Droid 4; Lumia 900 release news; iPad 3 details; BlackBerry Challenge update and more!

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from  Dallas, TX
| February 13, 2012

Last week's PhoneDog Live got off to a rough start but we managed to get through all of the technical difficulties and have a great show. (I apologize to everyone who watched it live for being late.) If you missed the live show, then you still get a chance to watch it! We had a lot to talk about, starting with the Motorola Droid 4. Aaron just got his demo unit and immediately posted an unboxing video and an HD video sample, which we discussed during the show. If you're like me and you love having a physical keyboard, then the Droid line has generally always been your best option since phones with a QWERTY keyboard are becoming less and less popular. Now a days, it seems that physical keyboards are saved for the mid-range or low-end phones, whereas the high-end phones, the phones that everyone wants, rarely ever have one. So, if you do want a physical keyboard, is the Droid 4 a good option? You'll have to wait for Aaron's review to find that out, but the unboxing should give you a little insight in the meantime.

After discussing the Droid 4 we moved on to some Nokia Windows Phone news. We're hearing that both the Lumia 800 and 900 will be coming in white and we even got a report on when you can pre-order the 900 and when it will be available. Is this report to be believed? Well, it came straight from two employees at a Microsoft store, but it seems odd that they would freely share that information with a customer. During the show I gave an update on my BlackBerry Torch Challenge. When the show was filmed, on was on day five and starting to become slightly frustrated with the OS. I talked about some of those frustrations during the show. Lastly, we discussed some new iPad 3 rumors and finished up with an open Q&A.


PhoneDog Live Podcast #38


Timeline of topics:

  • 3:12 Motorola Droid 4 Unboxing and HD video sample

  • 10:08 Nokia officially intros white Lumia 800; Nokia outs image of white Lumia 900

  • 12:30 Possible release date for Lumia 900

  • 15:07 Nokia Lumia 800 tipped to be coming to Microsoft Stores on February 14th as part of $899 bundle

  • 16:40 BlackBerry Torch Challenge: Day 5

  • 33:07 iPad 3 rear housing reportedly photographed, hints at larger battery and different screen

    iPad 3 announcement reportedly coming in the first week of March

  • 36:32 Open Q&A