 7 is definitely a minor upgrade to BlackBerry 6, there's definitely something about the Liquid Graphics on the handset that make it at least nice to look at. The Bold 9900 series features a 1.2GHz processor under the hood, and there's 768MB of RAM. 8GB of built-in storage, plus a microSD card slot to give you more room if you need it. Basically, while the Bold 9900 series may not be at the top of the list for most people out there, it shouldn't be because of the hardware, but only the software. Hardware wise the new Bold series is a stand-out device.

And that's why RIM needs --needs-- to focus on getting BlackBerry 10 on the newest Bold series. We know that BB10 devices are going to showcase the same element of design quality that the new Bold series displays, even as it advances forward. And we know that RIM is focusing on touchscreen devices, but leaks have told us that the company is also focusing on handsets with physical keyboards, too. That means the Bold 9900 series shouldn't be left in the dust, no matter how badly RIM wants to leap into the future and forget about the past.

Forget every other device, even the brand new Curve handsets that have launched. They're running only 800MHz processors, so they shouldn't even be on the future radar. But the Bold series has no reason to be forgotten, and RIM should recognize this. The hardware is top-notch, and with the BlackBerry 10 software rejuvenating the handset, there's no reason why people wouldn't buy it. Especially for the right price, considering the new BlackBerry 10-based handsets are probably going to be pretty expensive. And, let's face it, the people who bought the Bold 9900 series are going to expect updates, simply because their devices aren't slow and out of touch with technology. They've got speed and performance, and RIM should do something to show owners that they haven't been completely forgotten for what lies ahead.

Even if the Bold 9900 series owners have to wait until the end of 2012 to get the update, time it right with the launch of the new handsets and you'll have plenty of happy people out there.

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Jose Angel Santiago RIM should just go away
Anonymous Some of us just want to talk, make calls and take pictures. If it's a high quality device I'll buy it...
Miguel Davis i had a blackbery 9930 just for five months was at working using it todays ago and it just shuts down and not coming on at all... been trying to get it fix but no luck..
Nick Koval What's that???
Paul Alexandru What?BlackBerry!? Aren't they dead already??...hmmm
Eric Casanova It sucks
Richard Ameen Blackberry security and business apps on a Web OS platform= The ressurection of Blackberry
Ed Miller I think when I see it, I'll believe it.
Ian Walker Don't really know what all the doom and gloom talk is about blackberry ! I live in the uk and here there phones are mega popular especially with the younger generation.
Zach Cline Android is anything but stable lol.
Yeliz Küçükkaya I have no idea about this OS?
Amie Lee Greenway It seems to me, and this is just my opinion, that Blackberry was very popular when it first came out but other than that it hasn't shown me much in the past 5 years. It seems like it's one of those phones you either love or hate. I'm much more of a Droid fan anyway. It's a pretty stable OS.
Vlad Valentine McBride Blackberry is known for the amazing keyboard, if they kick blackberry bold out I will not get a bb10 phone, I just hate onscreen keyboard. I love my bb 9900 and would trade it for anything out there
Jacob Maldonado Play catch up with Android....
Hon Guin Lee Blackberry should of focused on the consumer level when they had their chance, now they are lucky if they focus for chavs.
Daniel Rivera Never heard of it.
Arthur Mmayie Blackberry needs to stay.Believe or not but Africa is their second largest consumer of Blackberry.I hope this new software or update works for them.
Scott Harris The WORLD is alot bigger than the USA. Blackberry is still very popular on other Continents. Additionally , the US Government Law Enforcement agencies ALL trust their communication needs to Blackberry . Apps are kool and so are kool graphics and music. But when it comes to security and email functionality , neither Android nor Apple OS are up to the task.
Gary Brown I saw a picture of the blackberry 10 phone, not bad looking but the problem is not only the hardware, it's the software. That app world is a joke and most of their app you got to pay for. They have to keep the battery life good and bbm and fix everything else.
Rani Hinnawi It's still a Blackberry, so I don't like it much.
Gerardo Castillo I Have Been Owning Blackberry Since When The Curve 8330 Came Out , I Have Owned The Curve 8330 , Pearl 8100 , Bold 9000 , Curve 8530 , Pearl Flip 8220 , Storm 9550 And The Torch 9800 Which I Stopped Using Last Week Since I Moved To A Windows Phone . My Expectation From Blackberry Was Good , But How Is Blackberry 10 ?? Is It Better , Is It Faster , Is It Faster Than The Older OS's , Does It Have More Features ?? Just Being Curious Because Blackberry Is Actually Dying And People Are Moving To Android !!
Joshua Evans I owned a Blackberry Tour when it was "in" if you want to consider it and I liked blackberry. decent battery life and a nice design. However the app market sucked and no personalization. If they do not make their own customization...they will go extinct.
Jason Winchester Right now, there is more evidence of BigFoot than for the existence of BB-10.
David DiPilla They should stop making them
Luis Lopez RIM doesn't need to update their BlackBerry line to BlackBerry 10. What they do need to do is run Android on their phones if they expect to survive. BlackBerry is dying and it's quite a shame that RIM isn't doing anything to stop it. Seems unfair to BlackBerry to users if you asked me.
Alvaro Astudillo What's RIM?
Jake Soble What's a blackberry?
Tommy D Thompson How is it possible for us to form an opinion on an OS we HAVEN'T SEEN?!?!?

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