Sprint Upgrade Now program leaks, will offer select customers an early upgrade for a price

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 8, 2012

Sprint Upgrade Now promotion

Just a week after we got wind of a new Sprint program intended to prevent customers from jumping ship to a different carrier, details of another offer have surfaced. Dubbed "Upgrade Now," this program is meant to give targeted customers that aren't yet upgrade eligible the opportunity to move to a new handset ahead of their scheduled upgrade date. According to documents sent to SprintFeed, customers will be able to pay a fee that's based on how many months have passed since their last upgrade, basically allowing them to pay to get out of their contract and then buy another phone with a new two-year contract. Here's what the fees look like:

  • 1-8 months since last upgrade: Not eligible for Upgrade Now
  • 9-11 months since last upgrade: $165 Upgrade Now fee
  • 12-14 months since last upgrade: $125 fee
  • 15-17 months since last upgrade: $95 fee
  • 18-21 months since last upgrade: $55 fee
  • 22+ months since last upgrade: Eligible for New For You Upgrade Program, regular $36 fee applies

As you can see in the image above, the Upgrade Now offer is set to run from February 12th through April 14th and is only available to targeted customers at Sprint corporate stores. One other thing worth noting is that certain customers aren't eligible for the program, including corporate accounts, customers in collections, Airave accounts, tablet accounts, iDEN devices and, again, customers that upgraded sometime in the previous eight months.

For those folks that can take part in Upgrade Now, the program looks like a more affordable way to move to get a new phone rather than forking over $500 or more for the full retail price of a device. Plus, customers could also turn to Craigslist/eBay to help offset the cost of the early upgrade. If this program sounds like something you'd be interested in taking advantage of, it may be worth your time to have your friendly neighborhood Sprint rep check out your account to see if you're eligible. Any of you Sprint folk out there think the Upgrade Now program is something you'll be investigating?

Sprint Upgrade Now fees

Via SprintFeed