Nvidia MWC quad-core invite

We've heard some rumblings that quad-core smartphones could be headed to Mobile World Congress, and now another hint that quad-core handsets may  be headed to Barcelona later this month has surfaced. Up above is an invite to NVIDIA's MWC press event that touts its "quad-core firsts." What's that we see in that roller coaster-riding gentleman's hands? Why, that's a smartphone.

Over the past few months, the rumor mill has churned out reports of quad-core Tegra 3-powered handsets from the likes of HTC and LG, both of which are said to be making the trip to MWC. We'll have to wait until our feet touch the ground in Barcelona before finding out whether or not that's actually the case, but it's starting to look like we'll be seeing some form of quad-core smartphone at MWC in a few weeks. Are you excited about the impending arrival of quad-core smartphones?

Via Android Central

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"Are you excited about quad-core smartphones?"

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Danu Carrión Perales My god there are a bunch of ignorant people here commenting on how the battery life will be... try to read before talking shit, have any of you heard of efficiency? The fith core is used on normal use like music etc to consume less power when using games etc it uses them all
Nikko Ylimaf nope im excited for the ipad 3
LaQuise Murphy yerp i love the speed so thats something i am gonna get ready to see in a little while!
Tyler Hodgson Dual core phones are barely acclimated in the market. As an ATRIX owner, the first few months of having a dual core phone when most others were not, made the phone buggy and under utilized. Quadcore is a great advancement, but im in no rush to buy a phone with it as soon as it comes out.
Anthony Steele I'm happy with my dual-core, but can't go wrong with a quad core
Vincent Lai Nope, I think battery life should be more of the concern rather than performance
Cesario Brito Jr. Just give me my GS3.
Tony Abiama Nope...
Klas A. Lilja It's not really needed to have quad core. And iphones ui doesen't need it nor the windows phone ui. Only android folks that are excited about quad/dual core shizzle
Paul Alexandru My 4S just FLIES
Paul Alexandru I don't care
Henry Murillo I think if u get an iPhone u dont have to worry about that. It performs flawlessly, even the 3gs still does!
KyoKeun Park Hell ya!
Flako Ramirez Let me guess android is gonna use it...apple might and windows dont even need it
Ant Sambuco Didn't dual core come out like last year in cell phones?
Zach Cline They aren't "cell phones' .As it was aid before these things are handheld computers with the phone option.
Roman Calabaza Martinez Maybe after I can walk in to school and charge my phone on my desk. And also I have a dual core iPhone 4S and it runs just fine! Save quad core for tablets please!
Eduardo Ordaz the 4s is the iphone 5. and we probably wont see the next iphone for awhile.
Eduardo Ordaz Galaxy s3. galaxy s3 will b the best.
Kendrick Crisostomo nope, apps in the market barely support dual core..
Teron Facey @ David the new iPhone won't have it anytime soon. The iPhone 5 is going to be a dual core phone
Jeremy Bleich Most efficient and stable quad core phone of 2012 - iPhone 5
Jose Angel Santiago As long as the carriers dont jack up the prices because of it than yes.
Kyle Cordiano Im more curious to see the nexy generation exynos processor from samsung.
Huey Liggins Forget cores. It's just a cell phone. My phone will perform better than my laptop and all I do is go on Facebook mobile? I want longer battery life better stablity more updates. The note will be good enough for me. After that phone I'm not even looking at phones til 2014. And that's a maybe. I still have my 3GS.
William Martin i'd be more excited if the razr maxx or something with a similar battery life came to the uk. charging my desire hd 3 times a day is not fun
Zach Cline I have to agree with cory. I think the droid razr maxx set the bar for battery life and not just for android devices.
Juan Carlos Munoz How about better battery life.
Adam Brewington Extended battery. Problem solved.
Johnny Makris-munoz You all are like their no need for a quad core and how theirs going to be shitty bateries but gues what you dumbasses will buy one annyway
Marko Teullet Am I gonna need a new backpack with extra batteries ? :/
Nathaniel McCord Intel processors for phones sound better to me then quad core
Curtis VanSelus Haha so I open one app and my phone will be dead battery
Nikola Krstic Well..... yes :)
Joseph Alan Richardson Yes but battery life is my concern.
Ian Mcclendon Guess I'm going back to iPhone. All because it had good battery life.
Shawn Thornton Nope couldn't care less. It will only increase cost and drain the batteries. The battery technology is simply not there. They need to put their time and effort into making some new batteries.
Carlos Nava Galaxy s3 ?
Cory Wilson How about making super batteries that last you 10hours
Abram Wenevermet Dennis No.. Had a dual core from sprint and I couldn't tell the difference in speeds from an old flip phone.
Kurt Ault i'm running a 1.5ghz single core, which is plenty fast - quad core, really?
Ladd Davies Will quad cores come with quad batteries?
Bryce Weekley Bye bye battery life
Ray Munoz This doesn't really matter
Hunter Remington I love my gs2, but the quadcore I don't know, after using a single core HTC radar, it seems processing is the scapegoat. Google needs to lock down android a little and have performance standards.
Gabo Ramos 4 cores and the same shitty battery. nah im good.
Wasim Mazahreh No not really. If the performance is gonna be like the prime. Then it's not even that fast. Android doesn't even take full advantage of quad core or even dual core if it's not updated to ics. I'll hold out for iPhone 5 or GS3. Also HTC are making crappy phones with small batteries.
Charles Kofi Ba-bone Quad Core! hmm....a phone with so much power that lagging could not even come close.....nice....but when a celly packs a real punch it need enough juice to power it; those annoying low capacity mah's we have around are just not cutting it.......the whole issue about really good phones and crappy battery cells is exasperating.......
Nathan Ross We need phones with more ram.
Toreon Jones Sr. Yes will da HTC edge be da next EVO??????
Chayse Collier Only if one comes next month to Verizon will I be happy lol
Wendy Lindop No not really. I love the Galaxy Note I just got - its really fast anyway.
Eduardo Ordaz yes. But waiting for the galaxy s3. and we actually do need them if you want even better gaming on the phones.
Cesar Macareno Cant wait for those boners..
David DiPilla Android sucks I had the iphone 3g and 4 love them no problem went to get an andorid to see how they are they are terrible terrible phones can't wait for the iphone 5 to come out
Scot Milo Well I hope you "Android" users have 2 spare batteries. SMH
David DiPilla Dieing to have. It with the New iphone
Travis Scott Nobles Ha! "smart phone:" another word for hand-held computer with a phone option.
Gilbert Galvan Apple won't use them because they are so behind, and arrogant.
Ceohane Chatbad Davidson wasn't it you same phone dog guys that said there comes a point where it doesn't matter dual or quad 5 Mega pixel or 8
Reinaldo Quiros hope motorola has 1.
Arvydas Gr Yay, more shit we won't use and won't need
Gaganpreet Bains Super excited for Tegra3 and beyond. I'm holding out, been holding out, for some phones to come out. Great job on the chips.

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