Leaked info on BlackBerry London, Galaxy S III, HTC Ville, iPad 3, Windows Phone 8 and more!

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from  Dallas, TX
| February 6, 2012

Wow, there were tons of leaks last week. We saw images and info on the BlackBerry London, the new all-touchscreen BB 10 phone from RIM, the HTC Ville, one of the first phones to run Ice Cream Sandwich and the newly redesigned HTC Sense 4.0, the Samsung Epic 2, and more. We also got rumored release dates and announcement dates for the Asus Padfone, the Motorola Droid 4, and a rumored new Galaxy Tab. Most of these devices will be seen at MWC which is shaping up to be a pretty busy show. Of course, we'll have tons of coverage of MWC when it gets here.

The BlackBerry London looks just like the phone RIM needs to pull itself out of the hole it has dug for itself. Then again, there's the huge problem that this high-end, modern phone will not be released for another eight months. RIM is running a serious risk of releasing yet another awesome but outdated device. (When will they ever learn?) We discussed this during the show. Samsung had quite a few leaks last week as well as an official statement on when we should expect the new Galaxy S III. Check out that part of the video to see when that will be announced. We also spent some time discussing new information on Windows Phone 8, codenamed Apollo. This update should bring some much need hardware options like dual-core processors and higher resolution displays. We're still not entirely sure when to expect this update but at least we have more info on what it will bring to Windows Phone. Check out the timeline below to see a detailed list of what we discussed as well as where to jump to in order to listen to the topics that interest you the most.


PhoneDog Live Podcast #37


Timeline of topics:

3:03 BlackBerry London

11:06 Samsung SuperBowl commercial - what will we see?
14:39 New Galaxy Tab to be announced at MWC?
17:20 Samsung Epic 2
20:52 Samsung Galaxy S III

22:45 HTC Ville video showing Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4.0

28:29 iPad 3 rumors

32:05 Asus Padfone to be announced at MWC

33:53 Motorola Droid 4 leaked release date

34:30 LG CX2 will be known as the 3D MAX

35:37 Details on Windows Phone 8 Apollo

43:04 Aaron's 30-day phone switch (Galaxy Note)

46:14 Open Q&A