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Nokia N8

Nokia may be placing much of its focus on its Windows Phone devices like the Lumia 710 and 900 as of late, but some new rumors have surfaced to suggest that the Finnish firm is cooking up a handset that could make the Symbian crowd pretty happy. According a "trusted source" of BGR's, a new device known as the Nokia 803 is in the pipeline, and it may just be Nokia's final Symbian device. Not much is known about the 803, but BGR's tipster claims that it'll feature a 4-inch AMOLED display, Nokia Belle, HDMI-out, a microSIM, NFC and "one of the largest camera sensors" of any phone we've ever seen. The 803 is purportedly expected to arrive in May.

This isn't the first time that the name "Nokia 803" has cropped up, as the folks at Pocketnow got hold of a user manual for a Symbian Belle-powered handset referred to as the Nokia 803 back in December. The manual didn't offer up much in the way of specs, revealing only that the phone has NFC, HDMI and DLNA support, but it did contain the image you see below, which shows a basic rendering of a handset with a pretty big camera hump. Symbian fans may not be thrilled about Nokia's decision to ditch the platform for Windows Phone, but if these 803 leaks hold true, Nokia may be giving those folks a nice treat before they're done. More on the Nokia 803 as we get it.

Nokia 803 leaked image

Via PocketnowBGR

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"Would you even consider a Symbian phone now?"

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William Ho Didn't and still dont
Paul Davis im a camera whore.... so if the camera was outstanding I would take a look at it
Yeliz Küçükkaya I haven't heard the word Symbian for a very long time!
Stian Grøtåsen OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!.
Chris Robato Windows Phone sucks.
Jean Pacrim NOKIA +WP7 PERIOD...
Jean Pacrim Why the hell you want a Symbian?? Get over it...windowsphone all the way. For MALDROID USERS.. GOOD LUCK..
Nirav Insomniac Symbian was so much virus prone!!
LaQuise Murphy its kinda different but i am getting used to andriod and windows phone and apple
Nikitas Fooskas I don't understand this. Nokia plans to dump Symbian but then they have new phones out like the 700, 701 and this 803 with Belle (which is way better from what I seen). Can some diehard Nokia users explain this to me? Are they in or out? Should I upgrade my 5800 Navigation Ediition to the 701 or wait for this 803? Comments welcome.
Clint Winstead Hell to the no
Oliver Leon getting used to android..
Joel Diaz Nnnnnnevaaarrrr!!!!!
Ely Nakano symbian sounds too much like sybian
Oshin Eskandarian April fool day:yes Otherwise hell NOOOO
Zulfan Efendi Its already too late.
Jerry Butler That stainless steel case was the clincher on purchase - and it still is beautiful and functional...
Bryan West HahahahhahahahahahahhahahahajajajajhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahajaROTFLMAOhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Jerry Butler If it would be as intuitive as Android I would break my E71 out of storage (saving it for foreign travel...) and use it all the ime...
Pedro Costa ... No.
Dylan Wacker Short answer: No Long Answer: No
Wendy Lindop Don't be ridiculous. Symbian???!!!
Joseph Olvera Maybe if I lived outside of the US due to the lack of services here.
Cy Ferrer Same here. No.
Kok Han Chin definitely. i'll happily use it alongside my android and maemo. they still have some appealing factor to me
Eric Casanova Haha your funny
Anthony T DAquino Nope, the wp7 Nokia devices look so awesome! If i got a Nokia it would be a windows phone.
Mark MacCurrie The last one I had was the Sony Ericsson P1i. Fantastic phone but then I discovered Android. Haven't used anything else since, nor will I bother to.
Myron Black fuck no symbian sucks
Jacob Battaia i thought that said sybian phone at first, and was like WHOA!!!!!
James Stewart I came from Symbian to iOS in 2009 never going back EVER!
David Tambascio Symbian is still around? WOW
Sairus Soliman yes , why not .. symbian is still a good powerful os .. i remeber long time my Nokia Symbian 60 was the best smartphone ever in that time .. and am sure its got still some really amazing features out of the box .. ..
Hans Kwazneski I think I saw the police knocking down a door with a Nokia....
Reinaldo Alvarez Maldonado i had a N97, was a beatiful phone but like everything comes a day that you have to let it go. Its a shame that nokia didnt go for android. Their crafstmanship, quality and detail to their phones is amazing
Jose Hernandez What a joke....
Andy Oh Needs to be a lot more innovative to be even considered. Like what the Sony Playstation did to Nintendo and Sega. Don't need another Atari Jaguar...
Stephen Wagner I want to try it out
Cristian Tomasito whats symbian?
Daryl Pruitt naa im good
Pascal Micaëlli If symbian makes an unreal come back with a kickass new version and groundbreaking new device, why not ? Otherwise... Hell NO too!
Chris Ashmore a sybian phone never heard of it.
Fernando Diaz At least its not as crippled as WP7...you can do anything with Symbian like Android.....
Irving Giovanni Vargas MeeGo pwns android and iOs
Eduardo Ordaz Nope. Like Android a lot.
Nain El Fuego Romero I'm too attached to android. Sorry, nope.
Nikolas Manuelides never, i might consider a windows phone, but only as a 2nd device to play around, Android as my main always!
Quinn Tenfelde if andriod and windows died.......... but i would take a brick of an iphone
Dre Ill Ha!!!
Steve Hartsock The last one I had was the N95 and just before that the N75. Great phones for their time, but nothing like iOS or Android.

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